This is a list of all the things I have added to this wiki. The list will probably get bigger, because I'm always coming up with new ideas. Check out some of the stuff I already have put on this wiki.

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This is all the characters I have put on this wiki.

Dark the Hedgehog (zp100)

No intro

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Leon the Lion (Under Construction)

No intro

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Sphene the Hedgehog

Sphene the Hedgehog is a hedgehog from 250 years into the future. He is the grandson of Silver the Hedgehog, and is somewhat a time traveler.

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Tellis the Hedgehog

Introducing Tellis the Hedgehog, the annoying, trouble-making, interplanetary, annoying, teleporting, chaos control, annoying, thief-alien-scientist!

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Noel the Dog

Noel the Dog -- Escape artist, ex-spy, thief, jail-breaker. Noel is the Anti-verse version of Leon the Lion, and is virtually EXACTLY the opposite! The only obvious similarities is that they are both anthropomorphic animals, they are both mammals, and they are both 15.

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More Coming Soon

Spacelet, Cindy, Tick, Timitry, cinoS, Speedo, Prof. Robo...


This is everything else I have put on this wiki.

Element Emeralds

The Element Emeralds are seven emeralds with immense powers. There colors are green, cyan, blue, red, yellow, white and black (almost the same as the colors of the Chaos Emeralds). When used individually, the users will gain a change in appearance, and earn new powers (for example, the cyan emerald, which represents the sky, will give the user wings for flight). Using all the emeralds at once will have bizarre consequences, sending the existence of the universe into balance.

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Mobius Future

Mobius Future is a movie saga created by "zp100". It is only fanfiction, and has not been made yet. Although, it may be made some time around 10 years from now...

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