Stuart the Hedgehog is a bodyguard and fighter, who works for the United Federation Theater Company.

Stuart the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
Romantic InterestsScarlet Larson
Physical Description
  • Fur: Brown fur w/ tan skin
  • Eyes: Orange
  • Black jacket
  • White shirt
  • Black tie
  • Black pants
  • Black shoes
  • White gloves
  • Black sunglasses
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry & Equipment
  • Possesses the genetic abilities Heavy Metal and Rock Head
  • Master Electrokinetic
  • Skilled with Toxikinesis and Geokinesis
  • Some Metal-manipulation
  • Advanced combat - unarmed
  • Trained backstage technician
  • Trained bodyguard
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212


With a body that makes him looks like a member of G.U.N's elite, complete with intimidating glare, broad shoulders and massive fists, Stuart is a tall, powerful-looking hedgehog with thick brown fur and sharp, orange eyes.


Dressed like a stereotypical security guard, Stuart wears a black suit with white shirt and gloves, plus a set of black sunglasses and an earpiece.


Early History

Despite his family being well known throughout G.U.N. as a famed military family, especially in the Navy, where they held a large presence, Stuart never felt the same draw to the military as his siblings. Instead, he was drawn towards the stage. From a young age, he was trained by his family, expecting him to grow up into a soldier, but Stuart never took his eyes from his dream - acting in front of a crowd. As such, in school, he took part in Drama classes, and studied hard, but he never seemed to cut a break, and proved that he wasn't cut out for acting. However, his Drama teacher had a contact within the United Federation's national Theater Company, and suggested to the powerfully built teen that he try his luck as a member of stagecrew, and a bodyguard. More impressed by that idea, Stuart agreed.

Early Protection Days

With his family history, Stuart was instantly accepted as a guard, with a probationary position on the stagecrew. Instantly, his desires began to play out as he began to aid the other guards, some ex-military, in protecting performances, as well as spending some of his time either backstage or in the lighting booth, making sure the performances ran smoothly. Soon, however, he was thrown into the fire as a guard, finding himself facing a Troll assault, led by Toxic the Hedgehog. The Troll general announced that he was here to collect Scarlet Larson, the beautiful Border Collie lead actress, a woman Stuart's age, and his crush. Angered and empowered by his genetic abilities, Stuart forced himself toe-to-toe with Toxic outside Scarlet's dressing room. He managed to tackle the Troll to the ground and slam his face into the concrete multiple times before the other guards arrived, backed up by G.U.N. military police, who took Toxic away. To reward his bravery, Stuart received a kiss from the beautiful actress, and was assigned as her personal bodyguard by the board of directors.

This decision was a good one. Scarlet was regularly approached by the obsessed, the desiring, and especially, Trolls looking to get into Toxic's favor, especially as Scarlet began to bounce from the stage to the screen and back as she got movie deals. And all that time, for many years, starting soon after his twenty-second birthday, Stuart was her personal bodyguard and confidant, although tabloids frequently rumored he was her lover, something he wished was true.


Stuart possesses two genetic abilities, Heavy Metal and Rock Head. Heavy Metal increases Stuart's weight, making him harder to knock around, and more dangerous in close combat than most, thanks to his heavier punches and tackle impacts. Rock Head removes any danger of taking injury from his own attacks, allowing him to use recoil moves with ease.

Stuart's greatest elemental strength is in his Electrokinesis, but he can also use both Toxikinesis and Geokinesis to high levels as well. Recently, he has begun studying the use of Metal-manipulation. However, Stuart's main combat attribute is his elementless combat skills, centered around protecting his mark at all costs. His fighting style is designed to place himself into the path of anything dangerous to Scarlet, no matter what the cost to himself.

Understandably, though, Stuart still has weaknesses, with his main one being Earth-manipulators of a skill level greater than his own. Such powers typically hit him hard, and if he falls over, it takes a fair bit more strength to get back up, thanks to his Heavy Metal.

Electric Abilities

Poison Abilities

Earth Abilities

Metal Abilities

Elementless Abilities


Stuart is a rather rough, protective figure, with limited patience for those who ignore what they've been asked. However, unlike his family, who seem to rejoice in military operations, Stuart prefers to let those who attack his client live, although in pain. He also has an extreme love of the theater, and although he is a poor actor, he has been known to aid in backstage work, including light and sound.

Stuart is extremely loyal to Scarlet, and often positions himself in front of anything that could threaten her, including paparazzi or spear-wielding Trolls. He admits that he has feelings for her, but due to his position, he can't act on it.









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