Stripe the Wolf

No, I don't. I know now that all the wishing in the Worlds isn't going to bring back my parents, or anyone else Infinite's killed. But I still don't regret a single day of my life as a warrior. It's given me a confidence I never thought I'd have. I'm glad I'm a warrior now. And I'm never going to change that.Replying to Boulder, On the Homestead

Stripe the Wolf is a young male Wolf Avatar hailing from Red Gate City set to appear in the upcoming prequel A Tale of Two Brothers. He is the younger brother of Martin the Wolf, and was deeply traumatized by the savage murder of his parents at the hands of Infinite.  While both brothers suffer from severe PTSD, Stripe's isn't as bad. Stripe has dreams of becoming a professional skater.


Stripe is a young pale brown Wolf with blue eyes and a white streak pattern identical to Streak the Bird's. He wears black and red goggles, blue-framed glasses, white elbow and knee pads, white fingerless gloves with a red-orange streak on them, and black and white shoes with purple laces. He is commonly seen with headphones in his ears and has a simple black skateboard.


Like his brother Martin, Stripe suffers from severe PTSD, but Stripe's manifests in his quiet, shy demeanor. Stripe often keeps to himself and rarely talks to others, commonly listening to music to calm down. Stripe has a love of skateboarding, and loves to skate by himself, which also helps calm him. Despite his antisocial behavior, Stripe loves Martin.

Latest Appearance: As of Rise of Ruin, Stripe is now a confident, out-going young man, though Boulder senses that while Stripe's physical scars are hidden, he still bears the emotional scars of his childhood. Stripe has stated that his new life as a warrior has granted him a confidence he never thought he would have again after the attack on Red Gate City, as he is no longer paralyzingly shy.


Before the Series: Like Stan the Wolf and Rex Storm, Stripe and his brother Martin were born in Red Gate City, where they grew up peacefully until Infinite attacked, displacing their family. Infinite then targeted the family while they were escaping when he was scoping the city for survivors of his initial attack. The villain mercilessly murdered Nathaniel and Erica in front of their sons, but let the boys themselves run, only to send a Metal Sonic clone after them. The boys evaded the clone and fled the city, eventually making it to Hedgehog Village, where they lived until the end of the Lamarkie Standoff, where their whereabouts are unknown.


Stripe is very non-confrontational, preferring to avoid fights, though he sometimes has a fit akin to an anxiety attack, which incapacitates him.


Martin the Wolf

Despite his own antisocial demeanor, and Martin's jumpy nervousness, Stripe loves his big brother and the two are very close. They view each other as their only comfort in the wake of their parents' savage murder.


Infinite is responsible for the brutal and merciless murder of Nathaniel and Erica as they tried to escape with their sons Martin and Stripe, killing them both in front of their children. In doing so, Infinite deeply and very badly traumatized the two boys. Out of his own sadistic nature, Infinite feigned sparing them, letting them run, only to send a Metal Sonic clone after them. Neither Wolf pup forgot what happened, with both suffering from severe PTSD that manifests differently for them; Martin in his very jumpy and nervous nature, Stripe in his quiet and shy demeanor.

Noah the Wolf

While Martin lived in Hedgehog Village and Arrow in the Wandering Wolf Pack, Stripe and Noah began to view each other as brothers, as Noah began to take care of the jumpy apprentice. Even after Martin chooses to train as a warrior, Stripe still looks up to the confident former loner.

Dark Enerjak

Enerjak spoke the boy almost kindly, but this is possibly out of sadism, as Stripe was often scared stiff and would beg to be set free. Enerjak took an interest in Noah due to the former loner's bond with Stripe, despite the fact they weren't related.


Stripe is the second character named after his natural pattern, the first being Streak the Bird.

  • He is also the third character named after a defining feature he has.
    • The first is Fang the Saber, who is named after his long fangs
    • The second is Streak, who is named after his pattern
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