Strings is an android designed after a spider. She is one of the four lieutenants of the Mech-Bug Colony, serving under the rule of Madam Menasting. Her specialty is reconnaissance and setting up ambushes.


By far the most aggressive of the lieutenants, Strings is rude and callous. She doesn't think highly of her allies (or enemies, for that matter) and will take any opportunity to smack talk anyone bothering her at any given moment. She has a insatiable love for violence and a short temper, often leading to her starting unnecessary conflict. 

Despite her shortcomings, Strings is easily the most intelligent of the four lieutenants. She is able to set up complex strategies for dealing with enemies and is able to adapt to most situations. However, her lack of temperament makes it difficult for her to communicate these plans with her allies, often resulting in her doing her own thing rather than cooperating.


Web Generation

Strings has a mechanism in her neck that lets her generate webbing in the form of a large scarf. Through this scarf, Strings can implement the webbing for a variety of purposes, from trapping enemies to creating web clones of herself.

Multiple Limbs

Mute Mode

Because of her obnoxious nature, Strings has been outfitted with a device that can render her unable to speak. All of the other lieutenants (as well as Madam Menasting) have remote access to this device and tend to enable it whenever she's being particularly annoying.

Relationship with Other Characters

Duster the Mech Antlion

His meek personality makes him an easy target of Strings' aggression. Duster tends to go along with whatever Strings suggests, either due to fear or not knowing better.

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