This is an article about Striker the hedgehog, a character created by Ripjawthehedgehog on 04/22/2013.


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if it redirects you, striker's head is yellow. he has upward yellow spikes and black stripes on them. his body is yellow l spikes with a smooth belly. his ears are small and yellow on the outside. his arms and legs are streak yellow first then black. his gloves and shoes are yellow and black, gloves (yellow on outside parts, black in middle), and vice versa on striped shoes. glove description for 2 large half tails.

Thanks to devbook for providing the character creator!


Striker loves to figh, play video games, in fact, he is exactly like me! He's usually too busy fighting to hang out with his friends, but they don't mind.


Striker was born an experiment of Tails when he was reviving another of his kind. When he became alive, he looked completely diffrent, so tails called him striker, but one day there was a giant explosion that wiped the memory of the experement of Striker from tails. Striker was completed by absorbing the explosion's power, making him really strong. He always fought with Nazo, but he lost. To find out more, look for Sonic Roleplaymania in the wiki search.


Striker has a few diffrent powers. he can run at the speed of light, fight 100 badniks in a row by himself, and he can fly!


Striker is capable of near-invincibility to everyone who works for dr. eggman.


Striker can gain 2 more tails when he goes dark mode

or super form. 

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