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Striker is a tall adult wolf with black and silver sleek fur. He has a silver-white underbelly, and silver-white hair. His eyes are a bloodshot red. He has a black nose and a silver-white muzzle. His tail is long and black-furred.

His casual attire consists of a light brown vest/jacket, sleek ebony pants, and black and white boots with two double white lines running down the back and front. He also wears brown gloves with strange lines running across.

To see his uniform when he's doing a job, look at The Tundra Rogues, Uniform section.


Striker is cunning and practically fearless in the face of his enemies. He uses a cool head and thoughtful mind to keep himself thinking ahead of time in advance. Though he is mean, selfish, and shows hardly any emotion towards his clan, and people he doesn't like, he shows caring, thoughtfulness, and compassion towards his friends and those he likes, to the point where he develops a possessive and ever-lasting imprint on them, where he will protect them and keep his friends safe, no matter what the costs.

When irritated or frustrated, because of his short-temper, Striker can become overly abusive towards his captured prey, and will even lash out his fury on whatever object he has within sight.


Early Life

As a pup, Striker never knew his parents. He was found and adopted by Badger the moment he was born, lying in Dogwood Forest, buried under the snow. Badger cared for him the way a father would, but once Striker was six years of age, Badger left him to the care of the wolf pup caretakers.

Early Years

Striker always got into fights constantly with the younger and the older wolf pups, so he developed no brotherly or sisterly bond with his clan members. Later on, when he reached his teen years, the Elders set up training for Striker, in an attempt to get him to break out of his rebellious nature. The training didn't work however. Striker began to despise and hate his clan members. He wanted to get away, to escape. His opportunity came years later, and it worked well in his favor.


Striker got his chance to escape when he was chosen to accompany the Clan hunting party. While on the hunt, Striker ran far behind the others, waiting for his chance. The hunting party was running smoothly, (all of his fellow Clan members ignoring Striker entirely as they hunted and brought down their prey), till a snowstorm rolled in. Striker and his clan members had separated from the main group and had no leader with them. Striker used the weather conditions and the desperate cries from his clan members to his advantage. Volunteering to lead them back home, Striker led them on an entirely separate path that led away from home, rather than towards home. Striker then dashed farther and farther ahead of the others, and headed back in the direction that led home. After the storm had let up, a search party went out to find the left behind members. They were found in the snow, their body temperature dropped below zero, their bodies stiff, and their breath gone. They were all dead. Striker was punished and then banished from his clan, never to return. And to this day, he plans on getting revenge and payback on his Clan for all those years of rules and strict codes.


Like Snow and many members of his Clan, Striker has recessive, and very strong wolf genes that aid him in hunting, tracking, and smelling out his prey. He also knows how to identify every smell of every type of animal Mobian, except those that aren't from Mobius (aliens, un-deads, vampires, and the supernatural, an exception being Snow).


When living on a cold and isolated continent, Striker made sure that he and his friends honed and practiced on their survival skills and skills with their weapons.

Also, in order to keep his friends safe, Striker hones his leadership skills, and makes sure to gain his comrades ultimate trust and faith in him so they can follow his every lead.


Striker is able to analyze and study his foes and targets' abilities and combat skills easily, as if he were reading a coded message. After getting beaten once, Striker makes sure he watches his foes and targets closely so that he knows what to expect when he confronts them next.

When wearing his strange, brown gloves, he can sense Chaos Energies, and Gai Energies, as well as Aura Energies.


Since Striker is from the Wolf Clan, he can be very proud in his skills and abilities, making him arrogant and prone to mess up.

When facing a foe or target of a lot of powerful skills, abilities, and means of defense even he cannot comprehend, he can become confused, doubtful, and hesitant. This often causes him to lower his guard often, which can put himself, and/or the lives of his friends and their mission at risk, something that Striker fears more than anything.

Though he is smart and capable of surviving well, Striker is exceptionally weak and defenseless when his skills and abilities are no use at times, which can lead to him being at the complete disposal of his attacker.

His eyes aren't fast enough to detect the move-set of fast moving targets such as: Sonic, Scourge, and/or Angus the Ermine.

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