Striker head

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Striker is a 10 year old King Cobra who lives at Chun-nan. He is alligned as good. He is very nice too all, except his enemies.


Striker is a adventure loving King Cobra. Though when his friends are in danger, he's not afraid to bite anyone, though he'd rather not, since snakes have a limited supply of venom. He is very nice to his friends, though.


Striker was the runt of the litter, but he had a special power, he had too much venom. His parents acted like he wasn't there, and never bought or brought him anywhere, at this time, he was extremely sad but still stayed there, not wanting to get in trouble. One day, he went exploring, and he got hurt by falling from a great height into a 6 foot pond, then he was found by one of the residents, they taked care of him, being very sweet and nice to him. It is still a surprise to everone he survied the fall, and so is Striker.


  • He has too much venom
  • He is very skilled at swimming

Special Abilities

He was born with too much venom. He is very good at slithering up tree's. This is a trait shared by many King Cobra's, though.


  • He is very fast
  • He has practiced for years on his agilty.


He is scared of Mongoose's. He is also not that strong, relying more on his venom,speed, and agilty.


  • Getting hurt
  • Hot deserts
  • Abuse
  • Stupidness.
  • People calling venom, poison.


  • Sushi
  • drinking tea
  • Evil
  • His parents.
  • Small mammals (Eating)


Poison. (Venom)



The citizens of Chun- Nan

Really no one else, after all, he is a King Cobra with too much venom.


  • His parents
  • No one else, really.


People call him Sk for short, he doesn't mind that. His parents called him venom boy, he hated that. The residents from Chun- Nan called him miracle, because he fell from such a big height and survived the fall.


He has a diamond back pattern that is light purple that goes on to his head. One part of the pattern is in two sections, and that part is black. The other part of his body is a dark purple. He has a large hood which extends when he gets mad, the outer part of it is dark purple whil the inner part of it is light purple. He also has skinny arms with a weird placement of his claws on the tip of this hand.


He has a large hood which he extends when he gets mad, scaring off the foe. He also has venom, which he bites the foe many times. He can also hiss very loudly before he bites.

Small mammal's

Small mammals keep away from Striker, to prevent them from being eaten. Striker doesn't mind this, but he wishes they would come closer, so he can eat them.

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