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Striker the Hedgehog (Jezz of Time)

Biographical Information

Physically: 15 (ageless in Sonic's dimension)

Romantic Interests
  • Serina Petunia
Physical Description

African Pygmy Hedgehog

Gender Male
Description Yellow fur with ruby red eyes
  • Cyan hyper-friction resistant running shoes with a black stripe, spiked black cuffs, and a gold buckle.
  • Spiked bracelets.
Political Alignment and Abilities


  • Every ability Sonic himself has
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A. Akamia
Japanese V.A. None at this time, possibly Akamia
Theme Song(s)
  • None yet
  • Jezz of Time 4 (first appearance)
Original Creator Akamia

Striker the Hedgehog is the EvilVerse's version of Sonic the Hedgehog. After a battle with hero Twister Prower, Striker learned why his evil ways were wrong, and seeks to atone for his mistakes.


Striker was born on an island many call Nightmare Island. He was raised on evil, with his parents annihilated by Armageddon the Evil, and Armageddon himself becoming his mentor. Striker was taught to be evil, no matter what, and Striker became so strongly attached to destruction and death, his evil will was seemingly unbreakable.

His primary target was the center of good in his universe, the heroic Doctor Robotnik. In his efforts to overthrow the good doctor and destroy his utopian city of Robotropolis, he eventually met Armageddon's elite operatives, the Dark Warriors. The commanding officer of the squad, the fox called Miles "Chopper" Prower, saw potential in Striker, and invited him in, knowing full well that Striker was older than him.

Upon entering the Dark Warrior headquarters, he was tackled and hugged by a young hedgehog girl called Serina Petunia. Striker, somewhat surprised at the hedgehog's hug, calmly released her grip on him and asked her name. She introduced herself, and said she comes from Little Planet. She explained the only reason she left to join the Dark Warriors was to meet Striker. Striker, now a bit confused, had asked why. She said it was destiny. Striker was somewhat intimidated.

After passing training, Striker was sent on several missions, from stealing to assassination to outright destruction of key objectives. Most missions were directed at Robotropolis, but many were directed at other factions that were allies of the Robotnik Republic. The last mission of this nature led to the downfall of the Republic.

Striker was satisfied that his alleged purpose had been fulfilled. Then came what the HeroVerse calls "The Armageddon Event". Armageddon had captured HeroVerse Earth, and rallied his Dark Warriors to the planet to destroy everything. Striker had been sent to Darshina to capture the Eternal Ice. He had gotten past the island's guardian, but came short when he had to fight Liin the Arctic Fox. For all his speed, he could not best the element of ice. So he retreated.

At the closing of the Armageddon Event, when HeroVerse Earth was returned to it's place in it's own dimension, him and the remaining Dark Warriors, Fists the Echidna, Sage the Hedgehog, Miles "Chopper" Prower, Serina Petunia, Garroth the Hedgehog, Ash the Cat, and Dark Chaos grouped together, and escaped the EvilVerse before the final battle between Final Jezz and Armageddon the Evil.

From there, they realized that Armageddon would not get out of the EvilVerse alive. So they decided to avenge their home and destroy the HeroVerse, as well.

They had brought with them the 7 Dark Chaos Emeralds and the Dark Master Emerald from their old home, and decided to split up and destroy the first planet they landed on from several points at once. The unfortunate planet happened to be none other than HeroVerse Earth.

The heroes of this world were on the case immediately, however, and their best efforts were thwarted by such heroes as Mecha Jezz, Sonic the Hedgehog, the traitorous Sage the Hedgehog, Twister Prower and his son Speedy Prower, and many others. When their Dark Chaos Emeralds were taken by the heroes, Chopper decided they should band together once again and take the fight to the secret protectors of the dimension; the Light Guardians.

Striker himself, however, started having doubts, although he kept them well hidden within himself. When Chopper finished his spaceship for the Dark Warriors to go to the Light Guardian's headquarters, he decided to re-think his decisions. But before he could begin, Twister and a reformed Dr. Eggman had ambushed the Dark Warriors' makeshift launch base, and defeated the remaining Warriors, including Striker. The spaceship was destroyed by Twister, and Chopper forced Eggman to retreat. Striker had regained consciousness in time to witness a flash of light move to protect Twister from a blast coming from Chopper's battlemech. It was Jezz the Hedgehog from the afterlife.

Chopper's mech was promptly destroyed, and Chopper crawled away from the battlefield angrily. When Twister and Jezz had left, he had gone and followed Chopper, who was accompanied by the robot he had created called Mecha Twister.

Striker, now wandering the world with Chopper and Mecha Twister, thought back to the battle he had earlier and realized his friends could have been killed. This worried him, even more so with this possibility extending to Serina, having grown attached to her over time. After a while, he disconnected from Chopper, and joined the heroes in hopes of redeeming himself, and hoping to find his friends alive and well.

Since joining the heroes, Striker had made peace with Sage, who had defected from the Dark Warriors upon arrival and had already joined the heroes. He has also assisted the heroes in fighting the Transk Tyranny, and had discovered new power in the Multiverse Chaos Emeralds. Upon discovering his old friends were still alive, he set out to reunite them and put an end to Chopper's crazy plans. Him and the reunited Dark Warriors were last seen going to the Little Planet to find Chopper Prower and defeat him.


Before Joining the Heroes

Striker was arrogant in the strongest sense of the word. This landed him in hot water countless times with Robotnik Republic forces when a mission went bad. Like his counterpart Sonic, he had a love for danger. He was also very cruel to people around him, barring Serina Petunia, which he didn't know what to do with. He found himself brushing her away at every turn, even going so far as to get one of the heroes to get her away from him.

After Joining the Heroes

After the possible loss of his best friends, he came to realize he was all wrong from the beginning. To atone for his sins, he joined the heroes. In this time, he became more modest, and generally became nicer. He also feels remorse for the way he treated Serina, which he feels was the cause of her insanity.


Striker has all the abilities that Sonic has ever had. Whatever Sonic knows, Striker can pick up on just by watching him. This is because he is a dimensional copy of Sonic.

In addition to this, after joining the heroes and assisting them in destroying a multiverse merger created by Dr. Garcandin Transk, he had gained a connection to the Multiverse Chaos Emeralds, granting him a Super form when the situation absolutely requires it. He can pass it on to others if required.


Unlike Sonic, Striker can swim. But he is unable to fight in water. So this skill is not useful to Striker in combat, making him vulnerable in the water. So he share's Sonic's water weakness, in a different form.



Before becoming a hero

After becoming a hero



Before becoming a hero

After becoming a hero





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