Like any Cyan Lazer Wisp, he has a lightning bolt shaped lower body, a circular head, 2 lightning bolt shaped arms, 1 lightning bolt shaped leg, yellow eyes, and a little spike on his head. He also has a mouth. (Unlike other wisps)


He can act a little harsh, becoming angry very easily. He always tries to take charge, but it usually just comes off as funny. He is also very loyal to his friends.


He originally lived on Planet Wisp, until the beginning of Sonic Colors. He fled to Mobius and settled down. Eventually, Sonic saved the Wisps and he flew back. But he missed the sights, things to do, and people of Mobius. He officially moved to Mobius for good and befriended a lot of it's inhabitants.


He has regular Cyan Lazer Wisp powers like flight and the ability to fuse with people to give them the limited Cyan Lazer ability. He himself can turn into a Lazer too, though it's nowhere near as powerful. He can also shoot small cyan electric shocks. His most powerful ability is to fuse with people and power them up, giving them extra energy and strength.


He can glow in the dark, making things easier to see


Very good at Quick-thinking and making plans


Dark Chaos energy



Final Boss - Part 2 - Sonic Colors Music Extended

Final Boss - Part 2 - Sonic Colors Music Extended

Strikes theme

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