This is an article about Strife the demonhog, a character created by FroZenHyBrid on 08/4/2013.


Strife has a tan muzzle with black marks under his eyes, and there is a lack of fuzz. His fur is a pale grey with sickly green quills and bangs, though this is obscured by his hood. He has no fur on his arms, but has a band of green matching the same shade of his quills on his arm. His irises are a lemon yellow, with the pupils being reptilian in appearance.

He wears a red hooded jacket that has no sleeves.




Strife lacks any sort of actual abilities that the canon sonic cast has, he does have the ability to transform his twin pistols into any type of gun he requires however. He also has a special ability that allows him to absorb energy which he can use to unleahs his gunslinger style and form.

Special Abilities

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Due to his light build, Strife is more agile than most. He can perform quite a bit of parkour skills and he can jump over obstacles that he can manage. His parkour skills fit perfectly with his gun skills, which he trained himself to use.


Strife isn't very adept at hand-to-hand combat, at least not when it comes to a foe with actual knowledge of the skill. The fact tha he's not as bulky as most also means if you manage to plant a good punch on him he may risk being knocked out, too bad he never stops moving and keeps shooting.

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