This is an article about Strider the Eaglehog, a character created by Kagimizu on 10/3/2013.

Strider the Eaglehog is a formerly normal hedgehog who was fused with a Crimson Wisp through a failed experiment conducted by Dr. Eggman. The resulting fusion resulted in a drastic change to his appearance while granting various abilities similar to that of the Crimson Wisp.


Prior to his transformation, Strider was notable for having a striking similarity to the famous Sonic the Hedgehog, despite having no relation to the Blue Blur. Strider originally had navy blue fur with normal slacked quills and peach skin. Strider's darker shade of blue and steel grey eyes make it easy to distinct him from Sonic however. He wore normal white gloves with sock-like cuffs much like Sonic's, but Strider's originally had black bands around the wrist. His shoes were instead bright green with black stripes going down the front and lightning decals on the side.

Following his transformation, Strider looks much different. His quills jut straight out like the three pointed "horns" of a Crimson Wisp, and Strider's fur has changed to a pure crimson color matching that of the aforementioned Wisp. His eyes were also changed into a sharp golden yellow color. The second most notable change to his body is that the quills on his back have roughly tripled in length and have a circular "notch" in the top of the quills at the base, causing them to look very wing-like. His gloves have been exchanged for white aviator gloves, but retain the black wristbands. His shoes have been replaced with lightweight black sneakers with two white stripes going down vertically, along with some circular white decals near the heel.



Powers & Abilities

Originally Strider only had the standard abilities of a normal hedgehog, rolling into a ball and using his quills to protect himself. He had no super speed or other special capabilities.

Following his Wisp fusion Strider gained the ability to fly, using his lengthened quills to act as wings. The permanent fusion also caused Strider to take on some of the physiology of a Wisp, meaning his body constantly generates its own hyper-go-on energy. Strider uses the hyper-go-on energy to immediately propel himself into the air for high-speed flight without prior preparation, and also uses it for offensive purposes such as surrounding one of his hands in the energy and transforming it into a relatively large claw, an ability simply named Crimson Claw. This ability has enough power to tear and slash through steel and most metals quite easily, but it is Strider's only directly offensive use of hyper-go-on energy.

Strider can also use the hyper-go-on energy in combination with his natural hedgehog abilities to spin in place and replicate the iconic Spin Dash. With his two long back quills Strider can take it even further and fuse them into a single large blade, turning himself into a giant crimson buzzsaw. He can even use this ability while in the air to make the ability even more deadly. Finally, Strider can use the transformative properties of the hyper-go-on energy to turn himself into a literal Crimson Eagle made of solid hyper-go-on energy. In this form Strider sacrifices virtually all of his other capabilities for pure flight speed and mastery over the sky, allowing him to reach supersonic speeds.


Even after his transformation, most of Strider's capabilities are only slightly above standard, including his strength and his ground-level mobility. Because of this Strider has to rely on his "Crimson Claw" and other abilities to be considered a real combative threat. Due to his physiology being similar to that of a Wisp, Strider can be drained of his hyper-go-on energy; this act can severely weaken him, or even go so far as to turn him into a mutated type of Nega Wisp.

His "Crimson Eagle" form also carries a very severe cost vs reward; on one hand his speed and maneuverability in the air is almost unmatched. But on the other hand, his other areas of physical capability are severely hampered due to his smaller size and form.

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