Streak the Hawk


Streak the Hawk (Full name: Streak Phantom Icaria) is a 15-year old Red-Shouldered Hawk from the planet Mobius who is an adventurer, and often regarded as a speed demon.


Streak is a red feathered hawk, but has some gray feathers right above his eyes. He also has ice-blue eyes and a feathered tail. Unlike many Mobians, Streak wears clothes, which includes a green Oriental warrior gi, a pair of yellow shorts, a brown, lightweight flight jacket, and old-style flight goggles. He also wears strap-up shoes with built-in springs, warm gloves, and a cape, which hides his wings. In one of his jacket's pockets, he has an iPod-like device, which lets him contact his team, and listen to music.


Streak's personality is that of a jerk with a heart of gold. He is described as being cocky and insensitive, but he always comes through in the end. He is often the person who will make the first attack, and go all out if he loses. He was traumatized as a child, and is rather afraid of robots, as shown by his trying to destroy every robot Professor Bladzer throws at him. He is often gruff to those that aren't his friends, but if you are friends, he will protect you with all his life, and then some.

Powers and Abilities

Because Streak is a hawk, he can fly (duh). He also is a rather fast person, with his aerial dives reaching speeds of Mach 2, or 2 times the speed of sound. He has excellent vision, and a sense of hearing almost as good as Slash's. He has some basic control of the wind (Aerokinesis) and sound waves (Sonickinesis), which he uses for both battle and tactical purposes. He can do a triple jump and and dive down on his foes, but also to show off.


Streak is a rather weak flyer (like real hawks), and he prefers to soar instead of flap hard. He severely loathes being slowed down and will often become enraged at whoever managed to do that. He is easily startled by loud noises, which is why he uses his sonickinesis often (It can cancel out the sound). Finally, his pride and cockiness is easily used agianst him in fights.

Allies and Enemies


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  • Dark Blitz
  • Professor Bladzer
  • Mecha Streak

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Super Streak

Hyper Streak

Ultamate Streak


  • "They won't even come near my speed!" (When chosen for a race)
  • "Nice display, but I always win." (What he says after getting an S-Rank)
  • "Can't touch this!" (What he says after getting an A-Rank)
  • "Such an easy victory." (What he says after getting a B-Rank)
  • "A little hard, but I still won." (What he says after getting a C-Rank)
  • "GAH, I nearly lost!" (What he says after getting a D-Rank)
  • "Crushing...*cough*....defeat" (What he says after getting an E-Rank)
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