"Call me Streak."
—Streak introducing himself to Rex and Pebble, The Rising Darkness

Streak the Bird is a young male bird who makes his debut in The Rising Darkness, the second story of The Phantom Storm of The Legend of Fox the Brave.


Streak is a male Bird Avatar with dark gray feathers, brown eyes, a yellow beak, and an odd pattern of white streaks all over his body(hence his name) identical to that of the Wolf Rex Storm. He currently wears green aviator goggles, black sunglasses similar to Rex's(but with a white frame), a green headpiece, black fingerless gloves with a yellow streak on them, and black and white sneakers.


Streak is a bit of a loner, having been on his own for some time. He may first come off as a bit standoffish, but likes to joke around, and values loyalty and friendship above everything else.


"Because I lost everything, alright!? I was apart of the Resistance like you, but it cost me my family when Eggman took over this city and made it his capital."
—Streak, The Rising Darkness

Before the Series: Streak's past is largely unknown, and he tends to keep specific details hidden. At some point during the Great Rebellion, Streak joined the Resistance, but his family was killed when Eggman seized control of Metropolis to make it his capital.

In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

The Rising Darkness:

Streak first appears when he rescues Pebble and Rex from Infinite in an old abandoned Eggman lab using a Lightning Wispon. Afterward, he remains vague about the details of his life when Pebble and Rex ask him about it. He helps guide Pebble and Rex through Metropolis, and follows them on their quest to find Rex's missing brother Stan. When they do, also running into a Type: Null they name Swift, Streak gets a bit touchy about his past, revealing the fate of his own family, including the disappearance of his own sibling-his younger sister Winnie-and why he left the Resistance. After some convincing, he decides to join the Storm Fighters, as they are in desperate need of more warriors.


Like the Bird Avatar he is based on, Streak can double-jump. Like Rex, Streak also has enhanced agility, enabling him to outmaneuver even Infinite.


Streak's lonliness has made him rather touchy and insecure, so he's prone to lashing out, especially if he's riled up in any way.


Streak was initially designed to be an anthropomorphic Avatar of Sky the Falcon, but was eventually made into a character all his own.

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