Clash of Mythics

"Who's next?"
—when selected
"I'll end you before you can even reach me."
—before starting a match
"Let's see how strong you really are."
—before starting a match against Zagan
"(...) A scientist on the frontlines? Interesting."
—before stating a match against Tails
"Have a nice death, fool."
—winning a match
"Hehehe... you were pretty fun to play with."
—winning a match against Zagan
"Y-you'll... pay...!"
—losing a match
"So strong..."
—losing a match against Zagan


"The darkness grows ever stronger!"
—getting an S-Rank
"Hm. Not bad at all."
—getting an A-Rank
—getting a B-Rank
"Oh, joy."
—getting a C-Rank
"Not very impressive."
—getting a D-Rank
"You better not hold this against me."
—getting an E-Rank

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