Streak is the game's resident zoning specialist, with majority of her special moves being best used while a fair distance away from her opponent, with her Style Action being her primary tool for zoning. Needless to say, whenever she's able to maintain her preferred distance, she is capable of utterly obliterating her foes with high-damage combos. Regardless, Streak is best played defensively, as she relies a lot on punishing any false move the opponent makes through mind games.

In exchange, however, Streak is pretty much helpless should she be faced with an opponent who is able to close that distance with ease due to a severe lack of close-quarters options. It doesn't help that she herself doesn't have any solid defensive options either, apart from her light Shadow Fang and her Phantom Void specials, the latter of which requires some mind gaming for it to be effective. In addition, her mobility isn't the most impressive and her severe lack of aerial options can cripple her against opponents that do have said options, making her one of the least versatile characters in the game.

Damage Defense Mobility Footsies Rushdown Zoning Difficulty


Hollow Claw - Exchange button

  • Streak's Style Action, where she launches a tendril of shadow that stretches out from Streak’s person and strikes the opponent.

> Reel-In - Attack light

  • Streak commands the tendril to pull the opponent a little closer, allowing her to use some of her moves more efficiently.

> Blowback - Attack medium

  • Streak has the tendril toss the opponent farther away, allowing her some time to breathe and re-strategize.

> Flurry - Attack h

  • Streak rapidly strikes her opponent before knocking them onto the ground.

Umbra Scythe - AS QCF + Attack button

  • Attack light Version - Streak fires off a slashing vortex of darkness a fair distance away from her position.
  • Attack medium Version - Streak launches a slashing vortex of darkness nearly a full-screen's worth of distance away from her position.
  • Attack h Version - Streak unleashes a barrage if shadow slashes that travel along the ground at high speeds.

Shadow Fang - AS S + Attack button

  • Attack light Version - Streak performs a hard-hitting uppercut with a tendril of shadow that sprouts directly in front of her, making this her go-to reversal.
  • Attack medium Version - Streak launches the opponent into the air by having a tendril of shadow sprout a fair distance away from her perform a powerful rising uppercut.
  • Attack h Version - A tendril of shadow sprouts from the ground a fair distance away from Streak's position and rapidly strikes the opponent before launching them upwards.

Dark Moon Crusher - AS S + Exchange button

  • A Command Throw where Streak grabs the opponent with a long-reaching tendril of shadow and smashes them around before tossing them behind her.

Phantom Void - AS QCB + Attack button

  • Attack light Version - Streak assumes a defensive stance that allows her to counter any attacks that hit high or mid, as well as projectiles.
  • Attack medium Version - Streak assumes a defensive stance that lets her reverse any mid- and low-hitting attacks that come at her, on top of projectiles.
  • Attack h Version - Streak assumes a defensive stance that can reverse any attack that touches her and isn't a super.

"It's playtime..." - AS QCB + Exchange button

  • Streak assumes an intimidating stance as she surrounds herself within a menacing aura of darkness.

> Hollow Spike - Attack button

  • Streak fires off a tendril of darkness that can aim either high, middle, or low, depending on the button.

> "You got lucky." - Exchange button

  • Streak exits her stance and shuts off the aura of darkness enveloping her.

Black Pit - Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down + Attack button

  • Attack light Version - Streak summons a puddle of darkness, from which a tendril knocks the opponent into the sky.
  • Attack medium Version - Streak plants a puddle of darkness that sprouts a shadowy claw and swiftly pulls the opponent onto the ground.
  • Attack h Version - Streak calls forth a black puddle that shoots out a tendril, launching the opponent into the air, before pulling them back onto the ground with great force.

Hungry Fangs of Darkness - AS QCF + Attack lightAttack medium

  • A Decisive Action where Streak unleashes multiple blades of shadow that travel forward, tearing her opponent a new one.

Embrace of the Hollow Night - Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down + Attack lightAttack medium

  • A Decisive Action where Streak temporarily grants her Style Action and movement a boost in speed, and the rest of her attacks a power boost.

Mad Banquet of the Eclipse - AS QCF + Attack hExchange button

  • Streak's Decisive Climax, where she unleashes a several tendrils of darkness from all around her body. Should any of them connect, she then redirects the tendrils right onto the trapped opponent in a mad frenzy before several spikes of darkness jut out from the opponent, dealing massive damage,

Spectral Echoes of the Abyss - Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down + Attack hExchange button

  • Streak's Shutdown finisher. She starts it off by grabbing the opponent with a claw of darkness before enveloping them within a pitch-black void. Within it, the opponent proceeds to be savagely torn apart by an entity of pure darkness, cessating their physical form into nothingness.

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