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Not to be confused with Streak the Bird or Streak the Hawk

Cquote1 You've been a big help, Gravebringer. You have my sincere thanks. Cquote2
Streak to Zagan, Clash of Mythics: Genesis

No one’s sure exactly what, but Streak is definitely hiding something. She is a major character in the Clash of Mythics series, first appearing as one of the playable characters in Clash of Mythics: Genesis, the series’ first installment, joining her fellow operatives from the Genesis Corporation to find Burst, teaming up with a powerful mercenary in the process.


Streak is a Mobian cat standing at five feet, two inches. Her body is dominantly covered in white fur, while a fairly-large head of hair is placed on top of her head, and black stripes can be seen around her arms, legs, and back. Meanwhile, the fur on her muzzle and her torso area sport a light grey coloration, while her inner ears sport a rather pale skin complexion. One of her eyes is covered by a large fringe of black hair with purple streaks, and her visible eye sports an iris taking on a menacing shade of purple. 

Streak’s outfit primarily consists of a purple long coat with cuffs and accents that take on a darker shade of purple, a dark grey top that leaves much of her midriff exposed, and a pair of light grey pants. She also dons a pair of grey fingerless gloves, and a pair of black boots with purple accents. She is also commonly seen with a lollipop in her mouth.


Streak is best defined as a cold and ruthless woman. Most of the time, she is seen sporting an incredibly blank and nigh-emotionless expression on her face, indicating a lack of feeling towards almost anything. Although, one could interpret this simply as an overly-professional demeanor, which isn’t entirely false. However, one thing that makes it anything but is her apparent lack of concern for her allies, as indicated by her statement to Zagan of how they didn’t deserve to live if they couldn’t even defeat the latter while he was holding back, which notably left the Gravebringer unnerved to an extent.

Despite her unapologetically-ruthless and uncaring nature, Streak isn't without a sense of humor, albeit one that is quite dry and snarky at best and terrifyingly morbid at worst. One slight hint at this is how she was able to make a deadpan quip towards Zagan regarding how long he took to catch up with her not too long after she had been defeated by an out-of-control Burst, and quite badly at that. Her deadpan delivery and her perpetually-blank expression only make her attempts at humor all the better - or worse, depending on how one would look at it.

Meanwhile, she also sports a hopeless addiction to sweets - particularly hard candy - and is almost never seen without a lollipop in her mouth. She repeatedly makes claims that it helps her think more clearly and focus better whenever someone asks, but not a lot of people who have worked with her have believed this statement for a single second. Naturally, stealing one of her sweets or trying to get her to stop eating on whatever candy she has on her mouth is a particularly quick way for one to put themselves on her shit list.

History and Appearances

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Powers and Abilities

Streak sports the power to generate and manipulate darkness. Her primary application of this power is to launch a tendril of shadow onto the opponent from a safe distance through her signature technique, the Hollow Claw. Should it land, she has the option of pulling her target in by a small distance, knocking them back further, or dealing additional damage with a flurry of strikes.

Other noteworthy techniques that Streak sports are the Umbra Scythe, in which Streak has a wave of shadow slashes rush forward, the Shadow Fang, where a powerful spike of darkness shoots out from the ground and launches the opponent upward, the Phantom Void, which is a counter move where Streak reverses an incoming attack, and the Black Pit, which serves as a trap that can let her control the battlefield in accordance to her needs.

Aside from that, Streak also sports a level of speed and agility greater than the average Mobian could possess. She also happens to be quite strong in the physical department, though her specialization for long-distance combat means that she isn’t actually all that threatening up close, especially when up against a close-ranged combatant - whose prowess in such a form of combat is far more potent than hers.


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  • Stats are based from 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Attack: 7 - On top of having a respectable level of physical strength, Streak’s attacks are quite powerful in their own right. However, she’s a lot weaker in the air.

Defense: 6 - Streak isn’t all that potent on the defensive side of matters, but she isn’t exactly frail either.

Speed: 6 - Streak is respectably quick on her feet, though some of her attacks are fairly slow. In addition, she is notably slower in midair, due to her lack of aerial options.

Magic: 7 - Streak is certainly well-versed in the usage of her powers, especially in regards to fighting from a safe distance.

Evasion: 7 - Streak’s agility and dodging capabilities slightly offsets the average speed of some of her attacks and is a suitable compliment to her movement speed.

Intelligence: 7 - Let it never be said that Streak isn’t a smart fighter, as she always does make it a point to keep her distance from the opponent.

Skills: 6 - Streak’s physical ability is rather unrefined, and she has not completely mastered the full extent of her powers, given that she had only gained them relatively recently.

Accuracy: 7 - Her precision with her strikes is certainly impressive in its own respects, but her relative inexperience with her powers sort of hampers it down by a fair bit.

Stamina: 6 - Having not been much of a fighter prior to receiving her Mythic powers and abilities means her body is not properly conditioned to keep itself going for nearly as long as other people can.

Tolerance: 7 - Streak’s biological makeup makes her quite tolerant in the face of physical trauma on herself.

Overall: 70%


One immediately-obvious weakness one might notice with Streak is that her immense focus on long-ranged combat via her Hollow Claw technique, among several others, means she is actually rather vulnerable when forced to fight up close and personal, meaning that somehow letting close-ranged fighters such as Zagan can mean a devastating defeat on her record should she unable to distance herself.

In addition, while her raw power is nothing to sneeze at, her lack of refinement can undermine her fights in a number of ways, most notably in the form of some of her attacks being slow enough for the enemy to safely avoid or block with the right timing. She is also notably a lot more vulnerable while airborne, as a lot of her techniques and/or abilities require her to stay grounded.


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  • Much of Streak’s design is inspired by Gordeau - who Crimson immediately took a liking to thanks to Maximilian Dood's recent videos - from Under Night In-Birth.
    • Now, if only she had a gigantic, retractable scythe that she can endlessly spam a particular full-screen move with...
    • Streak's hair color was originally going to match the color of her body fur and sport black streaks, but changed gears to black hair with purple streaks when Crimson found it too difficult to effectively execute the former.
  • She shares her voice actress, Stephanie Sheh, with Tharja from Fire Emblem Awakening and Orihime Inoue from Bleach, among several other roles.
  • Some people might be reminded of Fumikage Tokoyami and particularly his Quirk, Dark Shadow, from My Hero Academia when looking at Streak's abilities and techniques, as they bear some similarities in how they normally function.
    • Hell, even the names of Streak's supers are inspired by some of Tokoyami's mannerisms.
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