Strato is a company that created and patroled 6 Strato labs on Earth. The labs were created by Brian Torres and Hiro Higuchi with the help of the Blobus. They also created 6 robots to patrol the stations (one for each station).

Main Lab

The main lab is located not too far from Knothole and check stats of the 6 other Strato labs on Earth. The main lab has only 2 freezing capsules and is patroled by a robot named Lucas (model LU-0865), a robot also created by Brian and Hiro with the Blobus's help).


There are 6 robots that work for Strato. There are 3 males and 3 females.

  • Mark (model MA-1045)
  • Dave (model DA-7178)
  • Louis (model LO-8346)
  • Samantha (model SA-2704)
  • Betty (model BE-2467)
  • Trisha (model TR-3657)

Mock Labs

There are a few mock labs that the Blobus also helped with. Ones created by people such as Diedrich Holtzmann, Seth Noel (who eventually transforms himself into Scorpios), 1 small lab in the Hexagons in North-West Canada & one in a desert in Texas and other various places. Suprisingly, Brian didn't find out which meant he wasn't able to sue the creators of the mock labs.

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