1. It is worth $10,000 dollars for one.
  2. It is marketed to parents with picky children.
  3. It is rumored that another tree is in Angel Island. It was proven to be false by the Ecological Unit of the place.


A strange looking mango, the Strange Mango is renowned by zombie hunters for its effects and taste. It will cost you 1,000,000 zombie credits to buy just one. And even then, the price is worth it. It grants you with all the perks ever and will drop a 50% refund just to be nice. And it contains the daily value for all nutrients in one quarter cup's worth. So, eat up, and don't eat too much....


Anyone that has seen a mango tree with glowing red fruit in Lower Silesia (Mobius) and dared to eat it. Too bad you will puke if you ate veggies.


It gives the user the effects of a Perkaholic, except it tastes like a mango. A close cousin of the Strange Mango (Not really though) is found in Zetsubou No Shima, except it tastes like a toilet and is not overpowered.

Secondary Effects

It causes growth spurts and beautification in Mobians, and anything can happen when a human eats it. It was know to make the ground overly fertile when grown, due to it technically being undead. Undead plants make for great fertilizer!


It was created when a member of Group 935 accidentally spilled Divinium-containing water on his mango. It started to glow a strange apple red color, and the scientist planted its seed in the ground. It grew instantly, and he juiced it (curiously enough). The juice was flavored like a Perk-a-Cola rainbow, and he nicknamed it, the Rainbow Mango :).

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