Chapter 1: Strange Dream, New World

It was nighttime with the stars in the sky and Dark The Hedgehog was outside as usual, laying on the grassy ground on his own, feeling relaxed while looking up at the night sky with the stars and the full moon lighting up the sky. Dark was recapping on his memories of being on his own, with his friends, his allies, and even his enemies as he felt the night's cool breeze on his fur and he eventually fell asleep peacefully and started to dream, but this dream wasn't like the other he have since it was very similar to the ones that he had recently and it was getting him annoyed as each dream showed him of another world that was completely different Mobius with these special kind of Knights protecting this world and kingdom and connecting to him somehow with him watched each Knight be chosen, train, and fight to their very end of their lives with each other different from the other.

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Dream Sequence/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

'Just like before. Why don't any of these dreams stop coming to me? I don't want anything to do with all of this.' Dark thought in complete frustration as he stood up and began to walk, looking at all white background, only hearing his footsteps on the ground. 'Why am I here again? This doesn't make any se-' Dark's thought was interrupted, when he heard a sweet, but strong female voice says, "You have a destiny uphold, Dark The Hedgehog." and Dark was shocked out of his mind as he looked around him, completely alarmed and he had stopped walking to wonder where the female voice came from. A bright light came out of nowhere for Dark to cover his eyes and that light changed everything around him. Once it was gone, Dark uncovered his eyes to be amazed and speechless of what he saw in front of him, which was fresh grassy ground and full grown tree with fresh grown beautiful flowers around him and the sky was clear and blue, and he walked towards the flowers to pick one of them to actually feel them that amazed him more as he put up to his nose and sniffed it, smelling it scent to feel relaxed immediately.

"It's amazing and beautiful, isn't it?"

Dark dropped the flower to hear that voice again, being surprised as he immediately turned around to see a beautiful woman with beautiful red long hair that was up to her shoulders, lilac soft eyes, peach skin, average height, and she was wearing a lilac gown (up to her knees), white stockings, lilac flat shoes, and a white sleeveless jacket and he was completely alarmed with his guard was up, but stunned by her beauty even though he didn't show it.

"Who are you and what is this place?" Dark asked, wanting to get straight to this point of all of this.

"Aren't you a grumpy one?" She said with a giggle and Dark rolled his eyes as he frown more.

"Well. I don't have all day, you know." Dark said as he tapped his foot on the ground impatiently.

"Right. I'm Princess Ashley of Cramisa,...….Well, the current Queen of Cramisa and this is a magic simulation of my home of how it used after what happened brother."

'Her brother? Cramisa? I never heard of that name before, but in those other dreams, I have. That still doesn't explain to me of what does this have to do with me and her.' Dark thought deeply as he listened to her. "Hmph.........What does this have to do with me and how do you know my name?"

"Well, I need your help and I'm sure you've-"

"Yes, I have and it's annoying as hell."

"I'm sorry, but it's your destiny to uph-"

"LIKE HELL?!" Dark yelled, which shocked her to a maximum with her head down.

"Please, I beg of you, you're our-"



"DON'T YOU DARE BRING MY FRIENDS AND MY WORLD INTO THIS,QUEEN?! I saved them and my world because I know them and I lived here my entire life since the beginning ." Dark glared at her with she glared back at him.

"What makes you think you can just put this all on me like I am a pawn in this war of yours in your damn world, huh?!"

"Because you have a good heart and-"

"Good heart?! Me?! You are insane, Queen?!" Dark said as he grabbed her by her shirt and lifted her up from her feet.

"I beg of you. Everyone in my world will be lose because of him. He will kill everyone who doesn't follow him or even obey him."

"You're the damn queen. Do something about it." He threw her to the side.

"I want nothing to do with this and I don't have a care in the world about you or all of that." Dark said as he walked away from her and he could hear her crying as he kept walking on his way.

"Please, help me, Dark The Hedgehog. You're our only hope!"

Dark kept walking a bit before stopping to look back at her with a cold look across his face and said, "Whatever."

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////End of Dream Sequence///////////////////////////////////////////////

At the end of all that, Dark woke up, opening up his eyes with tears coming out his eyes and he noticed that he was falling out of the sky with feeling the air through his fur.

"What the hell?! How did I get here?!" Dark yelled as he looked around him to see if there was anything he could do to land instead of crash on the ground and he couldn't find anything much to his dismay as it caused a huge explosion with him laying on dirt as he stood up on his feet,dusting himself off while noticing his brand new clothing that shocked him to wonder where clothes come from as these clothes complimented with his fur and also saw that he was still wearing his same shoe to his relief, but it was colored differently with white and black.

'Crap! This is all because of that damn Queen from my dream.' Dark growled as he looked at this strange clothing and strange world that seemed very peaceful,but he had a goal. 'Hmm...….I can't believe I was sent here because of that damn dream with that Queen, but why and how? Well, I'll mind as well find out while I'm here, but first, I need to find out where I am and where is that Queen.' Dark thought,annoyed and angered as he frowned even more and he looked at the sky

With that, it begins Dark's Journey...…..

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