Kingdom Hearts - Dearly Beloved Mega Remix

Kingdom Hearts - Dearly Beloved Mega Remix

This is the stories theme song: The gentle music in the first minute symbolizes the close relationship between the friends and how this could in fact be their last fight together. The rest of the song shows them standing up and preparing to fight and do whatever it takes to succeed even if it means losing their lives.

There will be music you can play while you read that fits perfectly for each chapeter...


This is the story of Frostbite the Hedgehog. This story is told by Frostbite in a first person point of view as if he was the narrator. This story focuses on Frostbite and his friends as they finally decide to return to their home planet to stop the The Elemental Wars and bring back peace. At a younger age these heroes were sent from their planet to mobius so they would be safe from the dangers of the war. But now they're ready to return.


Frostbites backstory is told in the first chapter, but for you to understand later plot points you must know the backstory of 5 other characters

Chapter 1

After years and years of nothing but endless training, I think I'm finally ready... My name's Frostbite and I live on mobius with my friends. But we didn't always live here. You see I was a prince of the elements. On my home planet we all were split into seperate kingdoms. Each kingdom based on an element that all it's residents can control. I'm from the Ice Kingdom, but you could probably already tell by my name.
Kingdom Hearts Music - Olympus Coliseum

Kingdom Hearts Music - Olympus Coliseum

Chapter 1's music

 I can control Ice and Water. My 2 friends live with me on mobius as well.

There's Firaga, she's from the Fire Kingdom, she's pretty cool but sometimes a little too friendly. Always trying to get me out there and have fun, but I really have no time for that because training always comes first to me. I understand why she wants me to meet new people and have more fun, but I don't think she understands why I don't want to.

There's my other friend Electro, he's an echidna from the Thunder Kingdom. He controls mostly lightning and rock. But he practiced sorcery for years and I can definitely say he has mastered it. If you imagine it, he can probably conjure it. Even though I have friends from my home planet, I also have enemies from my home planet. There's Cura the Cat from the plant kingdom, I remember she used to be nicer when we were young but even since we arrived on mobius she's been working with other enemies.

There's Aero the Fox from the Wind Kingdom. We were friends as well but our enemies found him before we did when we all landed on Mobius, he joined them even though he's not really the evil type. Then there's the worst one of all... Graviga the hedgehog she's the daughter of The Lord of Elements in the Eternal Kingdom. She ran away from him though to start her own Kingdom of Darkness, but war broke out before she could do that so she had to flee to mobius like the rest of us.

So now that I've introduced everyone how about we get on with this tale. Tails is helping us beuild a rocket we can take to get to our planet, so we're out searching for materials tht can aid us in construction. We would ask Sonic or Knuckles for help, but Sonic is busy fighting Eggman as usual, and I think it's obvious why Knuckles is too busy, always protecting the Master Emerald. So it's just us 3 and tails.

Firaga found some food we can take with us so we won't starve to death. Electoro is using his abilities to search under massive rocks for materials. As for me, well don't tell the others but I'm taking a little break to do more training. They say I'm ready and I'm strong enough to save the planet but I just want to make sure. You can never be too careful am I right? Hey don't judge, If you were in my shoes and knew how terrified I truly was, you'd wanna make sure you were completely prepared too.

Uh oh here comes Firaga. "Did you find anything yet?" she asked with suspecting look on her face. "Uh nope nothing! Nothing at all." I replied. But I guess she could tell I was lying because she replied with "Look, I know you're a little scared, but we all are. So please help us." I guess that mean my training was over. I decided to finally assist them. I didn't find much but it was enough to contribute to the rocket.Hours later we returned to Tails with all we had found. "Do you think this is enough to finish it up?" asked Electro. "Of course, good work guys!" Tails replied with confidence. "So we leave tomorrow then right?" Electro asked us. Firaga and I both nodded yes as we all went home to get some rest for our big day tomorrow.

(Meanwhile on the Planet of the Elements)

"Chaos... Chaos everywhere... how did this happen and why won't it stop..." The Lord of Elements thought to himself as he stared out his castle window looking at the war going on. "Why won't it stop....? But then again... do I want it to stop...?" He kept asking himself. "How can Chaos have beauty? Why do I crave destruction! Why do I care!?" He began shouting at himself as he started leaning towards insanity.

Chapter 2

The next morning I had a rude awakening as Firaga snuck into my house and started jumping on my bed. "Wake up! Wake up! Let's go!" she shouted. "Ugh five more minutes..." I replied as I pulled the covers over me. I had not slept well the night before because the thought of the trip kept me up for a while. Firaga layed on top of me and wrapped her arms around me. "I'm not letting go until you get uuuuup" she said while squeezing
Kingdom Hearts Music - Wonderland

Kingdom Hearts Music - Wonderland

Chapter 2's Theme


I got up because I knew she meant it. I sat up in my bed but she was still clinging on, I stood up but she was still clinging on. I started walking outside and yep you guessed it, she was still clinging on. I finally said "Uhhh you can get off now". "Oh haha right" she chuckles as she softly blushes. We got to the rocket surprised to see Electro was already there. I started to say "Electro when did you g-" "I've been here since 6 AM" he interupted. I was confused, I guess he was just really eager to see our home planet again like I was. We were preparing to get on and unknown to us, our enemies were lerking by. "Okay Cura you distract them somehow while we fool around with this little rocket of theirs" Graviga commanded. "Of course..." Cura replied as she slowly strolled towards us.

She taps me on the shoulder and leans real close "Hey Frostbite..... watcha doing?" she asks in a desuctive tone. I couldn't help blushing, this girl was just too good "Oh ummm rocket thing outer space woohoo" I stuttered. I could tell Firaga was getting jealous as she started to steam up. Cura ran her fingers across my chest. "Can come please?" she said while winking at me. I really wanted to say yes but I knew Firaga would probably burn me to ashes if I did. 'Sure! I uh I mean NO! You're a villain now or whatever and villains can't come." I said confidently. Meanwhile Graviga and Aero are pulling screws off the ship and taking some pieces from the engine. Curas then hugs my arm. "Pleeeease" she begs while staring at me with innocent looking eyes. I was resisting as hard as I could to say yes and I was about to give in, Thank goodness Firaga saved me though.

She just got so steamed and hit Cura with and uppercut. Cura ran off and Graviga and Aero followed her. "Hm? What were those goons doing here?" Electro asked. "Who knows" I replied. Meanwhile Graviga, Aero, and Cura snuck off with the parts they took. "Are you sure we should be doing this?" said Aero. "Of course! It'll be funny when their rocket crashes!" Cura replies. Cura then asks Graviga "Where are they going anyways?". "Beats me" replies Graviga. She then stops and gasps in realization. "They were headed home!". "Home?" asks Cura. "Our home planet you moron!" replies Graviga. The 3 plotted to use the stolen parts to start building their own rocket to beat us to our home planet.

Back at the rocket we were loading all of our luggage on to the rocket. "Now..." Tails began "If anything goes wrong there's a desk full of air gum that will fill you with oxygen for 24 hours. There's 30 in there so it'll last you each 10 days if you get stranded". "That's disturbing but thanks" replied Firaga. "You're welcome" Tails continued. "And if something even worse happens you can hold down the big blue button to turn on the communication moniter so I can talk to you." "Cool" I said. "But make sure you only use it in an absolute emergency because it doesn't have very much battery power".

"All right. Big blue button, only use for an emergency and air gum whatever" I said as I got onto the ship with Firaga and Electro following not too far behind. Tails walked into a building about 100 yards away. He puts on a headset and pulls a few levers. "Prepare for lift off!" he shouts. Electro, Firaga, and I all strapped into our seats and tried to relax. "5...." Tails began to count. Meanwhile outside Graviga runs up to the rocket and tosses a tracking device that sticks on the side of the rocket. "Hahahaha now we can follow them right to our home planet when our rocket is done!". "4...!" Tails continues "3.... 2.... 1....!". Tails slams a big red button as he shouts "LIFT OFF!"

(Meanwhile on the Planet of the Elements)

"Get a hold of yourself!" The lord of the elements shouted to himself. He then began to sing...

The Beauty of Chaos

"Look at this kingdom this world of mine.

Full of chaos! Deadly and devine!

I cannot resist, it's too late for me

My mind has finally crossed.... The line!!!

This world full of war!

Why am I wanting more?

There's nothing to gain from this...

There's no end in sight

they fight with their might

To survive they better not miss...!

Beauty in chaos!

A wonderous display

Beauty in chaos!

Wonderful dismay!

Beauty in chaos

There's no end in sight

They will never stop

They always must fight!

The flames of war, entertaining to the eyes!

Unless you're in the middle, you might be the one who dies.

Let this last forever, entertain me for years to come!

Show me more chaos! Keep sounding the war drum!

Beauty in chaos!

A wonderous display

Beauty in chaos!

Wonderful dismay!

Beauty in chaos

There's no end in sight

They will never stop

They always must fight!!!!!

Chapter 3

The rocket shot up at blinding speeds. "I'm gonna hurl!" I shouted. "Not on my head!" shouted Electro. "Oh no here it comes!" I screamed. "NO NO NO!" yelled Electro. As they exit the atmosphere I hurled towards Electro as he shut his eyes and prepared for the impact of my vomit. But the lack of gravity stopped it centimeters from his face. Electro let out a sigh of relief as he got up out of his seat and went back to the bedrooms in the
Kingdom Hearts Music - Gummi Ship Level 3

Kingdom Hearts Music - Gummi Ship Level 3

Chapter 3's Theme

rocket. "I think I'm going to bed". "Already?" asked Firaga. "I was up since 6" Electro replied. After he went back into the bedroom, I cleaned my vomit with a space sucker. "Well now that, that's taken care of, I think I'll have fun floating around in this zero gravity!" I said as I jumped up from my seat. Firaga then followed me and chased me trying to grab me.

She giggled like it was tag or something. I played along with her and we probably played for what seems like hours. I have to admit it was probably the most fun i've had in a while. Everything seemed fun and great, I wasn't even thinking about my home planet at te time even though we were headed there. We had nothing to worry about since the rocket was on autopilot. Electro came back out after his nap and looked out the window. "ASTEROIDS!" he shouted. I quickly ran to the controls and pushed the green button. "Shield activated" a computerized voice said. But there was one problem... Nothing happened. "Where's the shield?" asked Firaga. "Maybe you have to hold it down" Electro replied. I held down the button and the computerized voice once again said "shield activated", But once again... nothing! I began to think "what could've happened to our...."

I thought and then I suddenly realized. "Graviga! that rotten sneaky little! Grrr so that's what they were up to! They were stealing parts from our rocket and the must've taken the shield as well!" I shouted. "What are we gonna do!?" shouted Firaga in a panic. An asteroid smashes into the ship causing a massive hole in the ship. I froze Ice over the hole but I knew it wouldn't hold for long. There was very little air left in the shi and I struggled to breathe as I ran to the drawer and pulled out the air gum that Tails gave us. We each took a piece and chewed it. We could finally breathe. But we had no time to celebrate as another asteroid smashed into us and we got caught in the gravity field of a strange blue and green planet. Our ship was falling closer and closer to the planet. We began to speed up as we headed towrds the planet.

The ship began to heat up and also began to melt. Since I am an Ice user that wasn't very comfortable for me. We searched around the ships and found a room where Tails had put some parachutes for us. We had entered the new planets atmosphere and we got ready to jump off. "Alright guys we may not make it but if we stick together-" I stopped my speech to see that Electro and Firaga had already jumped out. I rolled my eyes, and then jumped out as well. "Okay blue then red... blue then red" I said to myself as I was holding the chords to the parachute. "BLUE!" I shouted as I stupidly pulled the red wire first. "red..." I whimpered as I fell to my doom. I closed my eyes while waiting for my death, When suddenly I felt a hand grab me. "Need a hand?" Electro asked as he pulled me up onto his back.

"Thanks... but do you think this parachute can hold us?" I asked. "Of course!" replied Electro when suddenly our parachute just broke off for no good reason. So it was back to falling to our doom. When suddenly we were caught by Firaga. "Oh man you guys are freaking heavy" she said as she held us by the hand. We were to heavy for the parachute attached to Firaga so we began to fall quickly but we hit the ground a few seconds later. "Whew I thought we were goners" I said as I tried to make sure I was alive.

(Meanwhile on the Planet of the Elements)

The Lord of the Elemnts was causing mayhem left and right. "Attack them!" he shouted at the fire kingdom to the ice kingdom. "Crush them!" he shouted at the plant kingdom to the wind kingdom. He let out an evil he shouted "Yes! Why haven't I seen it before! War is amazing muahahahaha! Crush your enemies! Destroy everything until there's nothing left!" That was it. He has officialy gone insane with the lust and craving for absolute destruction. We only have a matter of time before our planet is destroyed.

Chapter 4

We stood up and began to walk around, trying to figure out where we were. "So do you think we can still call Tails?" asked Firaga as she looked back at our destroyed rocket. "Yeaaaaaaah I don't think so" I replied as the rocket caught on fire. We continued to walk for what seemed like hours. We found a city but we decide not to go because it was filled with creepy fleshy things. Sonic told us about how he met them one time and befriended them, but I still don't trust them. "We need to find another rocket..." said Electro. I wasn't sure if
Kingdom Hearts Music - Neverland

Kingdom Hearts Music - Neverland

Chapter 4's 1st Theme

these gross creatures could build anything but it couldn't hurt to look. "We should go underground" I suggested as I lifted up a sewer lid.

But Firaga and Electro told me it'd be fine. So we ended up strolling though the city like it was an average day. I tried to convince them that this was the worst idea but they wouldn't listen. They stared us down like we were fresh meat or something.. "Just ignore them" Electro told me. But I just couldn't. The stares of those creatures were just disturbing. We had been walking for half an hour until we heard sirens. "This planet has police too?" I shouted. "Run!" added Firaga. We ran and ran but their police cars were so fast. I wasn't paying attention and ran smack into a tree. I was out cold and I have no idea what happened while I was out. But apparently we got caught and thrown in jail because when I woke up that's where we were. We didn't panic though because we could tell it was gonna be simple to escape.

"Check it" Firaga said as she pput her hands on the bars of the cell to melt them. The police guarding us pulled out his gun and shot a bullet. I froze it in mid air right in front of my face. I was too shocked to move because of how close it was, but thankfully Electro was taking care of the police. When I finally came to my senses I froze the wall and kicked it so the ice shattered
Kingdom Hearts Music - Neverland Combat

Kingdom Hearts Music - Neverland Combat

Chapter 4's 2nd Theme

with the wall, creating a hole for us to escape. Electro used his rock and magic powers to form the wall back together so they couldn't fall us through the hole. We got away as far as we could and then the sun began to go down. We knew that meant it was time to rest for the day. Firaga set up a fire. I built a little shelter out of some sticks and bricks and Electro was on watch duty to make sure nobody came after us. We slept and luckily when we woke up, we were still in the same spot, no prison cells, no being locked in a military base or something, and no being tossed in a zoo.

We walked around some more until we found a map that had blown into a tree because of the wind. We found a space station not too far away. "Well that was convinient" said Firaga. Electro and I both agreed as the three of us began to follow the map to the space station. I can tell you, it was a lot farther away then the map made it seem. I was the fastest out of all of us so I told Firaga and Electro to go ahead and go into the rocket while I run in, launch it, run back out, and get on. They left and I snuck in the station. There were security guards but they were no trouble at all. I simply froze them, they'll thaw out later. I found the launch room but it was full of scientists. I snuck around the back of the room so none of them would see me. I blew a huge icy wind through the room. The scientests all left to see what was going on and I snuck up to the controls. "These are alot more confusing than Tails' controls" I thought to myself. I just hit a bunch of random switches and buttons until I heard "LAUNCHING IN 60 SECONDS".

I bolted out of there as fast as I could and made it onto the rocket with 3 seconds to spare. This rocket was definitely different from Tails'. Because this one had cup holders! YES!!! Even though I had no cups to put in them, it just felt satisfying knowing there were cup holders. The rocket finally launches and off we were. "Hey Electro this rocket is most likely not headed for our planet, could you use your magic to redirect us or something?" I asked. He nodded and waved his hands around. The rocket quickly turned to a different direction. "Home... here we come" I said to myself. Electro had a concerned look on his face, or was it fear? It was hard to tell. "Hey uh, Electro. You've been pretty quiet lately... What's up?" I asked.

He replied with "Nothing..." He was hiding something... I could tell. I'm not one to try and pry secrets from someone but Electro has never kept anything from us before so I was suspicious. I was about to ask him another question when suddenly we heard a loud noise beside our rocket. It was another rocket! "Who could be in there?" I thought. When suddenly through the window I saw.... "GRAVIGA!" I shouted. She was headed for our home planet too. I chewed some air gum and went outside of the ship. I froze my feet to the top of the ship so I wouldn't fall off and get stuck in space. I shot at their ship with an Ice beam but it was no use! They were using the shield that they stole from us earlier!

Chapter 5

My ice powers may not be able to get through the shield, but I can! I called Electro and Firaga on my wrist watch and told them what I was about to do. "No please don't!" replied Firaga "It's too dangerous!". "I'll be fine... trust me" I told her as I unfroze my feet and launched myself towrds Gravigas ship. Their rocket was moving pretty fast so it was tough to hang on. I managed to finally make it near the front. I grabbed onto a window and Cura saw me. She stared at me seductively and blew a kiss. I couldn't help but blush and let out a goofy giggle. While I was distracted, she slammed the hyperdrive button. "No.... NO!!!" I shouted and their
Hollow Bastion - Kingdom Hearts HD 1

Hollow Bastion - Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX - Soundtrack EXTENDED

Chapter 5's Theme

rockets thrusters got louder and their ship bloted off. I flew off the ship and tumbled into space. I only had 24 hours before my air gum wore off, and I didn't bring any extra! What am I gonna do!?

When I felt the cold emptiness of space it reminded me... COLD! I have ice powers! I created a cold wind through space. Unfortuneately space is a vacuum so it sucked my wind up. I knew I would have to try really hard to get somewhere. I started thrusting myself with all my might using my icy wind powers. I tired myself out. "Its no use!" I thought to myself. When suddenly I got another idea!. I created an ice path right below my feet. I began to skate across it, and since I was in zero gravity, it was impossible to just stop, so I kept gaining momentum. I then created a very small ce ramp at the end of the path. I was skating at blnding speeds and when I hit the ramp it launched me. I couldn't believe my eyes, I was flying through space! It felt magical, but I remembered I had a job to do.

Meanwhile on the rocket, Firaga was cryng her eyes out. "I told him not to go!" she whimpered. They were probably hours away from me by now. Electro tried to comfort her, but it was no use. Boy she must really miss me right guys? Anyways Electro and Firaga soon found themselves near our home planet. "I... I can't believe it..." Firaga said. "I can't even recognize it!" added Electro. They entered the planets atmosphere to find that Gravigas ship had already landed. Firaga landed the rocket and exited it with Electro.

I, on the other hand, with only 12 hours left, was still flying through space. No planet in sight.I started to worry that I wasn't gonna make it in time. I began to see it in the distance but it was still very far away, and I was still uncertain if I was gonna make it there or not. All I could do was hope that my friends were doing all right on the planet with Graviga. As for the Lord of Elements... Oh I just hope there is a little bit of sanity left in him. He can;t be too far gone, I just know he can't

Sadly, I was wrong. On our planet he was going berzerk! He flew through the sky, shattering the ground with giant energy spheres that he shoots from his hand. "Muahahahaha I am invincible!" he shouted with laughter. The Lord of Elements had lost control of himself. He had given in to the craving of destruction and lost his sanity. I'm sure there's a small part of him trying to escape this labrynth in his mind, but it needs help to escape. I don't know if we'll be able to save him, but we will if we can! We won't give up until everything on our planet is set right.

"So they've arrived..." said the Lord of Elements as he saw the rockets that were landed on the planet. "Hahahahaha Bam!!!" he shouts as her destroys them with a mighty blast. Firaga, Electro, and Gravigas team all ran for cover. "Damn!" shouted Graviga. "Now look at what you've done!" Cura added. "What we've done?" replied Firaga "You're the ones who decided to follow us in the first place!" Aero was panicking. "We're stranded on a war planet!" he shouted. Graviga got furious and was ready to attack. My friends ran off looking for a safer place.

"I know this sounds like the worst idea..." Electro began "But I need you to hold these three off, there's something... important I've got to do...". Firaga was against the idea, but listened to him anyways because she knows how stubborn Electro can get when he makes a decision. She turned around and got in a fighting stance, ready to take on Graviga and her gang. "Come at me..." she said confidently. I hope Firaga can do this, I believe in her..."

I had finally reached the planets atmosphere. I began to fall faster, due to the gravity. But this time I was prepared for falling. I formed a huge snowpile on the ground for me to land in, and it worked. I quickly got up and saw the destroyed rockets. "No no no!!!! Firaga!?, Electro!!!???" I cried, searching through the wreckage. I still had hope that they made it out okay, and I began to search for them. Usually I would know where everything is, but the damage of war was so intense that I couldn't even tell what was what anymore. I found remains of the plant kingdoms castle mixed with the remains of the fire kingdoms village. It was a truly devastating sight to see. But I continued on with my search for my friends.

Chapter 6

Meanwhile, Firaga wasn't doing too well against Graviga. Graviga was just to powerful for Firaga to handle. Graviga reversed the gravity of Firagas attacks to repel them back with a negative effect. "Ugh... you're asking for it..." groaned Firaga as she tried to keep her balance. "Hahahaha!" laughed Graviga "I don't even need these guys to help me" she added while pointing to Cura and Aero. Firaga shot out one last fireball and then
Kingdom Hearts II OST - Sacred Moon (The World That Never Was)

Kingdom Hearts II OST - Sacred Moon (The World That Never Was)

Chapter 6's 1st Theme

fell over unconcious. Graviga of course dodged it. "Sorry, but you're just not even worthy to fight me."

Electro was busy trying to climb up the biggest mountain on our planet. You see, Electro has this technique where he can restore sanity of someone but it takes up quite a bit of energy, but if he wants to stop the war, he's going to have to restore the sanity of everyone in the war. That may be too much for him to handle and he could possibly lose his life. I found Firaga knocked out on the ground. "Firaga! I shouted as I picked her up. I carried her into the safest place that I could find.

I managed to get her to wake up, she was so happy to see I was okay, she hugged me tight with tears running down her face. "Please don't ever leave me again...". I nodded and did what I thought I would never do. I looked her right in the eyes and kissed her. We were so different from each other that I never even thought it would happen, but the sight of seeing she was okay and her beautiful smile just drove me nuts and I couldn't control myself. She was surprised at first, but she closed her eyes and I could tell she loved it. We both blushed and didn't know what to say because of how sudden it was.

We smiled at each other. "Thank you for convincing me to come with you before we started building the rocket..." she said. "I'm just glad that there will be no more war soon..." I smiled. We hugged but our moment got cut short because of a call I got on my wrist watch. It was Electro! "He's calling from the mountain!" said Firaga. "I'll let it go to voice mail, let's just get to him and we'll listen to the call on the way" I suggested. Firaga agreed and we both ran.

Meanwhile... "Graviga!!!!" shouted Cura. "Where are you!?" yelled Aero. Graviga had deserted them so she could go destroy the Lord of Elements and claim the throne as her own. "I can't believe she just ditched us!" shouted Cura. "Should we go back home?" asked Aero. Cura had no idea how they were even going to do that, but Aero told her that there were still some escape pods left. They took the pods and headed back to mobius. I guess their home is mobius now, Maybe that's where our home should be too, I don't know if there is a way we can stop the war here...

Firaga and I were both still running fast towards the mountain. "Alright now let's check this message" I said as I clicked the button.

Electros Message

Frostbie... I don't know if you've made it to the planet yet, but I hope you're alright. Please take care of Firaga...
Treasured Memories - Kingdom Hearts HD 1

Treasured Memories - Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Soundtrack KH Final Mix

Electros Theme

Y'know how you asked why I've been so quiet... Well there's something I've been keeping from you. Remember that old tale about war and greed and how the sacrafice of a returning hero would stop it? Well I've come to realize that the hero is me... I'm the last surviving member of the Thunder Kingdom which means I'm the only one who knows the peacemakers technique... It would be simle if I used it on just one person but... the entire planet... I'm afraid I won't be seeing you again.. But remember this. No matter where I am after I'm gone... I will always love you my friends...

Firaga and I couldn't believe what we were hearing. Tears rolled down both of our faces as we ran faster until we reached the mountain and began to climb it. Meanwhile Electro was charging his technique... "Grrrrr..... this is for you my friends..." he says to himself. "I'm touched by how much you want peace brought back to our planet... and I'm so happy to help..." he added. He was goraning and grunting trying to charge up plenty of energy to activate the technique. Firaga and I were climbing faster and faster. We were about halfway there. I had no idea if we were gonna get to him in time but there was no way we were giving up.

Chapter 7

Meanwhile, Graviga had arrived at the Eternal Castle to defeat the Lord of Elements. "You have returned daughter..." he said. Graviga said nothing as she charged at him with gravity orbs in each of her hands. But as strong as Graviga was, even she was no mach for The Lord of Elements. He used a sweep kick to knock Graviga on her back and used wind power to thrust his fist into her stomach. Graviga coughed up blood and the Lord of Elements used his gravity powers to throw her across the room. Graviga hardly had time to think or talk. The Lord of Elements picked her up by the neck. "You really thought you were going to dethrone your old man didn;t you?" he said in an insane tone. He choked her and drained her life force. Soon she was to weak to
Kingdom Hearts Music- Hikari Kingdom Orchestra-0

Kingdom Hearts Music- Hikari Kingdom Orchestra-0

Chapter 7's Theme

think and while her mind was off guard The Lord of Elements controlled her mind to enslave her.

We got to the top and Electro was screaming so loud due to the massive amounts of energy he was creating. "Electro no!!!" I shouted as I ran towards him with tears in my eye. "Goodbye..." he whispered as he exploded into a blinding light that surrounded the whole planet. I flew on my back but I ignored the pain and got right back up. "STOP!" I shouted as I ran towards him again. But right as I tried to grab him again he vanished into thin air. The bright light surrounding the planet faded out as golden glowing orbs floated through the sky. The sight was beautiful but I was too shocked to enjoy it. Firraga was bawling. I was comforting her... but tears were already rolling down my face. Even though he had just vanished, we already missed our friend.

Although we were sad, we were also very happy as Electro didn't die for nothing. His plan worked. After the blinding light faded away. Everyone on the planet rubbed their eyes, looked at their weapons and realized what had been going on. They dropped their weapons, cried and hugged their former enemies who were now their new friends. "It's over... It's finally over..." I thought to myself. But I still felt like I was forgetting something important.

Meanwhile Graviga and the lord of elements were still insane! They've been indoors while everyone was fighting outdoors. They didn't even see the light! The Lord of Elements with his new slave Graviga both went outside. "What the hell!?" he shouted. He screamed and began attacking everyone. They all took escape pods that were left over from many years ago and luckily there was enough for everyone... Everyone except us... "Who did this!?" he shuted at the top of his lungs. He flew up high and noticed Firaga and I on the mountain.

He sent Graviga to attack us while he watched. She dived right into Firaga. "Okay that's it! I'm pissed now!" I shouted as I headed right towards Graviga. She dodged and tried to hit me, but I dodged her attacks as well. I finally hit her hard in the chin with knocked her out cold. Haha get it because I have Ice powers... and umm.. okay back to the story. I would've just killed her then and there but I told Firaga to go find 2 escape pods and take herself and Graviga back to mobius. "Please don't make me go!" Firaga cried. I told her to trust me but I don't think it worked. "I trusted you once and you fell off the rocket, and I thought I lost you forever... I don't want to lose you for real!" she cried. I kissed her and hugged her. "It'll be okay this time... I promise..."

She had finaly left and it was just me and the Lord of Elements. "So taking me on by yourself eh? How gutless". "How is that gutless?" I asked. He replied with "Because... suicide is the cowards way out". Meanwhile Firaga had trouble finding an escape pod because there were none left. She then remembered that Electro had learned sorcery in his Kingdom so Firaga went to the Thunder Kingdom and found a spell book. "To form anything at will... just focus really hard and chant these words..." Firaga performed the spell but it tired her out. She put Graviga in the pod and crawled in. But she realized there wasn't one for me and used more of her energy to form one for me. She was then worn out and left. "Please be safe Frostbite..." she whispered.

I held up my fists getting ready to attack the lord of elements. He smirked as he began to sing. "Singing at a time like this?! You truly are insane!" I shouted

The Beauty of Chaos Reprise

Beauty in chaos!

I'm mad and insane!

The love of war is lodged deep in my brain

This amazing power, I will always maintain

I will crumble this world and leave no remains!


He laughs and evil laugh as he shoots a giant beam towards the planet. The whole planet begins to crumble. "No! Our home!!!" I shouted as I shot a very sharp icy beam at his heart. It struck him violently as it froze his elemental energy. He fell to the ground with a thud. "M-my powers!!!" he shouted "What have you done!!!!!" he screamed as he headbutted me, knocking us both off the mountain and into a hole that led to the center of the planet. It was so hot, I couldn't use my ice powers it was useless! He lost his powers, and I couldn't use mine. It looks like this would be a fist fight to the deat... The final battle... is here.

Chapter 8

Firaga had arrived back on Mobius with Graviga. "Oh hey guys hahahaha" Graviga said to Cura and Aero when they got out of the escape pod. "May I?" asked Aero. "With pleasure" replied Cura. Aero pulled back his fist and punched Graviga right in the face, knocking her out yet again. They stormed off and were proud to be
Kingdom Hearts Music - End of the World Combat-0

Kingdom Hearts Music - End of the World Combat-0

Chapter 8's Theme

on the good side. Firaga found Tails and told him about everything, They both stared at the sky just hoping I was okay...

The Lord of elements and I were getting ready to battle with nothing but our physical strength and wits. Luckily I learned how to box back on Mobius. Too bad I didn't have my gloves. I got in my boxing stance ready to fight. I took a quick swing but man The lord of elements is fast. He dodged and punched by right in the head. I got a little dizzy and when I came back to my senses I started feeling the pain and wow did it hurt. I threw a few more punces and hit him with each one, but it didn't seem like it hurt him at all. He just laughed and kicked me over. I was beginning to think I wouldn't be able to beat this guy.

I hit him a few more times and I managed to punch him right in the jaw with a hard punch. It made my fist hurt but not as much as his face! I lost his balance and fell on his back. I jumped for him but he got up quickly and kicked me in the stomach. I was stunned and had no time to think before he grabbed my neck and slammed me into the ground. "You should've kept your little friends here to help you" he laughed. I suddenly thought of a plan and shouted "The saddest people have the best smiles, The smallest people have the biggest hearts, I may be alone now but in my heart my friends are always with me, by my side, cheering me on, and there's no way I will ever let any of them down!". I used all my strength lift my legs and launch him over and behind me as he fell of the side of the cliff we were fighting on/ He fell into the pit full of lava at the bottom. As he melted away I heard his last words "Thank you...."

I was just stunned that I beat him but I had no time to celebrate the planet was still crumbling and I had to get out of there quick! I was running out of the volcano when I noticed an escape pod. "She did know I was gonna make it hahaha" I shouted as I smiled and ran towards the pod. "She did trust me..." I thought to myself as my smile grew bigger. But my happiness was interupted when the mountain exploded and massive rocks were falling from the sky. I panicked and ran faster but I tripped and fell on my face! I was about to get up, when suddenly a boulder landed right on my left leg. I screamed in pain but I had to keep going. I froze the rock into ice so it slid off of me. I got up and limped towards the escape pod.

I got in and hit the launch button as I headed for mobius. right when my pod took off, a boulder landed right where the pod was. "That was unbelievably close..." I thought to myself as I let out a sigh of relief. I was headed home... to my real home. That's what I've learned from all this... Home is not a birthplace... Home is where your heart belongs and where your friends are... and as long as my friends are always by my side. What else could I possibly want in a home...
Kingdom Hearts Music - Sora's Sacrifice

Kingdom Hearts Music - Sora's Sacrifice

Ending/ Frostbites Theme

I arrived on mobius. Greeted with a warm kiss from Firaga. Tails was glad to see me again as well. Also we made some new allies which I am happy about. Cura and Aero were finally on our side. Even though Firaga and I are a couple now, it's still tricky not to get distracted by Cura and her flirting. Anyways Graviga ran up to the pod I came in. "Muahahahaha I can take this back to the planet of elements and finally take my place as queen of the elements!" she laughed. I replied with "Oh you mean the planet that isn't there anymore?" She was confused and devastated when I told her what happened. "Oh well.... I still have this world to conquer muahahaha!" she laughed again. Oh brother... Anyways everything was perfect...The survivors of our planet were now happy living on mobius, everything is going well and we will never forget the brave hero Electro who gave his life to bring peace to all of us... and that is The Story of the Elementals.


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