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A Blue Light For the Dark is a fanfic by BearfootTruck. In this one-shot story, Sonic has a chance meeting with an old foe who claims to have changed. Nevertheless, the two of them have a few conflicts with each other. Will they be resolved?


One day, Sonic is running through Green Grove Zone when he meets Mephiles the Dark again. However, Mephiles doesn't want to fight; he only wants to have a friend. At first, Sonic isn't convinced, but after some persuasion from Mephiles, he decides to forgive him and run along with him. Shortly afterwards, Sonic questions the decision he just made and leaves a weakened Mephiles behind. This causes problems for both of them: While Sonic preoccupies himself with the question of whether he did the right thing, Mephiles struggles with the memories of his dark & lonely past.

Eventually, the conflict comes to a head when a frustrated Mephiles tries to kill Sonic again. However, the Dark One backs down out of pure guilt. Nevertheless, Sonic is mad at Mephiles for what he tried to do. Still wracked with guilt, Mephiles placates Sonic by giving him flowers. From there, the two of them decide to sit down and talk about their feelings instead. Through this discussion, they manage to come to a mutual understanding. They also meditate for a few minutes.

Once their wounds – physical & emotional – have been taken care of, Sonic decides to run around with Mephiles not just for fun, but also as a way to make sure that the Dark One is trustworthy. Aside from this, Sonic also plays catch with Mephiles and takes him train surfing in Rail Canyon Zone. Additionally, Sonic teaches Mephiles about slang terms & celebratory gestures. Although their relationship is mending quite well, the process is nearly shattered when Mephiles pulls a prank on Sonic at Seaside Hill Zone, nearly drowning the Blue Blur in the process. Despite finally learning how to swim, Sonic gets angry at Mephiles because he believed that Mephiles was trying to kill him. This turns out to be false, but Sonic is still on his guard.

In order to break down another barrier to trust, Sonic takes Mephiles to Dr. Robotnik's HQ in Eggopolis as a final test. Here, Mephiles destroys a new machine that Robotnik was working on, thus proving his worth to Sonic. Afterwards, the two friends lay low in Aquatic Ruin Zone to escape the Eggman Empire's forces. Once the heat dies down, they decide to chill out and have a philosophical discussion. It is here that Sonic & Mephiles learn more about each other. Despite learning that Mephiles is prejudiced against humans, Sonic understands his frustration and is willing to help him work it out.

Having earned Sonic's trust, Mephiles follows Sonic to Knothole to meet some more of his friends and to have some more fun. Mephiles gets all sorts of reactions from the residents of Knothole, ranging from distrust to curiosity. Perhaps the most extreme reaction comes from Sally, who administers a lie detector test to Mephiles. At first, Mephiles interprets this as a sign that Sonic never really trusted him, but after some convincing, he agrees to take the test. Fortunately for the Dark One, he passes.

After supper, Sonic & Mephiles go running around Azure Lake Zone and take some time to watch the sunset. Then, they conclude the day by watching a movie in Sonic's hut. After the movie, Sonic gets ready for bed, but is confused when he sees that Mephiles hasn't left. Here, Mephiles thanks Sonic profusely and ends up crying. The Blue Blur comforts him and gives him some tissues. Once Mephiles is feeling all better, he gets into bed with Sonic. When Tails walks into the hut, he thinks that Sonic replaced him as best friend, so to prove otherwise, Sonic has Tails move his bed over next to Sonic's bed. Finally, Sonic, Tails & Mephiles go to sleep and cuddle up together.

Sonic Says

Knuckles is walking down the streets of San Santos when he spots Mephiles asking for donations on behalf of the Salvation Marine Corps. After thinking it over, he donates $50. Then, after Mephiles thanks Knuckles, Sonic congratulates Rad Red and explains why it's a good idea to donate to charity.





  • Chapter 2's title is a reference to Shakespeare's famous "to be or not to be?" soliloquy from Hamlet.
  • During Mephiles' flashback to his life as Solaris, there is a reference to the song "Life's Been Good" by Joe Walsh.
  • The book that Shadow tries to return to Sonic, Mysterious Akavir, is a reference to The Elder Scrolls. The book talks about the continent of Akavir, a.k.a. the "Dragon Land".
  • During Mephiles' nightmare sequence, the mention of "crystalline claws" suggests that Mephiles is being haunted by clones of his crystalline form.
  • Casino Night Zone was renamed Pinball Night Zone some time after Sonic & Tails first blazed through there in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Most likely, this had something to do with them or the other Freedom Fighters liberating the zone.
  • Mephiles' line "Strange, isn't it?" is a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie.
  • Chapter 4's title is a reference to the very first line that Mephiles says in Shadow's story in Sonic '06.
  • There are a few references to Terminator 2 in this story. The first one is when Sonic teaches Mephiles about slang. Another one occurs a little later when Sonic teaches Mephiles gestures such as high-fives. Next, there is one during the scene at Seaside Hill, when Sonic tells Mephiles that it’s wrong to shove people off of cliffs as a joke.
  • Part of Mephiles' speech to Robotnik incorporates words from "Amazing Grace".
  • Sonic's mention of his friends hearing different stories about Robotnik is a reference to the different backstories that Sonic & Robotnik have had over the years.
  • Sonic's line about Shadow's opinion is a reference to The Big Lebowski.
  • The chili dog recipe is taken from the first issue of the Archie Sonic comics.
  • The line about the biorhythm sensor being wireless is a reference to the famous "stinkin' badges" quote, originating with The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.
  • Supersonic Man is a real movie. Released in 1979, it stars José Luis Ayestarán (credited as Richard Yesteran) as the titular character, an expy of Superman. The movie's theme song – performed by the group Natura – is one of Sonic's theme songs in BearfootTruck's fanon.

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