Overview Shade the Silhouete is sick of being defeated and haveing Sonic taken from her... So she strikes a deal with Dr. Eggman but will he honour his side of the deal?

Included Characters

Characters include: Amy Rose, Shade the Silhouete, Sonic the Hedgehog, Omega E-123, Rouge the Bat, Dr. Eggman, Shadow the Hedgehog, Lyc the Wolf, Spark the Hedgecat, Oatleaf the Cat, Paula the Rabbit, Misao the Deerbat, Hawktalon the Cat, Jamie the Wolf, Soul the Bat, Death the Echidna.

Chapter One. In the gap of sadness.

Shade sat on a smooth rock, near a tree, on a cliff overlooking the sea. She was crying. "Why do they always take him from me?" She sobbed. "I love him so much... He's the only one i ever have." She moand. She stood up and started to glow a dark blue. She held the purple Chaos Emerald in her right hand. "They... Will not... keep him... from me!" She groweled. She shouted Dark Obliteration and everything within a 20 Meter radius was destroyed.

Sonic was speeding by when he noticed the havok. "That can only be Shade." He muttered to himself as he skidded to a stop. Shade had dropped to the ground crying. 'If only i could get Shade to stop being bad... Maybe then we could be together.' Sonic thought to himself.

Just then Amy Rose had snuck up on Sonic she jumped on him and started yelling at him "You stay away from that she-devil Sonikku!" Sonic tryed getting her off but she wouldent budge. "Amy! Get off me... dammit!" Sonic exclaimed. Amy was about to say something but she noticed a sudden shadow over her. It was Shade.  

Spark and Oatleaf came to see the damage."Damnit!"Spark said."Oatleaf weapon form!"Oatleaf transforms into a scythe.Spark picks him up."Ready for some fun?"she said. They charged forward and Spark sent Oatleaf Scythe sliceing into Shade's back. Shade just chuckeled. Amy tried hitting Shade with her hammer but Shade just grabbed it and whacked Amy round the head with it, sending her flying into a tree. Shade pulled Oat scythe out of her back and quickly healed from the wound. Oatleaf reverted back into his normal form and screamed as shade bit into his neck.

Spark ran forward to save Oatleaf but was stopped by Sonic who had started to turn into Dark Sonic."Sonic you may be my friend but I will not let the father of my kits be hurt!"Spark said."Misao weapon form!"Misao transforms into two chained connected sickles.Spark slices Sonic in the face. Dark Sonic just stood there. "Leave! Shade was fine until you all showed up. I'll get her to leave Oat alone if you back off." Growled Dark Sonic. 

Spark upper lip rose revealing razor sharp teeth."Do you think I give up that easily?"Spark says as she runs and graps Oatleaf out of Shade's grip. "Hey! That was my snack! Get back here!" Exclaimed Shade as she flew off in pursuit. Amy had gotten back up and was rubbing her head. 

Misao transforms back into her deerbat self and flies off into the sky."Soul help us out!"Spark said as a male bat picks them up and flew into the sky. Shadow stood off in the distance watching the battle unfold. "Can Sonic not keep his blue arse out off trouble for five minutes?" Moand Shadow as he walked towards the fighting group.

Soul dropped Oatleaf and Spark on the ground. "Oatleaf weapon time!"Spark said. Shade dived at the two followed by Dark Sonic who was homeing attacking his way too them."Chaos CONTROL!"Spark yelled out as she and Oatleaf teleported to a different location. Shade and Dark Sonic bumbed into each other. "They'll be time for us to get close later sweetie... Right now we're ass kicking." Chuckeled Shade as the two got up. Dark Sonic just grinned. Just then gunshots rang out in the air. Shadow was standing there with his machinegun held in the air, it's barral smokeing from the clip he just used. "Do's someone mind telling me... WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?!" He shouted.

Spark teleports behind Shade and slices her neck."Fighting,"she says. "I can see that you moron! Now cut it out before i do! Im late for my date with Rouge!" Replied Shadow."Hmph!No respect for a lady huh?"Spark says. "Must i remind you who is the ultimate lifeform around here? You idiots are the cause of me being late for your information..." Shadow growled.

Spark growled. 'You will love me someday, someday' she thought. "I can read minds you know?" Chuckeled Shadow."Oh s**t!"Spark says as she runs to the river in the woods behind her. "Look... I really can not be arsed right now to deal with your messed up love life Sonic... So you and Shade do what you wish... I've got a certain Bat who means the world to me to date. Chaos Control!" With that Shadow disappeared.

Spark didn't bother looking back. She knew she would never be happy again. She wished Rouge never existed. Tears began to roll down her face. "Little girls shouldent wander in the forest alone..." Came the chuckleing voice of Shade who was sitting in a tree strokeing Dark Sonic's quills. Dark Sonic was just laying on Shade's lap, eyes closed and smileing.

Spark just sat by the river looking into the water."I don't care anymore,"she said."Kill me if you want." "I never said i would kill you... Yet." Spoke Shade as she dropped down behind Spark. Spark reached down and touched the water sending tiny ripples through the water. "I think what makes you hate me is the fact i look just like... Her." Chuckeled Shade as she sat down next to Spark."You're actually right," Spark said."I wish she never existed." "Eraseing her from time would be an easy task if my cousin Mephiles was still here... But there are other ways... you may not be interested though." Chuckeled Shade.

Spark's ears perched up."Really?!"she said excitedly. Shade nodded. "Listen... If she dies... Then Shadow will lose all hope... I can take over the world with my Sonic and you... You could have that Shadow as your pet. He would be yours to control... All you need to do is swear loyalty to me." Grinned Shade as she put a hand on Spark's shoulder.

"Sure.No one really cares if I'm a hero or villain,"Spark said. "Good... Now show me your neck... Your gonna need some additionel powers." said Shade as she showed her fangs.Spark lifted up her hair revealing her neck. Shade bit down. Blood spurted out a bit. Spark's eyes started to turn orange and her skin became paler. "There... Now... It seems your so called friends have abandoned you... Why dont you go take a bite out of them?" Whispered Shade.

End Chapter One.

Chapter Two. Chaos.

Shade jumped back into the tree with Dark Sonic and resumed her strokeing of his quills. She intended to enjoy what time she had with him... Somebody always split them up in the end. But this time was different. Nobody had come and she had a little helper who was in a similier predicament. Dark Sonic snuggled closer to her. Like putty in her hands... "You know my place is more comfy and warmer then sitting in a branch at night... But it's up to you." Spoke Dark Sonic. Shade grinned and shouted Chaos Control. Now they were sitting on Sonic's couch in the liveing room of his flat.

Spark got up from where she was sitting and proceeded out of the forest. Lyc saw most of what went on from behind a tree. "Stupid fool... Shade is only useing her... I admire how much Shade loves Sonic but it's not meant to be... Now shes infected that girl aswell." He mumbled to himself.

Spark heard the wolf. She began to make her way to the tree."You would understand as you are as blind as a child at birth,"she said. "Watch your mouth half-breed! Or you'll find a big doggy chaseing the little kitty." Grinned Lyc as he emerged from behind the tree.

Spark began to move toward him, unsheathing her claws."My sorrow runs deep in my veins.Anger running in my blood," she said. "Spare me the speech. You wanna fight... You got one. Lycanthropy begin!" Exclaimed Lyc as the red Chaos Emerald floated around him and the Moon was above him. His fur started grow and his claws extended along with his teeth. "In this case... It's Werewolf vs Vampire." Chuckeled Lyc as he stood up. 

Spark just stood there."I'm not just a vampire," she said. "I am also a meister." A puzzuled look developed on Lyc's face.Spark held her arm out to her side."Oatleaf weapon time!"she said as a scythe flew into her hand."It means that anyone that has a weapon form, I can use as a weapon." "That's cheating!" Exclaimed Lyc as he rushed forward on all fours.

Spark jumped over the wolf."I never play fair," she said as she sliced Lyc's back. "What is... Your... Reason for... Working with her?" Groand Lyc as he fell to his knees trying to pull the scythe out of his back.Spark unsheathed a claw and cut some fur off of Lyc's neck.She then proceeded to bite him. "Your actually trying to convert me? Im immune to vampirism! But you like to bite huh? So do i!" Chuckeled Lyc as he sunk his teeth into Spark. They were caught in a lock now.

"No.I am just trying to get some flesh to eat," Spark said, her voice muffled by fur as she clamped harder.As she clamped harder bones in his neck began to snap. Lyc groand "Even if you kill me you'll have to chop off your arm! A Werewolve's bite is inescapeable unless they let go."

A young female wolf named Jamie jumped out of a tree."Spark stop!"she said as she took Spark's mouth off of Lyc's neck. Lyc fell to the ground in a pool of blood. He was still alive though... Barely. He was coughing up blood.Jamie grapped the scythe that was still in his back and pulled it out. Lyc howled in agony. "Please say... You... have a... Med Kit." Lyc stuttered. 

Jamie sat in front of the wolf and began to heal him. "Holy S**t! What happened?" came the voice's of a particulour Bat and Hedgehog."Battle," Jamie said as she finished healing Lyc. Lyc looked where the voices came from. "Guys what are you doing here? I thought you were on a date?" Groand Lyc.

Spark stood with her back turned at them, not wanting to see their faces. Shadow kneeled by Lyc. "We had it then went Home but noticed you wasnt there. We were worried... With good reason obviously." Spoke Shadow.Spark grabbed her scythe and charged at Rouge. Shadow teleported in front of Rouge and the scythe came slashing down on him.Spark jumped behind Rouge and slashed her in the back. Rouge screamed in agony. Shadow tried to get up but blood was spewing from his chest. Lyc pushed himself up. He broke into a charge. The red Chaos emerald glowed in his hand. He punched straight through Spark's chest.Spark just chuckled."You really think you can kill me?"she said. "I can try." Groand Lyc. Spark's chest started spewing out black goo. "What the hell is this stuff!" Exclaimed Lyc as he fell to the ground trying to shake of the goo. "Guess who..." Chuckeled the black goo.

Jamie just stood there, confused and scared out of her mind. The black goo started to cover half of Lyc. a few tentacles wrapped around Lyc's face. "Shade... Get your... Stinking... Tentacles of... My F***ing Face!" Gasped Lyc. Jamie started to grab the tentacles and pull them off Lyc's face. "Jamie! Dont touch her!" Exclaimed Lyc as a mass of goo jumped onto the female Wolf. "I'll devour you both!" Cackeled Goo Shade.

Jamie fell to the ground struggling to get the goo off."Shade stop hurting Jamie!"Spark exclaimed. "I own you! Do you think i just gave you vampirism when i bit you?" Exclaimed Goo Shade. The goo covered Jamie up to her neck. Lyc started to glow red. "Take this you Hedgehog humping B**ch! Chaos Blast!" He Exclaimed as the goo was thrown off him. He got up and with surprizeing strengh pulled the goo off Jamie.

"Thanks," Jamie said as a male echidna appeared."Weapon form now Jamie!" he said as Jamie became a gun that replaced his right hand. The real Shade had just jumped through a portal as the two mass's of goo turned into replicas of her. "Give me that girl... Im hungry." groweled Shade. "Death get her out of here..."  Spoke Lyc turning to the Echidna. "Give the mortal... Now!" Exclaimed Shade. Lyc walked towards the trio of Shades. "Over my dead body..." Groweled Lyc. Shade grinned. The trio circeled Lyc, prepareing for a Fight. "Then i'll take you all on!" Howeled Lyc as he grabbed and ripped the arm of one. The other two charged at Lyc. He backfliped over them. He jumped on the back of the secound one and tore it's face in half. The real one stabed Lyc through the chest as he admired his kill. "Weak... Puny... Mortal." Shade whispered in his ear.

Jamie transformed back into her normal form."No!"she screamed."We have to get you out of here!" Death said as he ran with her out of the forest.Spark ran towards Shade, scythe in hand. "Come here..." Groweled Shade as she threw Lyc to the floor. Shade ran towards Jamie.Spark stood in front of Shade."Don't touch her,"she growled. "You cant tell me what to do..." groweled Shade. Lyc was crawling on the Floor towards Shade. "Leave... Jamie alone..." He groand. 

Jamie looked back with tears in her eyes as she ran with Death. "You would give your Life for her?" Inquired Shade as she stared at Lyc. "Always..." Replied Lyc. Shade picked him up by the Neck. "Just... Make me One Promise..." Groand Lyc. "Go on." Spoke Shade as she loosened her Grip. "The way you love... Sonic... Is very admirable... So how would you feel if he died? I've lost so much in my Life... My Parents and Hope who was like... A Sister to me... Just... Just dont harm Jamie... Ever. Kill me if you want... Just leave her alone..." Groand Lyc as a Tear nearly let it's self out. Shade dropped Lyc and walked away. "Even i know what you feel for Jamie, Lyc. I wont kill you or her... Not today." She mumbled as she walked away.

Lyc was helped up by Shadow who had now healed enough to walk. Shadow went and helped Rouge up. Lyc looked around... Spark had disappeared! "Damn! She must of escaped dureing my death talk with Shade." Mumbled Lyc. "Where are you going?" Questioned Shadow as he carried Rouge away. "To find Jamie." replied Lyc as he limped away.

End Chapter Two

Chapter Three. Recovery. 

Jamie and Death were already out of the forest. Jamie turned around and sniffed the air. She reconized Lyc's scent as he was coming their way. Lyc appeared on the edge of the forest and smiled upon seeing Jamie. He limped forward a bit but then fell uncouncious due to his injuries. He reverted from his Werewolf form back into his Wolf One. Jamie hurried forward and took Lyc into her arms, trying to heal him.

While he was out cold, Lyc imagined he was in a Large Field with Happy Humans and Mobians everywhere. He could see Picnics laid out in Places. He took a few steps forward. "Is this... Heaven?" He asked himself. "Hello Son." Came a Male Voice from behind him. He turned around to see his Parents standing there. "Mum? Dad?" He asked with Tears welling up inside his self. "We've missed you Lyc." Beemed Lyc's Mum. Lyc felt a Hand on his Shoulder. He looked  behind him to see a Teal, Female Hedgehog standing there. "Hope?" He inquired. "I've missed you too... Brother." She spoke. "But... This is not your Time." She continued. Lyc was shown the Real World. Jamie was crying her Eyes out while she held a dyeing Lyc in her Arms. "Return to her..." The Two Wolves and Hedgehog said as they gently pushed Lyc into a Portal. Lyc nodded. He knew he would devote his Life to Jamie now. He had lost his Parants and Hope, his Surregate Sister, by God he wouldent lose her.

Lyc opened his Eyes and started to Breath Again. "Jamie?" He asked as he saw the Female Wolf."Yes," she said as she hugged him. "I.. I feel Cold... And my Chest hurts... As much as i enjoy a Full Moon lit Night outside... I think i need to get in somewhere." Lyc groand.

A while later lyc was laying on the Couch of Club Rouge being tended to by Jamie and Omega. He had refused to go to the Hospital as he was worried they might discover his Lycanthropy. Omega was Scanning his Chest. "Scan complete... Lifeform: Jamie... I need a private talk with you." Spoke Omega. The Two walked out the Room. "It appears that both your Friend Spark and Lyc have been Infected with a Virus... Luckily Lyc's Werewolf DNA has been destroying it... But at a Cost... Lyc will Transform unwillingly and may be Feral due to it..." Omega was cut off by a bang. Lyc had fallan to the Ground and was shakeing. "It has begun." Exclaimed Omega.

"Ahh... At last it has begun." Came Shades voice. Jamie and Omega turned around to see Shade, Dark Sonic and Spark standing there chuckeleing. "Say hello to Spark, Jamie..." Said Dark Sonic who pointed to the Hedgecat who was partly covered in black goo, had Purple Eyes and Gray skin. "Yes... I've made some... Improvements to her... Lyc also will bow before me." Chuckeled Shade. "Kiss... My Arse!" Exclaimed lyc who was mid-way through transforming.

Jamie gasped and stepped back. Death already had Misao in her weapon form. "Jamie...,"he said as she transformed. "Oh... Stop this sillyness... Join us and you will not be harmed... Neither will Lyc or Spike. I have the good ol' Docter mass-produceing my Virus right now... We can all rule this World." Spoke Shade.  Death started to Shoot Shade. "I hope this works!" Said Death as he continued fireing. "Ha! You think that effects me? Come here!" Cackeled Shade. She sent Four Tenticles from her Back to grab Death. death dropped Misao and Jamie as he was dragged forward. "Echidna's I hear make nice Snacks..." Whisppered Shade in Death's Ear as she revealed her Fangs. 

Jamie transformed back and grabbed Misao. She shot Shade in the Face. Dark Sonic rushed forward and started to beat up Jamie and Misao. Lyc started to shivver violently. "GET... OFF... HER!" He howled as he turned into Dark Lyc and pounced at Sonic. He started to Claw at him rapidly. "Arrgh... Get off you Mutt!" Exclaimed Dark Sonic. Jamie and Misao crawled under the Table. Death maneged to escape Shade's grip. "I am a Grim Reaper! He shouted. "I dont care what you are..." Replied Shade. Lyc was beating the liveing day-lights out of Sonic and Spark.  Shade started to attack Lyc. He tried to fight all three off but was failing.

Jamie, Misao and Death turned into a huge cannon. "Lyc watch out!" Exclaimed Jamie. "Death Cannon!" The Trio Shouted. "Oh Shi..." Exclaimed Lyc as he took cover. There was a Massive Explosian then Silence. "We're gone One F**king Hour and this Happens!" Came Shadow's Voice as he and Rouge, now in a few bandiges, stood at a ruined Door. "Escape!" Ordered Shade as she and Sonic and Spark jumped out a Window. Lyc turned back to Normal. He put on Black Sunglasses with Orange Shades and Grabbed his Extreme Gear 'Hunter's Moon'. "Sorry... Hey get back here!" Exclaimed Lyc as he hopped on his Hover-Board and gave chase. 

Jamie and Misao fell to the Ground due to their Injuries.

End Chapter Three.

Chapter Four. Chase.

Death held a flying skateboard in his hand. Jamie transformed into her weapon form."I'm coming with you,"she said."Misao is more hurt."Death nodded and flew out the window and caught up with Lyc. "Hey! I don't want you guys hurt. Head back, i got this." Spoke Lyc. Dark Sonic wacked him off his Extreme Gear. "You're so Weak." He said as he threw Lyc. Jamie transformed back into her normal form and jumped on Dark Sonic, clawing his face.

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