The Stormpulse-type Medium Tank is a Hammerforge Industries-created Medium Tank,

Stormpulse-type Medium Tank

Production Information
ManufacturerHammerforge Industries
Product LineStorm-type Vehicles
ModelStormpulse-type Medium Tank
ClassMedium tank - tracked vehicle
Technical Information
Size4.7m x 2.0m x 2.3m
Weight25.6 tonnes
Maximum Speed38km/h
  • 37mm autocannon (front-mounted, 80 rounds)
  • Twin O-73M Machine Guns (in turret, 2800 rounds)
Crew3 (Driver, radio operator/cannon operator, gunner)
Prototype DesignationD-6 Medium Tank
Elite UpgradesCorrosive gas shells
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Design History

Constructed during the early stages of the Col'nesian war by the resistance, the Stormpulse series was built from the best technologies Hammerforge could access, considering Eggman's control of the Mega Coal mine, and his possession of some of the best minds on the world as his advisors, albeit with most secretly double-agents. As such, most of the advanced technologies that the company was known for vanished, with the tanks employing a purely ballistic armament and a specialized diesel engine, adapted for the frozen climate, although at the same time the tanks were extremely slow.

Once the head of Hammerforge, Ronan Windrine, returned from Eggman's side, he immediately began calling for the tanks to be retired and replaced as his tactical mind began to turn the tides of war back against Eggman. Especially concerning to him was the use of chemical-filled shells on elite units - while he had no qualms about eliminating captured soldiers, the use of such weapons sickened him after the biological alterations that had been made on his body. However, the tanks were not phased out of service until the addition of the Warfront-type Medium Tank to the Hammerforge roster post-war. Around thirty entered into the G.U.N. Second Army Division for a while, although all examples were retired and sent to museums within three years as G.U.N. found itself replacing them with ballistics-based walkers and tanks.

However, fifteen of these units are listed as "STATUS UNKNOWN". These tanks are believed to have been stolen and reactivated by bandits. While this would not normally be an issue, all fifteen were elite units complete with chemical-filled shells, making it a concern for Hammerforge and Col'nesian Army members that these units will be used to target population-dense areas.


A slow tank due to the specialized diesel engine but making up for it's lack of speed with heavy, hardened steel armor, the Stormpulse is somewhat underarmed for a medium tank, and cannot truly threaten other tanks with it's armament. The primary weapon was a 37mm autocannon, which was effective against light vehicles that passed into it's forward arc. However, the gun could only traverse over a 30 degree arc, meaning that it had to be facing the enemy at all times. The secondary weapon was a set of twin O-73 light machine guns on a top-area rotating turret, granting 360 degree defence against infantry. However, neither weapon had any effect against heavy-armored vehicles, while later Hammerforge medium tanks were both faster and heavier-armed than the Stormpulse, although lacked the same level of heavy armor.

For any tank that could amass a certain amount of kills, a modification was made to the shells and the cannon itself, with a new kind of cannon shell added to the tank's storage, to be an additional option for a commander to switch to. Each shell filled with a hydrochloric acid-based gas chamber, which could dissolve the delicate electronic cables in robots, while leaving the rest of it as a husk. However, the gas was also extremely dangerous when inhaled, as it would destroy the lungs extremely quickly, causing a fast but painful death.

However, despite the tank's use at destroying light vehicles, it's weaponry was no use against any fortifications, allowing anti-armor units to easily destroy it from behind cover.



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