"Clear out any resistance, spare none."~ Storm ordering her Void Warriors to attack a civilian city.

Storm the fox, (formerly known as Brunia Praxton) is the prominent leader of Dark Void. Storm was once a humble astronaut who served in the United Federation Space Exploration Administration (U.F.S.E.A). Yet due to human negligence and cruelty she was left in space to die after her craft's systems malfunctioned. Yet her craft drifted into a region known as "the Void", which was a sentiant network of wormhole tunnels and a suprisingly sentient network of plasma storms. Yet the Void sensed her neural impulses in her brain and felt her anger as she was about to pass out in her cold dark ship. It decided to take pity on her and saved her life by infusing itself into her altering her Deoxyribonucleic Acid and very genes giving her a super cancer that evolved her.

When she awoke outside of her ship having been sleeping on an asteroid she found herself transformed into an entirely new being able to live without breathing and having acquired the ability to manipulate the fourth state of matter plasma to her will. The Void became a father like deity to her. She in return became the Void's harbinger, its physical avatar. Yet her anger still resided in her and she set out on a galactic conquest trying to bring the might of the Void to the galaxy and to acquire more planets for the Void's plasma beings that resided within its galactic network. It would only be a matter of time before Storm would set her sights on her homeworld, a planet she personally wanted to have her revenge on.


Storm's appearance was drastically altered when she "ascended" into voidum. Due to her genes being altered her fur has turned from brown to dark purple with a light purple chest fur. Her eyes have turned purple as well as the void has allowed her to resist the brightness of stars and suns. Her hair has also been altered apparently as her hair now seems to be yellow and will give off strange discharges of electricity that run through her hair sporadically. She has started to wear huge rings around her tail as her transformation have her an enlarged tail. She also found a belt she liked and some magnetic bracelets,(sometimes she wears them, other times she just wears gloves).Being an adult Mobian vulpine would make her height rougly around the equilvelent of 4'5ft. (1.22m)

Anthro Storm concept

Storm/Brunia Praxton as she has appeared in more anthro based roleplays.

Storm PNG

A picture of Storm, Queen of the Tempest. (Made by a anonymous friend.)


"Have you ever felt the cold, black emptiness of space? I have."~Storm/ Dr.Brunia to Dr.Trotsky.

What was once a lively, logical, and warm soul has become a cold heartless maniac when Brunia underwent her transformation to become Storm. The incident in space when she was an astronaut has left her mentally scared and distrustful to anyone who is not her subordinates.  Brunia's once pleasant demeanor has been replaced by a heartless genocidal monster only bent on galactic conquest and revenge. Storm now leads millions, if not trillions of her Void Warriors in ongoing crusades against the inhabitants of the galaxy and she has conquered and terraformed several worlds to suit Dark Void's needs. She has been known to wipe out entire civilizations and not show one hint of remorse. To her she is a now as cold as the space she was left to die in, her other self "died" in that tragic incident.


"As a child I always wanted to visit other worlds, to reach the stars and discover what others have not yet."~Storm telling the dreams of her youth to Dr.Blonksy

Growing up Brunia was a clever and curious girl. She was always trying to read and understand her surroundings. She always had a dream of one day reaching the stars and going to other worlds.  She eventually moved to a human city in order to acquire a human education to go along with her Mobian one.

Eventually she graduated a human college with a master in mathematics and engineering. She was then able to enter into the U.F.S.E.A as one of the first ever Mobian astronauts the humans ever had. After years of intense training Brunia was set to be the first Mobian in space.

The launch was successful, despite the corners that have been cut by the humans as they saw her rather expendable compared to a normal human. However while in space she encountered a problem. Faultily wiring ships caused a electrical fire that ruptured her ships oxygen tanks. Brunia desperately tried to contact mission control but she was unable to get a transmission. While she thought her comm systems malfunctioned she eventually figured out that the members of mission control just turned off communications and decided she was expendable as would any normal human dog or monkey be if they were sent into space.

She cursed under her breath trying to find as many ways to prolong her oxygen supply and her life without any assistance. Eventually she found she could only do so much as the interior of her ship grew cold and her oxygen went thin eventually she passed out, but not before thinking of all the betrayal and hatred she felt for humanity for using her as their expendable guinia pig. 

When Brunia awoke she found herself floating on an asteroid in what appeared to be in a huge network of ion storms and wormholes. She was amazed and perplexed as to why she was still breathing despite her suit already being without any oxygen.

Soon she came in contact with a sentient and seemingly omnipotent being known as "The Void". The Void told her how it saved her life by altering her DNA so she would be able to survive the harsh conditions of space. The Void said it felt remorse for a being like her to have to come so close to such a lonely and cold demise.

Storm eventually formed a bond with this Void and it's "children", the Dark Void. Knowing that the Void would need a physical avatar to lead and preserve its species Storm was made their queen. Her first order of business was to find habitual worlds for their species. While the Void wanted her to do this peacefully she eventually convinced it that to take what they needed would require force. Eventually it agreed and she was given a large interplanetary force to command. She set out now on her galactic campaign of conquest, and to get revenge on the planet Mobius and all of it's inhabitants. 
Storm focusing

Storm training to use her new found plasma powers within the Void space.


"Now witness the power of the Void!"~Storm foolishly calling out her attacks in a battle between her and Grief the fox

Brunia's evolutionary ascension to becoming Storm has granted her an arsenal of new powers to use at her leisure. All of her powers revolve around the fourth state of matter, plasma. Notable abilities include:

  • Lighting blasts and the ability to control the weather via thunderstorms
  • Making things magnetic
  • Invisibility, (by repelling photons)
  • Using Schrodinger's Theory to "warp" when someone is not looking at her.
  • Able to control Dark Void forces with her mind. (The Void has evolved her mind to give her this limited telepathic ability.)
  • She can melt metal.  (Plasma is hot!)
  • Repels bullets with magnetism, (have to be made of magnetically affected alloy.)
  • Laser blasts make her stronger and heal her energy.
  • EMP's, lasers, plasma, ion cannons all maker her stronger and more powerful
  • She can create EMP waves herself
  • She can feed of electricity to become stronger. (Cannot heal physical wounds, but can give her an energy boost.)
  • She can corrupt other FC's turning them into her minions, (must be agreed upon via the other user during a roleplay.)


"Which do you like more Dr.Blonksy, my beauty or my brain?"~Storm trying to tease Shard while they talk in secret.

Even before her evolution Brunia Praxton was known as a highly intelligent individual and a very observant woman. This of course was transferred when she became Storm. She still retains many of her former intelligence and cognitive thinking abilities. Also while not being a famous model or anything of that nature Brunia was modestly attractive, when she became Storm this would serve her well in manipulating her opponents of the male gender as well as those who were homosexual.
Shard's Nightmare

Shard having a nightmare about Storm turning him back to Dark Void again.


While Storm is indeed a formidable opponent, she does have some very specific, yet able to be used weaknesses. For starters she is highly vulnerable to cryo based attacks. Cryokinetics and special made cryo weaponry works well against her. Also opponents fighting her in special insulated and fire proof suits have shown to have more of an effect and survivability then those without sporting such suits. Also if her opponents are able to incite her aggresssion she will lose focus often as her pride has been known to impair her judgment. Also for regular soldiers tungston and non-magnetic bullets have been prove quite useful against her, even wounding her in a battle before. Finally as much athletic ability and agility as she possess, she possess normal Mobian strength and cannot stand up against super strong foes such as Gicandice in terms of brute force. ( Also there is a running gag that she gets rocks tossed at her as she cannot fight against the earth elements. )


Agility - 5

Speed - 4(She's taller then the average Mobian giving her somewhat of a good running boast.)

Strength -2 (purely physical)

Defense - 8

Evasiveness -5

Dexterity - 2

Intelligence -7

Skill -5


  • Storm gets her name from Jaredthefox92's friend from High School, Storm. The Storm in real life wanted her character to quote "become the most evil character you can think of", that is why she is an evil alien race overlord.
  • Storm (the real living human) has jokingly called her "evil Sally Ride" because she was an astronaut.
  • Storm was somewhat based off of Sarah Kerrigan from Starcraft.
  • Her tragic backstory is obviously a reference to the Apollo 13 adverted tragedy.
  • Storm (the character) has somewhat of a spite towards other characters who are magic users. She is often seen arguing or trying to debunk their mystical or arcane powers.
  • Storm (the character) is believed to be atheist and sees The Void as more of an evolved sentient being that was created right after the Big Bang.
  • Storm (the character) is known to be in a sexual relationship with Professor Shard Sherman Blonksy . Even after trying to assimilate him into Dark Void they have met in secret and talked on non-hostile terms. She is perhaps the only Mobian Shard has ever had intercourse with.
  • Storm is for all intents and purposes the main final evil villain in the present storyline of my fancharacter series, Storm being matched with Mr.Bradanska himself in terms of most powerful. As such, Storm is often viewed as the main rival to him.
  • This song is stuck in my head while typing this about her so this will be her theme song for now:
Bring Me to Life - Evanescence-0

Bring Me to Life - Evanescence-0

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