Storm the Hedgehog (Archie Pre-Genesis Wave) (Post-Master-Training

20 days before

Storm the Hedgehog is fan character created by the Brazilian Pedro Castro to be able to have a place in the list of fan characters and to have his own hedgehog in his imaginary universe of Sonic

~ Storm as he blitzes multiple Robot Masters


Storm the Hedgehog is a young hedgehog who is gifted with incredible speed and the power to harness Chaos Energy and the lightning powers, using it foil the plans of Dr. Eggman for as long as he can remember. He is widely considered to be the Knothole Freedom Fighters' greatest ninja, putting his life on the line to protect the ones he cares about. He's also known for his overconfident streak, love of pasta, and a tendency to drop quippage.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 2-A | 1-A | High 1-A

Name: Storm Neat Hedgehog

Origin: Archie's Sonic The Hedgehog Comics

Gender: Male

Nicknames: the blue ray, the lightning of Mobius, thunder god, godly life form

Personality: Storm's personality varies, but most of the time he is calm and cheerful, but he is always very suspicious of who he has just met, even though he is a hero, but he is not naive either, and he realizes when someone is lying

due to his unknown past Storm had no experience and was very naive but everything changed when he discovered his bloody and gloomy past he changed became more serious and reserved but after all he still maintains his feelings of kindness and tranquility

Age: 14

Classification: Mobian God Hedgehog

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Invisibility, Teleportation, Power_Mimicry, Reactive_Evolution, Adaptation, Energy_Manipulation, Water_Manipulation, Earth_Manipulation, Magic,Spin Dash, Spin Attack, Boost, Homing Attack, Light Speed Dash, Light Speed Attack, Arrow of Light, Hyper Flash, Lightning Attack, Thunder Blast, Lightning Claws, Sparky Wave, Chaos Blast/Control/Sword/Shield/Canon/Beam/Bomb/Shot Intangibility(Via molecular vibrations, has to be activated),Can generate blast of wind, tornadoes, and other phenomenon by running around, Air_Manipulation, His quills can sense danger, Can control the hardness of his spines, Healing, Pocket_Reality_Manipulation, Biological_Manipulation, Regeneration (Unknown), High Reality Warping and Chaos Based Powers with Chaos Energy (When just using spare energy from a tube of Chaos Energy he was able to at least completely rewrite history on a planetary scale while in base form), Atom Manipulation, Time Traveling, Can BFR people outside space-time (Via Chaos Emeralds),Swordsman Mastery, Regeneration (Mid-Low), Statistics Amplification (Grew stronger after one week of imprisonment in the Death Egg), Resistance to Possession and Mind Manipulation (Resisted being controlled by Dark Gaia, Resisted the Voxai Overminds Telepathy , Skilled Swordsman, Shapeshifting , Creation, Explosion Manipulation, Flight and Levitation, Gravity Manipulation , Fire Manipulation,Ice Manipulation, Size Manipulation, Absorption, Intangibility . Can temporally increase all his stats to a degree in blue Aura Increased stats from his base form, Flight, Expert Swordsman, Can reflect magical attacks, Can shatter magic barriers with sword attacks Increased stats from his base form, True Flight, Reality Warping, Spatial_Manipulation All abilities of base form are greatly enhanced, Time Manipulation, Flight, Energy Projection, Can manipulate Chaos Energy and pass his chaos energy onto others, allowing them to achieve Super States of their own, Time-Space Manipulation, Plant_Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Can survive without oxygen and in space with his speed, Aura that cleanses evil, ElectricityManipulation, Existence_Erasure, Resistance to Magic and Reality Warping, Telekinesis from beings as powerful as Enerjack, Forcefield_Creation, EnergyProjection Can open dimensional/universal portals, Omnilingualism, Extreme Gear Skills, Piloting Skills | Can transform to match his environment, True Flight, Quantum_Manipulation, Time Stop, Mathematics_Manipulation, Invulnerability, Intangibility, Vector_Manipulation, Transmutation, Holy_Manipulation, Antimatter_Manipulation, Higher-Dimensional_Manipulation, Law_Manipulation |  Elemental_Manipulation (all elements/types) , Subatom Manipulation,  Causality_Manipulation, Conceptual_Manipulation, Acausality, Probability_Manipulation 

Attack Potency: High Multiverse level+ (By using his speed, he countered a Black Hole Generator that could absorb the Multiverse and he destroyed a macroverse when he fights against Metallix) |Outerverse he beat Master Mogul who with one hand destroy millions of multiverses | At least High Outerverse level, likely higher (Powered by a Solaris entity which are more powerful than 7 Chaos Emeralds)

Speed: Infinite (Was able to run across the multiverse twice in less than 1 second an) | Irelevant | Irelevant ( He is so fast he can be or run for all places)

Minus Speed: 1223 KM/H or 760 MPH

Top Speed: Unknown

Lifting Strength: At least Galactic | Immesurable | Unknown

Striking Strength: High Multiverse Class+ | At least Outerverse | At least High Outerversal, likely higher

Durability: Complex Multiversal level+ | at least Outerverse received Master Mogul Attack like nothing | At least High Outerversal level, likely higher

Stamina: Seems to be able to fight for weeks without tiring, can take large amounts of punishment | Likely limitless | Unknown

Range: Planetary Standard melee range normally, thousands of kilometers with attacks (Shot two moons from a distant planet in base form) | Multi-Universal

Standard Equipment: Chaos Emeralds, Power Rings, Shurikens, Katana, Kunais, Traps, Smoke Bombs

Intelligence: Genius (Although not as intelligent as Tails or Eggman), Combat/Tactical Genius (has his own fighting style and can take on people who have trained in martial arts during their entire lives) and the processing power of his brain allows it to make millions of calculations in a time less than an attosecond

Weaknesses: Storm often needs an external source of Chaos Energy to access his Time Manipulation and Reality Warping powers and his thunder powers have limit and he gets extremely tired after using his Thunder powers too

Key: Base Form | Lightning Form | Super Storm | Solaris Storm 


-Defeat a nigh omnipotent Demi-god in Super

-Outran the Time-Space when he across the entire Multiverse 

-Have an infinite speed

-Rewrite the entire time, space and reality of all multiverses off all timelines

Story of how Storm met the characters

Storm does not remember his childhood The last thing he remembers is to have woken up in a forest when he was 13 years old, at 14 on one of his walks he saw something falling from the sky, curious the gray hedgehog went there, local he comes across SWATbots in the area, so the robots enter a crater and take out someone was Tails of the freedom warriors, without exiting Storm leaves and destroys all the robots, when Tails wakes up he stumbles upon the hedgehog, Storm asks What happened? Tails does not remember all that was in his head was that Eggman captured Sally, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy and Sonic was gone plus he went after the 7 emeralds of chaos determined to help Storm join the fox boy and go after the emeralds and free the warriors of freedom, some time later they got the emeralds then went after the EggMan but they found Metal Sonic that with the Emerald Master that had stolen from Angel Island reaches the super f Tails teaches Storm how to turn Super after learning and turn Tails turns Turbo Tails and the two leave for the attack after the defeat of Super Metal Sonic they discover that it was Sonic himself that by carelessness was captured by EggMan, then the 3 save the rest of the freedom fighters and Storm enters the group(After this first story 3 months passed and then the second occurred)

The story of how Storm discovered his past

In an adventure with Amy they find a half-old ferret who was enslaving the people of a village, the two enter on the scene the ferret goes to Storm by name, without understanding anything he asks the same if he knew who he was the evil responds that yes and says that he is disappointed and that if he wants the answers he will have to pull them out of him, so happened the couple released the people and defeated Elena's at the time of the interrogation he fled, distressed for not being able to answer him back home and is reflecting whether or not it's worth chasing that guy, the other day at lunchtime everyone was eating out (The Chaotix and the freedom fighters), when suddenly an arrow is thrown at the foot of Storm he read face in voice high for everyone to hear "If you really want to know who you are come to the dojo of the mountain top" as only he and Amy knew what was going on they were suspicious during the afternoon Storm without option goes to the dojo when Sonic, Amy and Tails go the visit Storm they realize that the door was open and Amy finds the arrow sent in the morning in the hedgehog's room and already realizes what happened, she explains to the two about what is happening so they go after their friend, but Storm had already arrived and found the old man, he tells her not to fill his bag and say everything about who he was, he says okay so he starts to tell "You are the reincarnation of Solaris !!! After Super Sonic, Silver and Shadow defeated him in an attempt to survive Solaris sent himself into the past to be able to live, when he discovered that we could not stay that way he enters the belly of a hedgehog that would give birth to a baby, that hedgehog is your mother, after you were born she died and your father took care of you when they discovered the power that you had several battles were fought over your possession until I won, imprisoned your father and took care of youI gave you the hardest training in order to become an agent of the shadows without mercy or pity, until on one fateful day someone stole you and made you sleep and erased your memories to not remember me and your goal is for that you have your electricity skills and mimicry so high "shocked the gray hedgehog begins to cry and the weasel says that by killing him he would get his power so he starts to carry a destructive attack, behold Sonic, Amy and Tails appear then Tails throws himself and saves Storm but takes the attack so everyone starts screaming "Tails !!" then the master says that what happens when children try to pass as enraged heroes Storm begins to overflow a yellow and blue glow so he looks at the Ferret and starts to break it until it had a point that he was going to kill him but Amy and Sonic intervened and calmed him, after that Storm faints and when he wakes up he is in the hospital because he had suffered a huge Sonic's mind then Sonic, Amy and Tails were there telling him how fast and strong he was, but he was not happy with his new power but by the fact of having discovered who he 

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