This is an article about Storm the Fox, a character created by Monk the Cat on 09/19/2013.


Storm is a young, small fox with average-length fur. She is a slightly dark blue color with white on her muzzle, stomach and tail tip. Her skin is also white, shown by her inner ears. Her eyes are a hazel green and are average-sized. Other than that she looks like a normal fox, except for two marks. Storm has the number "112645" tattooed/printed onto her right arm. She also strangely has an ornamental sun tattoo on her back.

She usually wears a blue dress that comes down to her waist and ends in a short skirt, then has blue shorts underneath that. Her dress is sleeveless, with thick straps on the top. She also wears basic white gloves and sandals. She has an alternate outfit that consists of knee-length jeans and a light blue tee shirt.


Storm is very hyper and joyful. She is an optimistic little fox, seeing the better in people, unless they try to hurt her or her friends. She also can get scared very easily, and lose her nerve. Storm is a very outgoing and friendly fox, though.


To be answered, as it will be revealed in a roleplay.


Storm has the ability to manipulate weather. As such, she can manipulate things such as rain, snow, fog and other things. When focusing more, she can control things such as earthquakes and tornadoes. Also, as long as she is in an open area, any electric moves used on her send he electricity skyward like a lightning bolt. She is also very resistant to water based attacks.


She is good at swimming, and adapting. She is also pretty fast and has quite a bit of stamina.

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