Storm the Hedgehog is a fan character created by Darkest Shadow. He is the youngest son of Amethyst and Tempest the Hedgehog. 

General Info

Richard Peeta Svettreco is a 15-year-old hedgehog living on 17 Cherry Tree Lane. He is the youngest child of Amethyst and Tempest. He lives with his sister, his half-blooded sister , his two stepsisters, his stepmother and his father.




Storm was born on January 8th in Depolife City. As a baby, he was pretty talkative. He was also a bit mischievous. He'd always love to go out into the snow and play.


On sunny winter days, Storm would usually make it snow in their backyard and make it snow. Sometimes, when Storm is sleeping, Emerald comes in his room and asks if the two can build a snowman. They'd usually go into the backyard and Storm would make it snow. They'd always build snowmen together.

Witness of a Fight

When Storm was 3, he and Emerald were playing video games, while Emerald paused it. She heard a bunch of racket in her parents' bedroom. Storm opened the door and made it ajar. Then, Emerald told him that they were fighting. Then, his father called a divorce. 

Later on that week, Amethyst had a talk with Emerald and Storm. She said that Tempest and her were divorcing each other. Emerald was confused and in tears, but Storm understood this matter.

Tempest's Remarrige

A year later, after Amethyst's and Tempest's divorce, Storm started to notice how dad was out of the house a lot. So he asked Tempest why he wasn't home after work. He wouldn't respond.

The next day, Tempest announced he was getting married to a new face: Carly the Cat. Then, his wedding came about. He was with his sister, both dressed up for this special occasion. The two got married and loved each other. Then, Storm met his two new step-siblings: Christina the HedgeCat, and Lina the Hedgehog; both were older than him.

New Sister

One day, when Storm was around 11 years old, Tempest got Carly pregnant. Storm was really excited, since he always wanted a younger sibling. It was very exrutiating for Carly. 

9 months later, Storm meet his baby sister. He suggested the name Bloodstone. Tempest loved the name, as did Carly. She even looked like a Bloodstone. 

Teen Years

Skateboarding With the Big Kids

Since Storm was already good at snowboarding, he tried to skateboard, and wasn't that bad at it. That's when he met a guy named David. David asked him if he wanted to join the Swag 5 and make it the Swag 6. Storm got into David's skateboarding crew.

During this, he's met Cole, Danny, Candace, Sebastian, Evergreen, and Kester. They all became good friends with Storm. He was also introduced to David and Cole's famous "Swag Fest"s. Still, skateboard tricking was his thing. 


Storm isn't the brightest person. He keeps his concerns to himself. He knows that if there was a problem, he wouldn't state it to his parents. He usually wouldn't try to say embarrassing things out loud either. Storm also knows how to keep a secret. Even the deepest thoughts, he's like a confessa-bear and keeps them. 

Storm is also sort of mischievous. This involves making it snow in the summer. He tries to build snowmen with his friends and family. People even pay to go over his house to see actual snow.


Snowboarding- Storm is very good at snowboarding. Ever since he was little, he would always go to a half-pipe and perform awesome stunts. As of now, he's an amazing half-pipe stuntman.

Skiing- Along with that, he is good at skiing. He first started out a little bit shaky, but now, he's a natural! He'd usually go skiing through flags or poles.

Ice Skating- Yet with this, he is a talented ice skater. He's moves gracefully, and is pretty fast on skates. His balance is pretty good, but he has trouble turning.

Swimming- Storm isn't a bad swimmer. Emerald taught him how to swim. Now, he's not slow, but he isn't fast either.

Skateboarding- Ever since he moved to Mariala City, Storm has experienced to have a good talent in skateboarding. He would usually race others.

Abilities and Powers

Snow Manipulation/Figrokinesis- Storm's main ability is snow manipulation. Ever since he was little, he made it snow over his house on a sunny winter day. As of now, he uses it for fun, an attack and a defense. He could make snowballs appear out of his hand too. He also can make snow rise from the ground and manipulate it,

Ice Manipulation/Cryokinesis- Storm can also manipulate ice. He can make an ice beam come out of his hand to turn a path into ice, or make icicles hang from the ceilings of houses.

Water Manipulation/Hydrokinesis- Storm manipulates water too. He can shoot water balls out of his hands, and even shoot bubbles out of them.

Cloud Manipulation/Nubikinesis-Storm can summon small clouds. He could cause them to make it rain, snow, or even hail! Storm can also summon hurricanes and tornadoes. They come from his hands.

Walking on Water- Like all Svettrecos, Storm can walk on water. This runs through the family, starting with Tempest. He does this to catch items that might have blown into the ocean. He can decide if he wants to swim too!.


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  • Storm's birthday is the day after Christina's.
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