Storm Shelter Village is a town set to appear in a currently unknown installment of The Legend of Fox the Brave: Broken Worlds. It is a village hidden in Lamarkie Forest built specifically for those sheltering from disaster or villains. It was started not long after Austin and Michael were captured from Light Mobius in On the Run.


The village keeps to itself for its own safety, out of fear of being discovered by villains hunting down people that escaped them(a la Starline and Max).


Due to how many people are hiding from various troubles, people of various species, including some humans, live in the village.

Known Inhabitants

  • Pierce; Male porcupine(village leader)
  • Will; Male Downunda platypus with distinctive Australian accent
  • Unnamed Beaver; Male
  • Austin Smith(in hiding)
  • Murtagh Veschell(in hiding)
  • Maxwell Veschell(in hiding)
  • Several Unknown Villagers


Some time after Austin and Max were captured in Light Mobius at the end of On the Run, Storm Shelter Village was built for people fleeing disaster or villains, or just in hiding in general. The warriors of the Storming Alliance and the villagers of Lamarkie Village built it, but all who helped were sworn into secrecy about its location to keep the inhabitants safe from villains that might seek them out.

Notable Areas

The village is nestled in the Lamarkie Forest, next to the river in the forest and near a cave, used both for resource mining and for shelter should disaster befall the villagers. Not much else is known about it due to not only the secrecy of its location, but also the fact that it is relatively new.

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