Storm, also known as Storm Release, is an advanced element, combining the elements of Water and Electricity.


Storm combines water's flexibility with electricity's raw power, the end result being laser-like electricity that can flow and bend like water. This gives Storm-element attacks great flexibility and power, as the attack(s) can be bent and turned to strike the enemy. Storm's form is also amorphous, and can be changed and adapted to fit the situation, giving way for a large range of abilities. Storm-elemental abilities are typically long-range attacks, and can be used to control and restrict the enemy's movements.

Due to its combination of Water and Electricity, Storm has few notable weaknesses. However, Plasma and Storm seems to usually nullify each other, due to not only being advanced elements of Electricity, but also due to being advanced Fire and Water elements, respectively. However, like other various elements, it can be hard to master for even skilled users, requiring a lot of training to use it without draining energy. Many advanced users of it can use it to create tornadoes with electricity or intense lightning storms with immense amounts of water.


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