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EG-004/Storm, the Goddess of Wind
Windy Valley
Her sisters, Mecha Amy (best friend), Dr. Robotnik (depending on the circumstances), Sonic, Chaotix, and many others.
Windy weather and developing new wind techniques.
Extreme heat, overly talkative people, etc.
Theme Song

"Oh, please. Do you truly think you could effectively use something like that on ME, a Wind Goddess? Here, let me show you how it's done! "
EoP Christmas Special Part 4

Storm, the Goddess of Wind, also known by her experiment codename, "EG-004" (pronounced "Eee-Jee-Double-Oh-Four") is a character from SolarBlaze's episodic fanfic, Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power. She is the fourth and second-to-last of Dr. Robotnik's Elemental Goddess Experiments (often abbreviated as "EG Experiments"), and the last one to be cloned from Scorch.


Storm's personality differs from her sisters' in many ways. Unlike some of the others, who are obsessed with puns (namely Splash, Seedra, and Shock, to some extent), Storm is very serious most of the time, and is rarely ever seen smiling, laughing or joking around. She's also relatively quiet for the most part, and doesn't talk very often, unless she's being spoken to and/or has something important to say.

Powers and Abilities

Being the Goddess of Wind, she has the ability to manipulate the air around her, being able to create windstorms of many kinds, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, etc. Storm can also perform a tornado spin attack, where she can spin around like a tornado herself and ram into enemies. However, she rarely uses that attack, since it makes her dizzy whenever she does.


Storm's primary weakness is extreme heat. Although she's capable of blowing away fire-related attacks, she can't stand being in overly heated areas, such as volcanoes and deserts.



Storm is the fourth of Dr. Robotnik's EG Experiments. Like all the others, she was created by using the Egg Merger machine to infuse Scorch's blood with an ordinary gem, plus a "sample" of the wind element, from a windstorm that occurred during Robotnik's trip to Windy Valley.

Episode 2: Elemental Chaos

Unlike Squash, Storm didn't disobey Robotnik upon being brought to life, and ended up remaining loyal to him. Her first assignment was to deal with the Chaotix team, who were constantly getting in the doctor's way at the time. After Shock fought against them and lost, Storm quickly took over, and used her powers to blow them over the horizon. However, that was not the last she saw of them, since she and Shock were forced to form a temporary alliance with them later on, in order to stop Mephiles' universal destruction plans from coming to fruition.

Later on that day, after Mephiles was defeated, Storm (along with Shock) ended up assisting Scorch, Slush, and Squash in a battle against Iblis. Eventually, after a long, tough battle, they emerged victorious, with Iblis getting resealed. When that was over, Storm, as well as Scorch, Slush, and Shock, lent the heroes another hand in stopping Dr. Nega (who betrayed Robotnik towards the end of the battle) from destroying the planet.

Episode 3: the Goddess of Destruction

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Christmas Special

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Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos

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Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik

"We merely disagree with what you're doing, that's all."
The Goddess of Destruction Part 19e

Storm is one of the few EG Experiments who did not turn on Dr. Robotnik upon being coming to life. Unlike Squash and Seedra, Storm loyally served the doctor, because she felt obligated to do so, since he's responsible for giving her life. In a nutshell, Storm had mixed feelings about Robotnik. While she happened to get along with him almost as well as Scorch does, she ended up having second thoughts about serving him, since she's (secretly) begun to disagree with the doctor's world domination plans, especially after forming a temporary alliance with the Chaotix and company to lend a hand in stopping Mephiles.

Eventually, with some persuasion, Storm (along with Shock) decided to join Mecha Amy's rebellion against Robotnik, and permanently align themselves with the heroes. Despite this, however, Storm later on said that neither she nor Shock bear grudges against the doctor, and were merely doing that for Silvra's benefit.

Elemental Goddess and Number Line Similarities

Number Line + Elemental Goddesses

An image of Storm and Tolto, along with the rest of the Goddesses and Numbers (plus Dr. Robotnik), drawn by Azuroru.

Coincidentally, the Elemental Goddesses and the Number Line happen to have several similarities to one another. Unlike the rest of them, Storm and Tolto have the least amount of things in common (since they're the exact opposite in terms of personality), but they do have the following similarities:

  • They both have white fur.
  • The two of them were both created by Dr. Robotnik.
  • Both of them are part of a group that consists of at least eight siblings.
  • Storm and Tolto are the second-youngest in their respective groups.
  • Each character has a look-alike/counterpart that's affiliated with Dr. Nega in some way (Tornada and Negative Eight, respectively).


  • As with Shock, Storm (coincidentally) shares her name with a super hero(ine). In her case however, it's an X-Men character.
  • Also by coincidence, Storm shares her name with the albatross from Sonic Riders.




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