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Storm's Battle is a midquel story in the fanfiction series The Legend of Fox the Brave. Like Storm's War, it shows the events of another story from Storm the Buizel's POV. While Storm's War showed the Battle of Angel Island from The War of Time, Storm's Battle will show the events of Revenge of Enerjak.


Description: In the wake of the War of Time and the strange event known as the Egg Boss Scare(from the story of the same name), the Storming Alliance are struggling to keep the Worlds safe. But when an old enemy of Fox's returns, swearing vengeance, and warriors begin disappearing, Storm discovers an enemy of his new friend Austin Smith has returned as well. The Worlds are in grave danger yet again, and Storm must stop the mysterious and mad Dr. Finitevus and save his friendship.

Detailed Plot Summary:

Prologue: Michael Smith and Longmire the Cat are in the prison, guarding Finitevus. They are messing around, occasionally making fun of Finitevus. Michael teases Longmire by grabbing his favorite fedora and keeping it away from him. Longmire finally tackles him and takes his hat back, but they sense a strange tensity in the air. They scramble toward Finitevus' cell to protect him and keep him from escaping. Dark Enerjak appears, and Michael curses. Finitevus mockingly warns the two to be careful before Longmire attempts to jump kick Enerjak, but is knocked back into Michael, who yelps in pain when his arm snaps as he's pinned under the heavy white tomcat. Enerjak then destroys the front of a somewhat worried Finitevus' cell. As Michael wiggles out from an unconscious Longmire, he overhears Enerjak promise Finitevus vengeance for his arrest, stating that he had plans to destroy Fox. In a low voice, Finitevus states that he has plans for "a young warrior named Austin Smith." Struggling to free his tail from the still-unconscious Longmire, Michael-crippled with a broken arm-leaps for them, howling at them to leave his brother alone, but Enerjak slams the white warrior in the face, knocking him away and knocking him unconscious.

Main Story: Storm is helping Austin watch his pups outside the main building of The Storming Base while Rosa is out stretching her legs. While Storm is reflecting on recent events, still mourning the loss of the Guardian Locke and furious at Eggman for instigating the strange Egg Boss Scare, Austin is ravenously eating a snack he's enjoying while the pups are playing together. Austin offers Storm part of his snack, but the Buizel absentmindedly turns it down. Dallas bounces up, asking if he can share it, but Austin teasingly tells him that he can go get his own, telling him to go back to playing with Dakota. Sensing his friend's worrying, Austin asks him what's wrong. Storm asks what Austin's life was like back home, and Austin explains. Realizing that the Buizel was stalling, Austin tells Storm to tell him what's really on his mind. Storm relays his worries about the War of Time, and Finitevus' warning after the Battle of Angel Island. Austin sighs and tells him that Finitevus was behind bars and couldn't cause any trouble. The brown and black warrior is immediately proven wrong when Longmire and Michael are brought back, unconscious and injured. Michael comes to enough to reveal what happened before losing consciousness again. Storm notes Austin's suddenly terrified expression. Rosa returns and takes the pups away while the warriors deliberate on what to do. Austin is afraid, and follows Rosa to his room, with Storm following, worried for his friend. Over the next week, Cori, Riptide, Dillon, and Bumbleflight go missing, and Forrest is badly injured when he is attacked while investigating where Cori disappeared. Austin becomes more and more antsy as Riptide, Dillon, and Bumbleflight disappear. Storm takes to staying in Austin's room to keep the young dog company when he begins to suffer from night terrors. Soon, Storm witnesses Austin and Braveheart get kidnapped by a group of Prelates headed by Finitevus. When the Buizel tries to save his friend, Finitevus knocks him aside and grabs him in such away to prevent him from attacking in retaliation(holding Storm's head, left arm, and standing on his tails from behind). Finitevus begins taunting Storm, then decides to reveal his motive behind helping Dark Enerjak. Finitevus reveals that during his prison sentence, he'd planned how to destroy Fox, and that Enerjak made it all possible when he released him. Finitevus then decides to reveal his plans for Austin to the frightened Buizel. Storm jams his free arm elbow-first into Finitevus' side, then twists free, causing Finitevus to slip when [Storm] pulls his tails free. Storm then leaps into the air to use Sonic Boom. A loud roar sounds, and Fang runs up, daring the mad Echidna to fight him as well. Storm tells the saber that Finitevus was responsible for Austin and Braveheart's capture, enraging him even more. Fang roars and chases Finitevus down, calling him a coward as the mad doctor escapes through a Warp Ring, avoiding the enraged saber. Fox returns, and is alerted to the capture of Braveheart and Austin, and immediately sets out for Dark Mobius(despite a throbbing skull from slamming his head on the ground in the Zone Jail) with Silver, Y, and Splash. Storm insists on coming along, since Austin is his friend, but Fox refuses, leaving with the other three leaders. The young Buizel then begins to suffer nightmares about his friend's fate before Fox returns safely with the others and the captured warriors. Storm is ecstatic to see his friend safe and sound, but notices a haunted look in Austin's eyes. He asks about this, but Austin shakes his head and says that it's nothing, saying that he was glad everything was okay now. The brown-and-black warrior nuzzles Storm before heading off to reunite with his family. Storm stays where he is, happy to see his friend returned safely, but he still can't shake Finitevus' warning from before, thinking that this was only the beginning of trouble to come.

Included Characters



  • Austin Smith: A young, shaggy, thick-pelted brown-and-black German Shepherd Dog with blue eyes. He wears a black t-shirt. He is Storm's closest friend, but has a paralyzing, deep-seated fear of Finitevus.


  • Storm the Buizel: A cocky, confident young Buizel. He is Austin's closest friend, having bonded with him during the Battle of Angel Island during the War of Time. It is Storm who discovers Finitevus' plans for Austin during the ordeal


  • Dr. Finitevus: A mad, villainous Echidna. Sometime before the capture of the first Storm Fighter, Dark Enerjak recruited him. Finitevus later revealed to Storm that after Enerjak destroyed Fox, he would allow [Finitevus] to learn what he needed from Austin to achieve his goal.
  • Dark Enerjak: A mysterious but very dangerous enemy from the odd Dark Mobius. Defeated once before by Fox and Splash, he has somehow returned following the War of Time, and is capturing Alliance members to weaken Fox in order to destroy him.



  • Fox the Brave: A tall, thick-pelted red fox with emerald-green eyes. He currently wears a black-shirt, beige cargo shorts, and an open brown leather jacket. He is well-known for his short temper and rather extreme arrogance.
  • Michael Smith: A young white-furred German Shepherd Dog with green eyes. He is Austin's younger brother, and therefore the uncle to Austin's pups Dallas and Dakota. So far, he only appears in the Prologue
  • Longmire the Cat: A tall white tomcat wearing a brown overcoat, matching fedora, and black fingerless gloves. So far, he only appears in the Prologue
  • Fang the Saber: A massive grayish-orange-furred saber-tooth tiger. He makes his only appearance when Finitevus is revealing his plans to Storm. Fang saves Storm, who urgently tells him of Braveheart and Austin's kidnapping.



  • Braveheart: Fox the Brave's son, and a good friend of Austin Smith. Mentioned when he and Austin are captured by a group of Prelates led by Finitevus.
  • Rosa Smith: A pretty black German Shepherd, and Austin's mate. Mentioned alongside Dallas and Dakota
  • Dallas and Dakota Smith: Two young German Shepherd Smith pups. Dallas has white fur and Dakota has black-and-brown fur.
  • Locke: An Echidna formerly of the Brotherhood of Guardians, Knuckles' father. Mentioned when Storm is reflecting on the War of Time, and the former Guardian's demise.
  • Dillon the Armadillo: A young male nine-banded armadillo who wears black-framed glasses. He was captured in the Hedgehog Village by Scourge, but later rescued when Fox defeated Enerjak. Dillon is the owner of a Chesnaught who is very protective of him.
  • Bumbleflight: A yellow tabby tomcat part of SwiftClan. He was captured by Scourge but later rescued when Fox defeated Enerjak.
  • Forrest Wolf: A gray wolf police officer working in the NCPD(New Ninjago City Police Department) alongside his brother under Chief Adam Lyons. He was investigating Cori's disappearance when Dark Enerjak attacked and terribly injured him. He later died in the hospital.


  • Cori the Charmeleon: A male Charmeleon and the tech specialist on the Storm Fighters. He is best known for being the younger brother of Tai the Charizard. He was dragged into the Swift Valley Avenue alleyway in New Ninjago City by Scourge and was captured after a struggle, but later rescued after Fox defeated Enerjak.
  • Riptide the Frogadier: A male Frogadier; Cori's protege. He is best known for being the elder son of Splash the Greninja. He was captured by Scourge near The Storming Base, but later rescued after Fox defeated Enerjak.
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