The Stoneback Armor is a common suit of armor, produced by most blacksmiths. Contrary to the name's suggestion, the armor is not made of stone, but it is imbued with Earth-elemental energy.

Stoneback Armor

Production Information
TypeTraditional plate armor - elementally imbued
Elemental AffinityEarth
Known Wearerspending
Cost5000 Mobiums or 500 rings
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212


The Stoneback Armor looks near-identical to standard plate armor produced by a blacksmith, except with a habit to pick up more dust and dirt to normal, resulting in brown patches on the armor. The front and neck area is typically covered with brown denim-like fabric with whatever crest the wearer wants added to the front, while the neck area is to protect it with some metal-fibre reinforcement. Normally, the waist is protected by a thick leather belt, with equipment pouches on the wearer's preferred side, be it left or right. The boots, gauntlets and greaves are all a lighter tone of brown-gray, compared to the darker tone of the metal plates.

Native Abilities

Due to the Earth-elemental imbuing, the armor itself serves as a sort of second-skin, protecting the user against their own weaknesses but in turn creating a vulnerability to attacks strong against Earth. As a suit with a mediocre defence rating, it provides some reasonable protection against weapons which have been maintained to an average level and below, although unique and powerful weaponry are capable of piercing the suit with ease.

The suit is rated as being effective with most forms of low-power physical and piercing attacks, although it's full effect against energy and status attacks is uncertain, as is how it holds up against high-powered assaults. Also of note is the fact that the helmet attached to this armor, the Stoneback Helmet, plus the Geo Defender Shield, a shield that fits into the armor set, are both not included into the purchase price for the armor.

The armor is known to boost the power of the wearer's Earth attacks by up to ten percent, and at the same time give them a minor boost to their strength and their defences, both towards physical and special defence.

Notable Suits


Wearers/Purchase Locations

Almost all blacksmiths can and do make these armors regularly, with the final cost often varying depending on the armorsmith's interest. For example, armors that are commissioned with more physical shaping than usual may result in altered costs. However, a single blacksmith in the city of Westopolis produces these armors, along with the helmet and shield that accompany it, at such a rate that he always has at least four in stock. These are all cheaper, as well, typically coming up to roughly a fifth of the original cost - 1000 Mobiums, or one hundred rings.


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