Stewart is a dirt brown furred stoat with auburn eyes and white chest fur. His tail is long and brown while his ears are short and curved. His muzzle is white and the tip of his tail has a huge white splotch. His hair is brown and two hairs hang down his face.

He wears The Silver Huntsmen uniform, and white gloves. When he isn't going out to hunt or poach animals, Stewart wears a purple jacket, brown slip-ons, and white socks. He also wears black sunglasses.


Stewart is an easily enthusiastic yet socially awkward stoat who has a hard time getting along with others that don't share his hobbies and activities. And even those people who do like to do the things he does he struggles to keep a relationship with.

Because of his geeky talents, Stewart is seen as a freak and everyone he meets either walks away quickly in disgust, or tries to bully or tease him because of this. When he was a kid, Stewart was always excluded from every fun activity, and was the estranged kid who nobody wanted on their dodgeball team or tag team. Because he never spent time with people, Stewart is always being counted off as friend-zoned and anti-social.

Because of his physically and mentally abuse childhood, Stewart is often regarded as an insane egomaniac. His smiles are even regarded as creepy. He also spends more time tinkering and inventing and spending time with his pet Earth Imp named Scrappy then with actual people. He even prefers to drive alone. When being around someone, he can sometimes become paranoid and say creepy things out of his own paranoia.


Early Life

As a kid, Stewart suffered both mental and physical abuse from kids at school, in the neighborhood, and in town. He never knew his parents, because something happened to them when he was only five years old. He was adopted by a disabled old man, who barely had enough money to take care of poor Stewart. Conditions were poor for the old man since he couldn't ever leave his house and his only son only visited to take care of him once a week. So, really, Stewart had to take care of the old man most of the week, as well as keep up with his studies. His life was sad and lonely, and he developed a sense of paranoia and insanity caused from stress and abuse.

Joining The Silver Huntsmen

When Stewart was a 17, he registered as a member of the Silver Huntsmen, having heard of them from a punk gang in his town. He joined their ranks as a means to prove himself, but mostly so he could escape his oppressive and miserable life in town. Though training was difficult, Stewart managed to learn fast and soon he was out hunting and poaching with the other poachers of the organization. However, Stewart was still unable to escape the abuse among the members of The Silver Huntsmen.


  • Use of firearms.
  • Computer and inventing talents.
  • Ability to drive.


Because of his paranoia, Stewart is very jumpy and has a happy-trigger finger. If scared really badly, or in an uncomfortable situation, Stewart will freak out and just as easily hurt himself as hurt others.

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