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Stewart the Hedgehog is a somewhat famous cavalier from the Empire of the Scarlet Moon and the first recognized Ruby Knight; one of the more recent chivalrous forces within the Empire's more archaic mounted forces.

Stewart the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Antique fuchsia, with faintly tanned exposed skin and streaks of seal brown on his quills.
  • Eyes: Cadet gray
  • Ruby red headgear
  • Ruby red cuirass & pauldrons over a bronzed hauberk
  • Dark brown gauntlets with ruby red reinforcing bars
  • Ruby red greaves & boots
  • Indian red cape
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Highly accomplished cavalier
  • Mounted swordsmaster
  • Mild skill in pyrokinesis
  • Experienced as a teacher & front-line leader
  • Above average reflexes & ground speed
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Well muscled for a fairly average race, Stewart carries himself with pride and strength. His fur is mostly antique fuchsia, though each of his quills bears a streak of seal brown from tip to at least mid-way to the base. With a number of small scars on his hands typically hidden in his armor, most associate Stewart with his purplish fur and a broad smile on his lightly tanned muzzle. Even his Cadet gray eyes keep a faintly humored look about them unless at war.


Stewart takes a similar amount of pride in his attire and public appearances; with many formal events attended in a full dress uniform of reds and browns. However, most days Stewart is seen wearing his armor as the Ruby Knight chapter master. This basic armor consists of Ruby Steel cuirass, pauldrons, greaves and boots worn over a bronzed hauberk, a form of chain mail tunic. Added to this are a set of deep brown leather gloves reinforced with Ruby Steel. However, unlike many of the others within his chivalrous chapter, Stewart has shunned helmets completely and instead wears a Ruby Steel headguard closer in design to a boxer's than a visorless knight's helmet.

His horse Mercedes also possesses plate armor that she wears into combat with him, a mixture of Ruby Steel plate and bronzed chain mail emblazoned with golden crests.



Stewart might only be youthful in comparison to many others within the more archaic forces of the Empire of Scarlet Moon, especially considering he and his knights have refused to "modernize" and carry firearms alongside their beloved swords, but that has not proven a major detriment to the young man. His skill and partnership with his horse Mercedes is celebrated and recognized by many elder horsemen within the country, as well as the elemental orders of knights that occasionally cross his path. This partnership has guided him well; with Mercedes' keen senses and strength proving useful time and time again in both spotting danger on the battlefield and combat around it.

Stewart's skills with his horse are not his only claim to fame within the region either, with his sword skill both on foot and on Mercedes' back both of key note. Stewart prefers to fight in a more balanced style, switching between aggressive charges and strikes and defensive parries fluidly and lightly, these transitions often flowing between each other like a leaf in the wind.

Stewart has possession of the Rubeus Gaius; also known as the Ruby Rejoice, a legendary sword. While a fairly standard bastard sword in length, the pommel is wrapped in a red silk binding, while the blade itself has blood red Ruby Steel runes forged into the facing. The key to this blade is the ability to transport the wielder and all they are in contact with through a magical burst, though this effect is restricted to Mercedes; the vicinity of other Ruby Knights or their barracks, the marking for relocation incorporated into the unit emblem. Aside for the relocation magic built into his blade, the Rubeus Gaius also has magical wards on the edges to prevent the blade from dulling, breaking or serving as a magical conduit, allowing the wielder to use it to deflect magical attacks.

Quite often, Stewart chooses not to wield the Rubeus Gaius while in combat in order to wield a sword enhanced with his natural elemental power of Fire, his own flames burning the bright red color of ripe chili peppers. While he would still have that sword on himself, he keeps a plain one-handed sword within Mercedes' saddle bags for use in what many have dubbed "ranged swordsmanship". By imbuing this sword with fire, Stewart can launch an arc of flame with every swing. This is central to his Spice Wall defensive technique, where he creates a rapid stream of burning strikes into the air to intercept and counterattack hostile magic and techniques. Aside for displays of pyrokinetic swordsmanship, however, he employs his natural element sparingly, with the only other occasional combat use being to simply throw basketball-sized balls of fire with his free hand.

While he may be fearsome alone, when fighting alongside his Ruby Knights Stewart comes into his own as a battlefield commander, often leading the charge with flaming sword aloft. Similarly to his trust with his horse, Stewart trusts each of his Ruby Knights without hesitation, many handpicked and trained by him to possess similar skills in "ranged swordsmanship" or horse control. While individually they may not compare to their leader, the group as a whole has a growing reputation as a premier force for their kingdom.

In an aside; while nowhere near the legendary Blue Blur of Mobius, Stewart has heightened reflexes and a much higher than average speed on foot while out of armor, a trait he only typically uses while scouting before using his Rubeus Gaius to return to base.








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