Stevie Campbell is a cavalry war mage from the Nihlic Clan of Nihlus; while she dabbles in strategy and tactics, she refuses the title of tactician.

Stevie Campbell

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Dark grey, with skin the color of coffee grinds
  • Eyes: Dark yellow
  • Blackened steel breastplate w/ silvery metal detailing
  • Blackened steel pauldrons w/ silvery metal detailing
  • Purple cape; emblazoned with the Nihlic Clan crest in silvery thread
  • Dark gray riding dress
  • Blackened steel gauntlets
  • Blackened steel riding boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsNihlic Clan of Nihlus
  • Iron sword
  • Skilled equestrian
  • Moderate skill in aeromancy
  • Basic swords skill
  • Some skill at counter-magic
  • Naturally capable of blocking telekinesis within a certain range
Other Information
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Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original CreatorFlashfire212


A tall hedgehog, roughly equal in height to the clan leader with a figure a touch more curvaceous than her muscular commander, Stevie has dark gray fur and deep brown skin; often leading to her being viewed as exotic and unusual within the clan. This is not helped by her dark yellow eyes, with her left often drifting lazily out of focus to her dismay. She has a number of faint scars on her left hand, relics of a rather selfless act from a couple of years before.

As a cavalier; she rides a roan gelding named Runan, a fairly large and well-trained war horse.


As with most members of the Nihlic Clan; Stevie is normally dressed for war. In her case, the main piece of her outfit could be viewed as casual wear if not for the armor - a dark grey riding dress, with accents in white and pale gray. However, as with many of her fellow Nihlic Clan members, she wears blackened steel armor; with a breastplate and pauldrons both detailed with clean stainless steel for a silvery detailing effect. Her knee-high greaves and elbow-length gauntlets are also made of the same blackened steel.

The most showy piece of her outfit is a long purple cape with the Nihlic Clan crest embroidered into the center in shiny silver thread.



As a young cavalier in the Nihlic Clan, Stevie is often expected to have an aggressive fighting style or elemental focus. This is surprisingly incorrect for the young woman; who instead possesses an unusual array of skills in counter-magic and nullification. More recently; she has begun to learn to wield a sword in self defense. This skill is not one she has much confidence in yet, and the plain iron sword that she carries is rarely unsheathed.

As a battle mage, Stevie has a respectable level of skill in aeromancy, with her command over the air enough to carry herself in limited flight or unleash powerful crushing gusts against opponents. This is often useful to help Runan move faster to reposition in combat, as well as help to protect her allies. More unusually for a battle mage of any faction, Stevie has learned how to utilize a rare Nihlic technique known as Void's Mirror, a skill more commonly seen among priests and medics with no combat experience. Void's Mirror requires the user to attract the focus of enemy elemental attacks where they can be reflected back at the assailant by utilizing the power of the Transitory Mists. In Stevie's case, however, she instead channels this power into the Transitory Mists using a small notebook as a medium, allowing her to unleash all of her absorbed power in a single burst. This power cannot nullify pure Chaos energy; while she can only hold the absorbed attacks for roughly ten minutes before having to release; lest the notebook explode.

Similarly to her Void's Mirror, Stevie also has a natural skill at nullifying telekinetic attacks, with a good bubble of roughly thirty meters around herself being almost untouchable for psychics. While useful to prevent people from grabbing things close to her and hurling them at high speed over a short distance, this does not remove kinetic energy from items already thrown; nor is it selective - it blocks her allies attempts to grasp things telekinetically around her as well. Some Nihlic Clan psychics describe the sensation of trying to grab things within her bubble as being "too slippery to hold", rather than not being able to grip them directly.

Due to Stevie's powers and skill; she is highly vulnerable in close-quarters combat, her sword skill easily being the weakest aspect of her combat prowess. Similarly; while she can fight at range with her wind magic, she is more threatening if she gets the chance to absorb and redirect incoming attacks, while telekinetic assaults are only of limited effectiveness as well.








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