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Steve the Hedgegod is the long lost brother of Sonic, Manic, and Sonia, and helps them fight evil like Robotnik.  He was born in Green Hill Zone and lives in Central Square, and is dating Amy Rose.  He is good friends with Rush the Echidfox, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Tails the Fox, and helps Tails with his inventions.  When Robotnik attacks, Steve is always the first to fight back, and defeats Robotnik without needing any help.


Steve is a lime green hedgehog with wings.  He has the same spine pattern as Sonic because they are brothers, and when he goes Super Saiyan he gets long lime green hair.  His shoes are the same as Sonic's because Sonic gave him an extra pair when they met and found out they were brothers.


Steve is an anti-hero and tends to be somewhat of a loner, but still treats his friends nicely.  He is very mature for his age, and is as smart as Tails and Robotnik combined.  Whenever he is in battle, he always knows just what to do to win, and he is also very funny.  However, around Amy, he is very serious and romantic because he loves her.


Steve was born in Green Hill Zone and for the first year of his life grew up with Sonic, Manic, and Sonia.  However, he got lost one day and ended up being found by Maria Robotnik.  She took him to the ARK with her, and he grew up with Shadow.  The two became good friends, and when the ARK was destroyed, he began to hate GUN because they killed Maria.  He eventually found his way to Angel Island, where he met up with Knuckles.  Knuckles didn't trust him, but soon Steve convinced him that he wasn't evil and Knuckles let him live on the island for a while.  When Sonic and Tails visited the island, they met him and Sonic learned that Steve was his long lost brother.  Steve helped them fight Robotnik, and then he went on the rest of Sonic's adventures with him.

Powers, Abilities, and Skills

Steve is a very strong character and has many powers.  He is faster than Sonic, smarter than Tails and Robotnik combined, stronger than Knuckles, and cooler than Shadow.  He can breathe fire, breathe underwater, shoot lasers from his fingers, and create ice cream with his mind..  He also can go Super Saiyan at will, and generally goes Super Saiyan 40.  When he does this, everybody around him who is evil bursts into flame.  He can also turn into anyone he wants to be, and his punches are more powerful than TARDIS explosions.  He can also turn into a Werehog whenever he wants, and when he has all seven Chaos Emeralds, all seven Sol Emeralds, and all seven Super Emeralds, he can turn into Super Steve.  When he is Super Steve, he can fly faster and higher than a spaceship and kill things with his mind.  He also controls fire like Blaze does and has telekinesis like Silver.  If he is Super Saiyan 40 and has all of the Chaos, Sol, and Super Emeralds, he turns into Hyper Steve, and can make explosions as big as nuclear bombs and shoot giant lasers like the ones from the Death Star from his hands.  He can also fly at light speed as Hyper Steve, and he is invincible from any attacks.  He can also teleport anywhere he wants and can jump between universes.  As a hedgegod, he can also create or destroy any of his enemies he wants, control the weather, and make it so his enemies never existed.


Steve is only weak to one thing, and that is Amy Rose's hammer.  However, she would never use it against him because they are dating.  Unless Amy is fighting him or is being mind controlled, Steve can't die and will keep on fighting.

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