Stephen the Echidna is a young military officer serving as an armored vehicle driver for the Republic of Valaria.

Stephen the Echidna

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Turquoise, with peach skin
  • Eyes: Pale blue
  • Olive-drab long-sleeved shirt
  • Khaki tactical vest
  • Olive-drab pants
  • Black leather combat boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsRepublic of Valaria (military vehicle driver)
WeaponryShort lance
  • Experienced in hand to hand combat
  • Skilled driver
  • Trained in wielding & throwing javelins and lances
  • Moderate naturakinesis skill
  • Minor psychic power
VehicleGoliath Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Other Information
English V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original CreatorFlashfire212


A very short echidna by the standards of many, Stephen has turquoise fur as well as the rather traditional echidna dreadlocks-like quills. While not suffering from true dwarfism, Stephen's eyes are roughly level with the nose of most other Mobians; a trait that often gets his anger up. His peach skin is plainly evident on his muzzle; while his eyes are pale blue.


Normally; Stephen wears the typical fatigues and armor of an armored vehicle driver in the Republic of Valaria's military as a badge of honor, and has done since he graduated from the academy. This is a simple set of olive-drab long-sleeved shirt and pants with a pair of black boots, with a khaki tactical vest worn when in the field.



Stephen was trained to serve as a driver of armored vehicles in his time at the academy; and that trait is arguably one of the standouts of his skillset. Stephen is a skillful driver capable of fitting a fully laden Goliath through spaces many others believe too narrow; as well as the complicated task of parking a wheeled vehicle the size and weight of a small tank as if it was a normal car. He knows the strengths of the Hammerforge Industries vehicle; and employs it in the standard fashion for mechanized infantry use.

Out of vehicle; things get a little bit more cumbersome. Atypically, Stephan's weapon of choice is a short spear balanced just as much for throwing as it is for close-quarters combat. While not unheard of for soldiers to wield unusual weapons; the choice for a pilot to wield a throwing spear is one that has many scratching their heads. Stephen is highly skilled with this weapon, while his moderate skill in naturakinesis often means that he can imbue the short spear with natural energy before throwing it to create explosions of vines and seeds to entrap opponents. He has a similar level of skill with unarmed combat as well; though he would hardly be called overwhelming by any sense of the word. Despite this; Stephen bears a fairly cocky Swagger, often making his opponents over-eager to exploit the weak points that they see; which has the potential to leave them open for a counter-attack.

As mentioned previously; Stephen is a naturakinetic of some moderate skill; with his preference being to utilize his powers for utility; be it in healing himself, aiding allies or immobilizing foes; rather than directly using this power in combat. He also has very minor psychic potential; which he mostly uses to try to gain insight into what they plan to do; or occasionally launch a telekinetic strike.

Of course; because most of his time is spent in-vehicle; Stephen is only a moderate threat when fighting outside of it; and elementally has a wide range of weaknesses that he cannot overcome; Fire in particular.


Stephen typically drives a Hammerforge Industries Goliath Infantry Fighting Vehicle into combat. While he doesn't command the weaponry of the vehicle; it is fairly well armed with a turret-mounted light railgun, a 7.62mm machine gun mounted on a ring-turret above the primary gun turret, an anti-tank guided missile launcher and infantry fire-ports cut into the side with enough space for ten soldiers aboard. Unfortunately; the armor on the vehicle is the main area of weight reduction, reliant upon the specialized laminated alloys commonly used by Hammerforge on starships and aircraft rather than the much more sought after Col'nesian Iron alloys.








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