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Stephen the Eagle is a dedicated former Babylon Rouge, who's aiming to eliminate every Freedom Fighter, starting from Amy Rose.

Stephen the Eagle
Age 23
Gender Male
Species Mobian/Eagle
  • Feathers: Light brown, w/ dark brown highlights
  • Beak/Talons: Orange-tan
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Electric Blue Shirt
  • Ocean Blue Vest
  • Blue pants with two red stripes down the side
  • Orange Sneakers
Relatives pending
Affiliations Babylon Rouges (Formerly)
Romantic Interests pending
  • Flight
  • Advanced Combat - Hand to Hand
  • Sharpened Beak
  • Keen Tactical Mind
  • Basic Hydrokinesis
Super Forms


Stephen was born in the years AFTER Jet's defeat at the hands of Sonic the Hedgehog, into Babylon Rouge society. He was middle class, and his hydrokinetic abilities were well respected. However, as he grew older, his determination to make up for the leader's defeat grew, until he swore to bring down each member of the Freedom Fighters, the team that Sonic belonged to. At the age of 20, he just turned and left, leaving his family and friends behind in his all-consuming quest. He decided that Amy Rose would be a good place to start, considering she was married to Sonic, expecting by killing her that it would force Sonic to be consumed by grief or rage, and be easier to kill. Within three years, he had it planned had trained himself until he was completely ready. He jumped Amy while she was out shopping, forcing her back and almost finishing her when an unconsidered variable entered: Amy's daughter, Maddy. A powerful Hydrokinetic herself, Maddy fought Stephen to a standstill, where he was barely able to get a single move in edgewise. Amy attempted to get members of the constabulary to take him away, but he managed to escape, swearing revenge.


Stephen has an extremely focused, calculating and obsessive personality, especially relating to his desire to see the Babylon Rouge being thrust back into positions of power, and the defeat of Sonic the Hedgehog. He has a few nervous traits, like sharpening his beak when stressed.

Notable Abilities

Stephen's most remarkable ability is that to tactically analyze battles in real-time, allowing him to respond to a threat rapidly. This allows him to be a very efficient tactician, although his personality counters that. He has reasonably high skill in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, and basic Hydrokinesis skills, but nothing truly lending itself to someone styling himself as a "one man army of vengeance"

Friends & Foes



  • Babylon Rouge (formerly)



  • Freedom Fighters (Primarily Sonic and Amy)