Stephanie the Ocelot is the older sister of Lu-Lu the Ocelot and daughter of Dunsworth Ocelot and Matilda Ocelot. She is the heir to the famous Ocelot Industries. Stephanie is extremely intelligent, vicious, and cold-hearted. She is said to be far more cold than her younger sister. Stephanie does not care about her family, and only about her money. She has a masters degree in legal studies, and is already very rich. She is an author writing a best-selling book titled "All Grown Up: Look At Me Now", and auto-biography of her life. She is very glad to be the heir to the famous family business as well.


Stephanie the Ocelot

Current Years and Days
Name Stephanie the Ocelot
Kana N/A
Weapons N/A
Profession(s), Occupation(s) Lawyer, Millionaire, Businesswoman
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Age: 37
  • ??? lbs
  • Fur: Light Brown
  • Hair: Brown
  • Skin: Tan
  • Eyes: Green
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: January 10th
Attire [Clothing] Dress shirt, Skirt, High Heels
Affiliation(s) Neutral
Romantic Interest(s) N/A
  • Masters Degree in Criminal Justice
  • Dunsworth Ocelot~ Father
  • Matilda Ocelot~ Mother
  • Kila Ocelot~ Sister
  • Reggy Ocelot~ Cousin
  • Mayor Ocelot~ Uncle
  • Lu-Lu the Ocelot~ Sister
Likes Winning, Money, Arguing, Business, Cases, Pearls, Diamonds
Dislikes Losing, Lu-Lu, Being Doubted
  • The City of Olara
Current Residence
  • The City of Olara
Alternative Names
  • Steph
Super Form(s)


English Voice Actor
  • (Pending)
Theme Song(s) thumb|250px|right

Unlike her younger sister, Stephanie wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Being born before her father had become rich, Stephanie was actually a normal girl. She faced many struggles, and was moderately popular (but was usually alone) . When her father became rich, she grew to love money. Her years of loniliness left her bitter and uncaring. Many unfourtante events in her own life turned her into a hardened tightwad that couldn't care less about the well being of others. She attended a prestigious college where she earned her masters degree in legal studies. Stephanie began running her own law firm shortly after graduating college with high honors. She has fired over 30 paralegals.


Stephanie is far more cold-hearted than her sister. She is capable of insulting anyone, and won't refrain from doing so in any situation. She is easily willing, and happy to, step on or take advantage of anyone in order to help herself. She is very mean thinking of herself as the world's greatest gift. She is very proud of her beauty, intelligence, and her wealth. She has very little contact with her family, and is waiting for the "joyius" day when she can finally take over Ocelot Industries, be it by inheritance compensation for her father's death or if her retires. Stephanie is especially mean to her younger sister Lu-Lu, and it is believed that Stephanie's attitude towards her sister is what caused Lu-Lu to act somewhat like her ironically.


  • "I'm all grown up now dad."
  • "You can't control me anymore"
  • "I make more money they you'd even see in your dreams!"
  • "Hahahaha!"
  • "Everyone has a price."
  • "Useless"
  • "You're Fired!!!!!"
  • "Sucks to be you!"
  • "Lu-Lu your a big failure."
  • "I'll take on it all, and make more money than my father ever did!"
  • "Objection!!!!!!"


Dunsworth Ocelot

Lu-Lu the Ocelot

Matilda the Ocelot

Kila the Ocelot

Theme Song

Stephanie's theme is "All Grown Up" by Jacki-O. The song obviously represents Stephanie's attitude in general. Stephanie doesn't care who she steps on, and loves to be in control as represented by her theme.


I'm all grown up now, and I've listen and learn

A True Star and I'm finally gettin my turn

Took my hell, earned my spot

Im a be here for a minute sonny boy if you like it or not

When you think chicks and whips

I'm on a yacht though

Im Laid back, sun in my face, just like pop now, Tony Montana

Now that the world is mine

Aint a cloud in the sky that could stop my shine, I love it

I dun came from the grime and grit

Now I'm on top shinin on rhymin shh..

When you think about me you think of the best

Like a full length mink or a new corvette.. yes

When I spit consider the mess

A mountain of past

6 digits nothin less

When you think of Jackie O you think of success, success, success

I'm all grown up now

Picture this world how, a woman takes on it all

And watch the old guy fall

I'm ready for, the, world to come to me

Everyone to see

I'll make you believe I'm in control

Destiny Shines

Take your fame and make it mines

Listen, yo, that old cheap flow gots to go

I took my setbacks, got knocked out, but I aint sweat that

Tried to lean back, count chips, and get my keys back

Sick of loss, bumpin me back, like who the boss

Im a show you howta floss in the box a boys

Never thought it be this way, uh

Till I made it on BIG

Got my money right

Fames what I've waited on

For years I've been hated on, spit on, and kicked on

Aint nobody stoppin my flow, Im a let you know if baby girl a big show

Rise and fall one blink of the eyes, surprised? It cant take the saw.

See life try to do me, snuff me one to me

Industry is shady, family tried to sue me thats the life I live

Try to shush me I come back strong, stay on top and last for long

I'm all grown up now

Picture this world how, a woman takes on it all

And watch the old guard fall

I'm ready for, the, world to come to me

Everyone to see

I'll make you believe I'm in control

I'm all grown up now.................

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