"Just like an animal I crawl out of my cage,They can’t tame me....."

Stephanie Breeze is a fan character created by Xxfreakyangelxx (the creator of this page)


Stephanie is a peach chubby female wolf who is a vampire when she has a thirst for blood.


Stephanie can be sadistic and dark sometimes. she also has trust issues and can be very cautious.she is very emotional and can be a crybaby at times.


Stephanie was not like the other kids when young, she was a crybaby and she was very mental unlike the others. as Stephanie grew up, her birth parents had a divorce. Now as a 16 year old wolf, Stephanie tries her best to not go crazy without her medication to help her anger and depression and sometimes gets a lack of sleep.

Disorders/Health issues


-psychosis (sometimes)

-Depression (sometimes)


-Insomnia (when didn't get enough sleep)


She mostly has Dark and electric powers


-Can float without any wings or magic

-Has telepathy where she can talk to others through mind

-Uses ANYTHING as a weapon for defense

-super senses,smell, and hearing

-Various types of fighting


Stephanie is weak against stakes,garlic,decapitation,and being burned by fire users or people who hates vampires


  • Her Collar keeps her from burning from the bright sun
  • She really LOVES puns
  • Theme song is Vicious by Halestorm
  • She Has the following phobias: trypophobia, aquaphobia, Acrophobia,Trypanophobia,and Coulrophobia
  • She sometimes talk to inanimate objects (ex: plushies)


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