Stephani Bell

Biographical Information
Age19 (Born August 3)
  • Gaga-Slut (used by most trolls and once by a random bystander)
  • Ugly-*** (used by Frankietryshard)
  • Wh*** (By Frankietrieshard)
  • Man (By Frankie and Randy)
Romantic InterestsGale the Hedgehog (Fiance)
Physical Description
Species Chihuahua
Political Alignment and Abilities
Other Information
American V.A.Laura Bailey
Japanese V.A.Yuriko Yamaguchi
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Takino Tomo, Manta-bee


Her preference (to be alone) was by choice, and not natural. It might have been some fiendishly sexist trolls that turned her that way. From then on, she dedicated her life to beating up trolls, regardless of them having weak power levels or being quite young.

Notable Abilities


Has basic normal attacks, as she has no known powers.

Friends and Foes


Twister the Fox

Gale the Hedgehog- Gale was Stephani's former boyfriend. When the two were searching for galactic rings he was one of the only boys not to team up with Stephani which made her grow bitter and slightly blow her cover. Days later the two met up and fell in love with her. Two days later Gale found out that Stephani was cheating on him with Lol. Lol and Gale presumably broke up with Stephani afterwards.



  • Frankietryshard
  • Randys A Rambo
  • Tryler 1 - A friend of the two above that stands by and laughs when they taunt others.
  • CookehBoi - (Never interacted, yet has heard of him and dosen't think he should be so serious.)
  • Lol-ASL the Bee (Though they never met she is determined to destroy anyone who is a friend with the trolls but he seems to be one of the only trolls who don't make fun of her)


Most trolls


Quite vain and likes to mess with the heads of people who push her buttons the wrong way. She is quite wary of Dismal, and believes his fraility is all an act. She seems to ignore anyone who is interested in her. She's ver determined and will do anything to reach her goals regardless of who gets hurt. She's a good minipulator and can fake almost anything and can trick almost anyone. As her fake personality she acts quite like Rachel.


  • Beating up trolls, regardless of them being children.


  • "Did I mention trolls?"

Biggest Fears


  • "Like I care about what guys, let alone a bunch of little boys, think of me."
  • "You're not a troll, are you?"


She appeared in Roleplay:Mobius Basketball tournament as part of team Diva.

She appeared in Roleplay:Metal's Revenge looking for Lol possibly to beat up.

She had a major appearance in Roleplay:The Great Quest for the Galactic Rings on a quest for all the galactic rings (hence the title) she faked being kind and flirted with several men looking for the galactic rings then with allthe crooning men's help she eventually obtained all of them. She was about to wish for all of the worlds men to be eradicated but her wish was cancelled out when a little boy wished for 70% of the world's pollution in the last 100 years to be reversed. She than showed her true nature much to everyone's shock.

She had an even larger role in The Galephani Saga which picks up directly where The Great Quest for the Galactic Rings left off. One day she bumps into Gale, one of the many men she sedued in the latter roleplay but unlike the others he still couldn't get her off his mind. The two have a fight on the street where Gale tries to convince her that everyone doesn't hate her and to stop being hostile but she doesn't give in. Eventually by showering her by compliments and giving her his galactic ring she warms up to him (or so it seems) and accepts his offer to stay in his house. Not even a week later Gale is informed by Lol that Stephani was cheating on them and he blasts Lol and Stephani out of his house.

Days later, Gale slumps into a emotionless, stern, and Serious War Master because of heart-break. Later, with the advice of her brother Sammy, Gale wins back Stephani by revealing his bad-boy image to her. Later, Nephelis (Gale's dark half) messes with Stephani to the point where she almost breaks up with him again but instead just goes home to sort out her thoughts. She starts hearing a voice inside her head telling her about Gale but it immediatley stops when she bumps into Gale and has a talk about the events of the day including the encounter with Nephelis. He informs her the voice is talking to him as well then Stephani had to leave due to her night shift.

Becauseof Gale not cooperating with him the voice tells Stephani horrible things about Gale and that she can only be happy in the Dark Pond Kingdom in which she believes.Gale and his friend Alasdair follow her to the dark pond kingdom and try to convince her to leave so she can return to her family but she declines saying that if they really loved her they would come too. Seeing no other way ou, Gale changes time so he never met Stephani thus she never meets Suprano.

She doesn't appear again until the climax of the fanfic. Elag, Gale's clone made by Suprano kidnaps her and puts her in a capsule in the basement of The Dark Pond castle along with other attractive females so Suprano can fuse them together to make the perfect wife. After Gale saves them he is confronted by Timeswarp and with his help he reverses the Timeswarp and Stephani is told of all the trouble Gale went to save her. Later he meets Stephani on the beach and the two embrace then walk into the sunset.


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