Stephan Stalvan is a member of the Soleannan Marines, where he drives an Amphibious Armored Personnel Transport.

Stephan Stalvan

Biographical Information
Romantic InterestsSarah the Hedgehog
Physical Description
  • Fur: Cyan, w/ tan fur
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Red
  • Silver jacket
  • Blue shirt
  • Gray pants
  • Black shoes
  • Gray vest
Political Alignment and Abilities
WeaponryLight Assault Rifle (stored in survival kit)
VehiclesTasfira Armaments Orca-type Amphibious Armored Troop Transport
  • Possesses the genetic ability Electro Recycle
  • Skilled Electrokinetic
  • Experienced Hydrokinetic
  • Advanced combat - hand to hand
  • Trained in firearms (light assault rifle/carbine)
  • Experienced amphibious vehicle driver
  • Capable of extended periods without food or drink
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Of average height and weight for a hedgehog, Stephan has reasonably short cyan fur over his body, plus white hair which he keeps trimmed in a buzz-cut. His skin is tanned from sun and activity, while his red eyes typically sparkle with amusement. Unusually for a soldier, Stephan is lightly built, with low levels of both muscle and fat.


While on duty, Stephan typically wears the black & gray bodysuit that is the signature of the Soleannan Marines, complete with six Soleannan emblems - one on each shoulder, elbow and his knees.

However, while off-duty, Stephan wears a blue shirt, with a gray vest & pants, a silver jacket, and black pants, in a semi-formal guise, thanks to his upper class upbringing.


Early History

Stephan was born into the Stalvan Family, an influential and well known family in Soleanna. As such, he was brought up with prestige and honor, and was well off. School came easy to him, as did opportunities for new activities, including water sports. As a hydrokinetic, Stephan was a natural in and around water. He spent time on the beaches, in the ocean, in rivers, lakes and pools. However, he also started to discover the awesome genetic abilities his family carried. For example, he noticed that members of his family could go weeks without eating, instead rubbing their hands regularly on batteries, which seemed to go flat at a prodigious rate. This was a unique skill, and as he noticed, electricity wasn't harmful or painful to him, but invigorating. Stephan knew he was an electokinetic, but that'd didn't explain this skill, until his father explained it properly - the family was gifted with a genetic ability known as Electro Recycle, allowing them to absorb energy in their external environment and draw nutrients and strength from it.

He trained, and studied. Nothing was a hassle for him, and at eighteen he got a job driving amphibious vans around the city, transporting foodstuffs and other items on both land and through the snaking canals. He held the job for seven years, and then his dream position opened up.

Joining the Marines and Meeting the Bastard

As a twenty-six year old with a love of the ocean, it was only logical that Stephan was drawn to the Marines. As it happened, training had opened up for marine troopers and amphibious troop carrier drivers, the latter of which similar to the job that Stephan had held for those seven years. Instantly, he applied. For two years, the man was trained in the art of being a marine soldier. Use of an assault rifle and pistol. Close-combat. Driving the Amphibious Troop Carrier. In the end, he was assigned the same job he'd hoped for - ATC driver. As such, he was assigned a 'survival pack', consisting of emergency rations, flares, batteries, water purifiers and his light assault rifle and all the ammo they could fit in there, with the silver emergency pack capable of being carried as a backpack. With that, he was sent off to join his unit, a Lander Corp. stationed on the RSNF Sugalite, a frigate designed as a drop-off ship.

On board the Sugalite, Stephan was assigned his gunner, Daniel the Fox, a Private Second Class. Along with Daniel, Stephan also met Captain Matthew Zaltin, the Overlander captain of the ship, and his sadistic second in command, the dragon Lieutenant Gladstone Varandeh. From day one, the Lieutenant made everybody on board lives hell, as long as the captain wasn't present. At first, it wasn't too bad, with most simply accepting that Gladstone was a stickler when he forced a crew to wash down their carrier because there was a moderately sized patch of sand and dirt on it, but soon it spiraled down, with one crew forced to clean out the insides of their unit with toothbrushes because of a single muddy footprint. Other soldiers were forced to give up their food to the Lieutenant, although Stephan gave them his food, instead using his genetic ability to get his sustenance,, while the few women on board the ship were sexually assaulted by the dragon. Nobody spoke up to Captain Zaltin, for fear of reprisals from both. As far as Daniel was concerned, the Lieutenant was acting on the orders of the Captain, and due to that, a report to the ranking officer could lead to their situation getting worse. His proposal was risky, involving stealing a trio of Orca-type Amphibious Armored Troop Transports, with the addition of two extra teams of pilots, before fleeing the ship with seventy-five soldiers and crew, including all of the women that had been sexually abused by the Lieutenant. As his friend and closest worker, Stephan continuously put this idea off until, eventually, enough was enough. The Lieutenant went too far, throwing burning-hot food at a woman in a way that caused it to splatter down her top when she refused to bare her chest in front of everyone in the cafeteria. As a twenty-nine year old from a respectable family, Stephan was appalled, and instantly, between himself and Daniel, the call went up - the mass desertion had a date.

Leaving & Taking the Sugalite

Two days later, when the woman who had been burned was ready for transport, the triad of crews prepared the three transports. As soon as night fell, the crews started up the transports while one of the crew members who was fleeing with them lowered the main gate. Quickly, the fleeing soldiers and crew boarded the transports, which drove off the main ramp and began heading for countries unknown.

However, even though they had raised the ramp behind them, Captain Zaltin figured out what was going on, and instantly collected a fourth transport and set off after them, a crew of loyal commandos traveling with him. An hour later, he found them, and the argument started. The captain swore to arrest the group for desertion. Daniel then threw the officer's argument with the idea that Gladstone was the reason for their mass desertion. The captain protested, and as it was leading into a loud and painful radio shouting match, Stephan suggested they land on a nearby island and confer face to face.

Once the four transports landed, Daniel started to show the proof. The woman undid her top, and even without revealing anything of a personal nature, the burns were obvious. Stephan admitted that he hadn't eaten for a couple of months, giving his food to those that Gladstone had helped himself to, and used his genetic ability all this time to draw sustenance. Other women there admitted that the dragon had sexually assaulted them, and one man even had video footage of some of the assaults and the burning. With irrefutable proof in his face, the captain finally accepted that his second in command was crooked. He admitted that the group was still facing court-martial for deserting, but now that he was aware, Gladstone was also going to be arrested. The crews agreed, resigned to their fates.

However, upon returning to the Sugalite's GPS marker, something stood out as being wrong - the ship wasn't there. The commander asked if there was any method to find it, but Stephan pointed out that the ship was bound to have turned off it's GPS beacon, and these transports lacked major sonar or radar locators. However, Stephan also pointed out that any hydrokinetic could locate the ship, just by diving into the water and feeling for the strongest level of vibrations. He then handed the helm over to another trained pilot, taking his survival case with him strapped to his back, and dived in. Once in the water, Stephan immediately acclimatised, and could feel vibrations to his north, diminishing at a fast rate as the ship left - faster than the amphibious transports could move, so there was only one way to catch up. As soon as he surfaced, Stephan asked for hydrokinetics to volunteer for a dangerous mission - as they were capable of manipulating the water around themselves, they could easily catch up with the fleeing ship. The suggestion was met with no resistance, and in fact most of the hydrokinetic soldiers on board joined him in the water, armed with assault rifles and other equipment that the group had brought, including tracking devices to help the transports find the ship. Once prepared and oriented, as well as outfitted with water-proof communications devices, the team set off, moving faster than the ship would expect.

Within half an hour, the hydrokinetic team caught up with the Sugalite. They planted the tracking device beneath water level, before using jets of water to propel themselves up to the deck. Once there, the team moved to their objective - the engine room. Upon entry, Stephan forced his way to the main turbine generator, a powerful electrical generator. With barely a thought, he placed both his hands around two thick wire-laden cables, and began to use his genetic ability for it's greatest purpose - sapping. As he focused and opened himself up further, he absorbed more electricity from not only his personal environment but the generator's systems, slowing the ship down to barely a quarter of it's earlier speed. At that, he kept slowing the ship, even when soldiers loyal to the mutinous Lieutenant entered the engine room to kill him. Luckily, the other soldiers provided cover fire until the transports drove straight up the ramp and disengorged the rest of the assault team. Releasing the generator and opening his survival case, Stephan revealed a light assault rifle and joined in, the sheer amount of electricity absorbed into his system giving him a massive energy boost.

By the end of that day, Gladstone was imprisoned and held in the brig, while the Admiralty dismissed the charges against the deserters, deciding that their misunderstanding and fear were justified, and aided in the defeat of a mutineer, a much more serious charge.


As a member of the Stalvan family, Stephan has the genetic ability Electro Recycle. Using this ability, Stephan can absorb electricity and draw sustenance and energy from it, as well as storing extremely large quantities of such energy within his body to enhance his own electrical techniques.

As stated above, Stephan is a combination of a hydrokinetic and electrokinetic, with electricity being his element of focus. As such, he is an expert with electrical techniques, although he is still reasonably strong with water. As a trained Soleannan Marine, Stephan is fully trained to use a light assault rifle and the standard Soleannan military hand-to-hand combat style.

However, Stephan has one overbearing weakness. While his elements can be countered, his body, like most in his family, struggles to cope with psychic attacks, which seem to react with his genetic ability.

Electric Abilities

Water Abilities

Elementless Abilities


As a Soleannan landing craft driver, Stephan is typically assigned to a Tasfira Armaments Orca-type Amphibious Armored Troop Transport, a heavily armored vehicle capable of carrying twenty troops, plus it's crew of two - a driver and a gunner. With a standard blaster cannon capable of destroying light vehicles and infantry with ease, coupled with a flamethrower capable of melting armor and burning infantry and a missile jammer capable of shutting down missile guidance within a certain radius, the Orca AATT is a much-loved Soleannan Marine unit, and Stephan is no exception to that rule.


Stephan is a quiet, insular Mobian, with very little spoken to anyone. However, he is also kind to his allies, often giving up food, which he doesn't need for sustenance, to others who do, purely because he can. As such, he uses his genetic ability to it's max, absorbing and using as much energy as possible to keep himself sustained.

However, when angered or betrayed, Stephen becomes merciless, switching from a quiet, rippling lakeside to the cold-hearted intensity that some say characterizes electricity. His voice seems harsher when he speaks, while his mannerisms become a lot more intense.







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