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Stella the Fox

Stella the Fox is a cloned version of Razer the Fox, created by the Eggman Empire led by Dr. Eggman. She also serves under Sub-boss Alistair the Porcupine in the Northamer Egg Army. Despite their similarities, Stella's appearance differs from her original counterpart. In addition, neither of them are related as brother and sister, despite sharing the same DNA.


The Creation

Through unknown means, Stella was created by extracting Razer's DNA sent by a small, robotic syringe deployed by Dr. Eggman, upon realizing that a clone creation can be done without the need of mechanical parts. After a successful extraction, Eggman had begun to make a perfect replica, though it took him at least several times before it came out to perfection. Of course, the result of a clone did have some unusual traits, including having a much different appearance than the original, notably being female instead of male. At first, Eggman was disappointed with his creation, though still a perfection in itself, he named her Stella.

Development and Assignment

Over time, she had developed social skills and abilities, including her pyrokinesis having achieved levels with Inferno abilities, thanks to her fast learning experience. Eggman, impressed with his clone without any defects, and was soon given an assignment to work for the Northamer Egg Army in Scorching Plains. Unlike other Egg Soldiers, she received no Cyberization because she was created by the mad scientist himself.

Both of the lackeys almost always confuse Stella as Razer, even though she corrects them most of the time, especially Cubot who is almost always viewed as dimwitted.

Physical Description

Being a clone of Razer, Stella's appearance is near identical to her original counterpart, though the major differences is, aside from her obvious, feminine appearance, is her hair being obsidian black wrapped in a ponytail. Her outfit is crimson red long sleeve top (albeit in a slightly darker tone), along with black pants and black gloves, and a combination of red and black boot heels.


Being a clone of Razer, Stella shares the same powers with pyrokinesis, albeit in a much more advanced level, surpassing her original counterpart's, granting her Inferno-based abilities. In contrast to Razer's brutish approach, Stella's approach are a much more graceful approach, though still possesses equal, brute strength. Her movesets are akin to Razer's, though her own functions much differently. She is also quite adept in hand-to-hand combat, along with a great amount of endurance.


Like Razer, Stella doesn't handle well in cold environment, as this can result in fatigue including hypothermia. While not as short-tempered as Razer, she can still get herself carried away by missing her target because of her imperfect accuracy and is best at dealing with opponents at medium to close range. Because of her cloned nature, she'll need be trained more for her to be better. Stella also doesn't really battle in densely forested areas, even if she's given explicit orders to do so. Unlike her original counterpart, she basically has no knowledge in commandeering vehicles due to her undeveloped skill.

Wind abilities can also worsen her aim, whereas water can seriously result in fatigue, even drowning if treading through deep water. She even loses her concentration when someone refers to her as Razer instead of Stella. And Stella doesn't reach her super forms easily without either proper training or obtaining all 7 Sol Emeralds. Chaos Emeralds are ineffective at best, even with all seven of said emeralds being collected as they yield no effect on her.


While Razer usually comes off as short-tempered when provoked, Stella is a laid-back woman who doesn't lose her temper as easily as her original counterpart. She is at best affable around others, including her allies and Eggman (though she's shown to have an on & off relationship with him) and the two lackeys to a much lesser extent; despite being created as a clone, she obviously possesses free will and usually do things her way unless stated otherwise. Still, despite being created for villainous purposes, Stella doesn't really commit villainous acts (unless it's the Freedom Fighters, or poachers), and never attacks young children either.

She is in no way romantically interested in Razer. She openly finds it awkward and doesn't see fit as such and doesn't approve of being mistaken for her original counterpart. She also considers herself to be a Mobian in her own right despite being actually a clone created by Eggman. Stella, of course, detests womanizers and while she doesn't blow a fuse easily, she can still set them alight without hesitation if they continue to provoke her. Still, she is at best nice though isn't one to back away from a battle if need be.

Friends and Foes



  • Razer the Fox - Being a clone of Razer, it's not surprising that they are rivals, though neither possess any hatred towards each other, even if they sometimes mistake themselves as one another.




  • As Stella doesn't have any family, she was purely created by Dr. Eggman as a result of cloning.
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