Steel-type Battle Armor is one of the standard Hammerforge Industries powered armor designs, the basic design of a variety of rarer armors, and at the same time an industry-leader of it's type.

Steel-type Battle Armor

Production Information
ManufacturerHammerforge Industries
TypeBasic infantry battle armor
Technical Information
HeightMade to order over a variety of sizes, in both male and female.
Weight150kg (armor, actuators and in-built technology)
Armor GradeLight (walker-class)
Standard UpgradesNone, two plug-in slots
Known Users
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212


In the war against the Eggman Empire, one thing was noted by the mostly organic soldiers of Col'nesian Republic - while they had organic intelligence on their side, in a straight battle against a robot, the lack of armor and physical strength quickly became clear as almost any weapon Eggman fielded was capable of puncturing their infantry-armor, making fighting him almost a death sentence for any who dared face his robots head-to-head. Hammerforge Industries, in an attempt to even the playing field, revealed these suits. Built to suit each individual soldier based off a scan of their physicality, these suits weighed over 150kg, but with the internal actuators and hydraulics allowing a wearer to not only walk, but run faster and possess greater strength than most fighters, putting these soldiers on-par with the more powerful war 'bots in strength, speed and durability.

Post-war, the Steel-type, previously the realm of elite soldiers, became the tool of a completely new type of soldier, the Powered Trooper. From it, a variety of designs were derived, with altered equipment loadouts and shaping as default. In Mobius, G.U.N. were sure to purchase a few, and soon became regular clients, copying some of the basic designs to create their own armor designs.

Features & Attributes

A fearsome visage, the helmet of the Steel-type is a shaped affair, depending on the wearer's species, to accommodate for the ears. With a silver-tinted visor covering from the top of the wearer's eyebrows to half-way down their nose or muzzle, and an overall grey colour, ignoring the unit patches and colours a wearer has added, the armor tries to keep it's namesake prevalent. The body of the armor is shaped in the same way, with the wearer's body held within snug and tight, without uncomfortably squishing anything that is oversize in comparison to another Mobian. As the armor is designed specifically for the wearer, both male and female variants have been seen.

The armor is made of the same metal plating used to protect lightly-armored vehicles, and as such is resistant to most light infantry weapons. However, weapons such as cannons are more than capable of smashing the armor into dust if need-be. As with all armors, the suit has a weakness for Magnetic attacks, which can simply rips part after part off with no mercy.


Known Wearers

Partial Wearers

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