The Steam Gun is an extremely rare design of pistol, with a unique shaping to look like a steam-train. Unusually, nobody knows who or what makes these pistols, as they are only ever found being used by a small group of Echidna bandits that dwell within the Panic Puppet Zone, and as such are only seen outside by those who have killed some of these bandits.

Steam Gun

Production Information
TypeFirearm - pistol
Elemental AffinityFire
Known Wielderspending
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212


A rather novel-appearing pistol, the main barrel of the gun is, as per usual, gunmetal gray. However, blue-tinted steel appears just below the muzzle in a sharp triangular point, stylized like a cow-catcher, and makes up the trigger guard. The same blue-tinted metal is used on the handgrip and to construct the sights, which are constructed to look like two funnels positioned next to each other.

Native Abilities

The guns are compatible with standard 9mm ammunition, the only kind that they take. The standard clip for the gun is roughly eight rounds, although other clip sizes have been seen, depending on the bandit whose weapon was taken. When fired, however, the bullets come out with the heat of a tracer round, and the ability to set the target on fire when they strike. This is connected to the weapon itself, however due to it's unknown construction method, it is uncertain how the weapon was imbued to create this effect.

Due to the irregular shaping of the pistol, it has a rather long reload time, the main disadvantage to it's use.

Notable Pistols


Wielders/Purchase Locations

These weapons are known to be used by a gang of echidna bandits in the Panic Puppet Zone, and nowhere else. The few times these pistols emerge outside Panic Puppet, they are the weapons employed by fighters who have brought down or killed one of these bandits. As such, the possession of one of these pistols is normally used as a sign of skill and power, as well as luck, due to the rarity of these weapons.


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