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A Stealthbot is a fighter aircraft built by the Eggman Empire's industrial arm. Originally introduced in SatAM, stealthbots have been featured in a number of Sonic continuities since then. As part of Robotnik's military muscle, they have attempted to take down Sonic the Hedgehog on a number of occasions, but have been unsuccessful thus far.


Stealthbots are powered by anti-gravity jet turbines. They can either fly unmanned or be piloted by two SWATbots. The standard weaponry consists of two rapid-fire laser cannons and a guided missile launcher. Optionally, they can also drop bombs. Stealthbots are heavily armored, but not invincible. In BearfootTruck's universe, they are no match for a 20mm cannon, rockets, missiles or artillery shells (including tank shells). 50-caliber machine guns also work well against stealthbots. It is possible to take them down using a 30-caliber machine gun, but difficult.


Around the time of Robotnik's coup, the factories of Mobius started to produce some new war machines. One of these was the stealthbot, a fixed-wing attack aircraft. Ever since their introduction, they have only received minimal changes.


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BearfootTruck's Universe

The Fakest Things Alive

Robotnik decides to send a few stealthbots to the Great Forest in retaliation for his Inter-Dimensional Molecular Relocation Device being destroyed. However, Harry Potter Obama destroys this initial recon force and another recon force that comes out afterwards. When Ogorki destroys some grounded stealthbots in Eggopolis, Robotnik gets very mad and sends a lot of them to the Great Forest. However, they are all blown up by the combined efforts of Sonic, Tails, Rotor & Blaze.

And Down Will Come Sonic – Cradle and All

As part of Robotnik's trap, a few stealthbots attack Sonic & Shadow in the Great Forest. Later, Tails is ambushed by a stealthbot patrol while flying back to Knothole in the Tornado 2. However, he destroys them all in an intense dogfight.

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