Steady Firebreathing is an unusual Fire-type technique, with variable effects tied to components in the substances taken by the user.


The user inhales, storing a large amount of gases within their lungs, before exhaling hard and igniting the spray of gas, releasing a stream of Fire. Unlike it's parent technique, there is training involved in the technique's use, meaning that the size fluctuations are less prominent, although the tapering at the end of the breath is still present.

However, while the default effect of the fire-breath is a heightened chance to strike the opponent in a weak spot, any substance consumed or taken by the user within a five minute window carries an affect on the technique's effect, and even on the power of the attack. For example, after eating a bowl of chilli, the fire might have an increased chance to cause a burn, or after eating a bowl of ice-cream, the flames might instead carry the oxy-moronic ability to freeze. Due to the wide array of potential substances, there is a near-infinite array of potential affects to be carried by the technique.



Parent Technique

Technique Rank

Due to the techniques unpredictable nature and heightened power over it's parent technique, it bears a B-rank.

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