A blue stave with a orange gem on top of it. It was forged by Solaris. It's made of a legendary metal known as Solarium. It's approximetly 6 feet tall and weighs about 12 pounds.


It was first wielded by it's creator, Solaris. It will make it's big entrance in the Mobius Chronicles.


It has the power to manipulate time itself, the user is capable of time travel, time distortion, and can even stop time. They can also turn time backwards, open time rifts, and possibly destroy timelines.


It was forged by Solaris in 2000 BC. Then in 2000 AD, it was stolen by an insane hedgehog named Yevon. Yevon used it to attempt to destroy the omniverse. But, he was stopped by a team of powerful hedgehogs. These powerful hedgehogs then took the stave and returned it to Solaris. Solaris would end up losing it again and that would start the Mobius Chronicles.

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