It's a red and green stave, that has a half blue and half orange gem near the middle of it. On the top there is a purple and yellow gem, signaling that it has authority over everything else.


The only user of it was it's creator, Rastok, the god of existence. Rastok created the other gods and their home of Zezas.


The user literally can control existence, which means destroys all life, exterminate all existence, create anything they want with no limit, and even erase gods from existence.


Since it was created it's been sealed away inside the center of the world, a sanctuary that was found by the crazy hedgehog Yevon. However, he was not strong enough in spirit to pull it out of the golden lock. He left it be, and that's when his plan unfolded to destroy all life. However, he was defeated by the heroes of legend, who even they had a hard time beating him.

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