This article lists various Upgrades that Statyx the Hedgehog is capable of using.

Magnum Gloves

  • Appearance: Electric blue gloves with white circles in the palms, green fingertips, and yellow stripes from the back of the hand to the knuckle.
  • Purpose: Grants Statyx much greater control and power in his electric attacks, as well as the ability to perform the Magnum Shot.

Regulator Bands

  • Appearance: White arm-braces with a thick light blue stripe down the arm-braces where the energy slots are located.
  • Purpose: Allows Statyx to use a boost in power similar to removing his arm-braces or Chaos Boost, but without injury or damage to his body. It instead constantly draws on his energy reserves, which Statyx can resupply through draining energies from other sources via physical contact.

Scanner Shades

  • Appearance: Electric-yellow framed sunglasses with electric blue lenses.
  • Purpose: When in use Statyx can scan for invisible or otherwise cloaked enemies through Radio Sight. Also allows Statyx to target and track multiple enemies for quick and accurate attacking.

Circuit Soles

  • Appearance: Yellow shoes with two black stripes down the middle, along with neon blue accents and metallic soles.
  • Purpose: Allows Statyx to use a "Circuit Jump", generating an electromagnetic pulse to launch himself at high-speeds, or a "Circuit Kick" to launch objects and enemies away with great power.


  • Purpose: Gives Statyx the ability to switch between Chaos and Electrokinesis abilities at will.

Shoulder Shock

  • Appearance: A single pauldron on Statyx's right shoulder, glowing neon blue with metal rimming the bottom.
  • Purpose: Grants Statyx the ability to manipulate and launch metallic or conductive materials at a distance via Tractor Pulse.
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